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Rob Stallion - My First Attempt by DestinyDecade

Welp, All i can Say is....not bad for a first try! I mean you got his Cutie Mark Right. try to make it smaller. His Hair Should Be Longer Like Robert Light's. Same With The Tail. The Body Needs a Little Work...Same With The ear. But Overalll it's Good! Just Try to Practice Practice Pratice! Beacause As Always. Pratice Makes Perfect! )how many times Did i say Pratice? o.o) Let's See What Afro has to say about this.

Afro: Well The Head's Okay. I know the Creator is Bad with Making Stalion Heads. Like He Said. Make The tail & hair Longer. The Cutie Mark Can be A little Bit Smaller. The Eyes could use a Touch up. And Try Some Shading on the Body,Hair & Tail If Nessicary. About the Body...Yep it could Use a Touch up..... But Overall...Not bad for a first try dude!

Me: Good luck Dude
Who knows...You Could be better At Drawing Pinkie
Afro: Or me,You & Pinkie

Me: Anywhoo. Keep Praticing! & Stay Gold

-Kenta David "The Creator"
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