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Sonic & Rainbow Dash Adventure: Prologe
By Jumpmaster9000

Prologue Chapter
Sonic's World (Mobius):

It was just another ordinary day, in place called "Emerald Town". It inhabitants are mostly anamorphic animals & different types of little creatures like the Flickies & the Chao. A blue hedgehog was running at a burst of speed. His name was Sonic & he just got back from defeating Dr. Robotnik (Usually called by his nickname Eggman) one of his arch-nemesis, from yet another attempt to build his empire, New Eggmanland.

(Music: Emerald Town-Sonic Battle)

"Man, Beating that Egg-head sure left me hungry, I'm gonna see if there's any chill dog stands around" Said Sonic

The hungry hedgehog then finds a chili dog stand near the Emerald Beach, buys himself one & then starts to munch on it as he walks.

"Mmm Hmm, If there's nothing I love more than adventure, is a good ol' Chill Dog, Warmed to perfection, too Implied the very satisfied hedgehog hmm, Sure is boring around here. I'm gonna see what Tails is up too."

As Sonic finishes his chili dog, he then starts to head to Tails' House in a blink of an eye.

Sonic went inside Tails' House to see what his best bud is up to.

"Yo Tails, Long time no see"

"Hey Sonic, you won't believe what I found today"

Miles "Tails" Prowler is a two-Tailed Fox with a knack & making inventions. Not to Mention Sonic's best friend since he met him, when they were kids. After he was getting bullied by the other kids due to have two-tails, Sonic was the only person that stood by his side, giving him the confidence he has today.

"What's Up, Another Chaos Emerald"

"Unfortunately No, But I found something equivalent to the power of a chaos Emerald "

Tails then shows Sonic A Gold necklace with A Red Thunderbolt-Shaped Gem Attached to it

"That's It? A necklace?" Says the confused Hedgehog "Tails, Are you sure you're alright? "You've been working way too hard this week"

"Trust Me on this, Sonic, When I was around Station Square looking for the chaos Emeralds, My emerald Radar, picked Up energy of what I thought was the emerald's location next to the Casinopolis Entrance, When I went there all I saw was this necklace, I couldn't believe it myself, but when it started to glow, I had to look inside of what this thing really is."

As sonic started to hold the necklace, it Started to Glow again

(Music: Sonic Generations Cut scene 1)

"What's Going On?" Says Sonic

"I have no Idea" says Tails

The Bright Light Then Flashed all over tails' House

The next thing that happened was the Bright Light Flashed all over Not Only Emerald Town, But the Entire of Mobius!

What Fate awaited our Heroes?


Rainbow Dash's World (Equestria):

In another dimension, it was a bright sunny day in a mythical place known as Equestria. Only Ponies, Unicorns, Pegasus & other mythical Creatures are the only inhabitants there, along with other little creatures, here we find a city in the sky known as "Cloudsdale", where we find a Cyan Pegasi with a Rainbow Mane & violet eyes With a cutie mark ,a cloud with thunderbolt Rainbow-colored. Her Name was Rainbow Dash, Known as the Fastest Flyer in all of Equestria. She was just finished running her daily laps around Cloudsdale.

(Music: Planet Wisp Map-Sonic Colors)

"All Right, that should do it for today,Time to Check out to see what the others are up to."

when suddenly she notices a bright Blue gem flashing on the top of a cottage near Everfree Forest where her friend Fluttershy Lives.

"Huh, what's Flashing over there?"

The curious Pegasi dashes to the bright gem in a split-second. She picks it.

"What kind of weird Gem is this?"
She then knocks on her on the cottage door. The Door opens A yellow Pegasi Appeared with a pink mane & cyan Eyes with her cutie mark,3 butterflies

"Well Hello Rainbow Dash, I didn't expect you to be here"

"Hey Fluttershy, I found this weird gem on top of your roof, Is this yours?"

"Oh my, what a beautiful gem, I never seen anything like that, I wonder why it's glowing though"

"I Don't know, It was like this when I found it, I'm gonna see if Rarity can look into this"

"Oh yes, I'm sure Rarity would love something like this"

Rainbow Dash held on to the gem and then rushes to the Carousel Boutique which is located in a town called Ponyville to meet her friend to find out the secrets of this mysterious Gem

(Music: Apotos Day-Sonic Unleashed)

"Oh, Rainbow Dash, You're just in time"

Rarity is A Gray Unicorn with Azure Eyes & a indigo mane with a cutie mark,3 diamonds

"I really wanted to try this new dress I made for the great galloping gal-WUAOOOOOOOOOH"

The white Unicorn was amazed at the glowing gem

"OHHEMMGEE, Where did you get this?! It's SO BEAUTIFUL"

"I just Found this on top of Fluttershy's House"

"This Gem will go well with my other works, Do you mind if i use this for a sec

But soon as she picked up her Gem with her Magic from her horn. The Gem then reacted to Rarity's Magic, Causing a surge of Energy to burst out, Which send Rainbow Dash & Rarity Flying to opposite directions. Rarity Crashing to her clothing supplies & Rainbow Dash Crashing into a tree.

"Ugh, What was that?"

"Oh,dear, This is no ordinary gem i say ,it's like it has some kind of magic power or something. I think You should let Twilight Take care of this"

"Yeah, You're right there's something odd about this gem"

Rainbow Dash heads to the Ponyville Library to see if her friend Twilight Sparkle can look into this mysterious Gem. Twilight Sparkle has been Rainbow Dash's Friend since the Nightmare Moon Event that happened when Twilight First moved into Ponyville & Warned Everypony about the Return of Nightmare Moon. Twilight & her Friends Defeated Nightmare Moon & saved Equestria, Using 6 Magical Items called The Elements of Harmony. Rainbow Dash Is the Element of Loyalty, Fluttershy is the Element of Kindness, Rarity is The Element of Generosity, & Twilight is the Element of Magic.

Rainbow Dash arrives at the library, bursting through the doors screaming "TWILIGHT, TWILIGHT YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!"

Twilight Sparkle, who was reading one of the ancient spells of the past was annoyed by her friend's rude behavior  


"No time for that! Look at this!"

Rainbow Dash a shows Twilight the Mysterious Gem

"Whoa, that's one mysterious Diamond you got there Rainbow Dash, Where did you Find this?"

"Fluttershy's House, I gave it to Rarity first But as soon as she used her magic horn to pick it up, It started to Burst out with some kind of weird Energy! Is there anything in your books that can tell me about this Jewel?"

"I don't know, I'll Check" says Twilight as she checks every bookshelf for information on the Gem.

"Sorry Rainbow, there no book that has any information on this Gem you have." Twilight Apologized.

"That's Okay. Wow for a Gem, This thing packs the same power the elements do, Speaking of which I heard something happened to one of the elements"

"Yeah, Princess Celestia told me one of the elements of harmony went missing after 2 weeks ago, There was no proof that there was a robbery or a heist, It like it disappeared or something" Twilight Replied

"Something Weird is Going on & I have a feeling that it's not good"

Then, A purple baby Dragon with Green Scales came down stairs from the library who had just woken up, His Name was Spike.

*yawn* "Hey Guys what's going on"

The tired baby dragon who then saw the shining Blue Gem that Rainbow Dash had, his mouth started to drool  

"Whoa Rainbow Dash, That's A very shiny gem you got there, Can I have a Bite?" he said with a cute baby face smile.

"Spike!" Twilight gave Him a sterned look

"We don't know what that gem can do, For all we know it could kill you or turn you into some kind of monster."

"Twilight's Right, Spike" Rainbow Dash Confirmed "I've already had an encounter with that gem's Power, I don't know how it'll affect you & your Dragon Magic, Beside-URK" Rainbow Dash Started to Wince in pain & held on to her Chest

(Music-[Event] The Resurrection of Mephiles-Sonic '06

"Oh my God, Rainbow Dash! What's Wrong?" Twilight already went to panic mode

"Ugh, I don't Know, I feel a lot of pain on my chest, I don't know why"

Rainbow dash Still held on to her chest & then fell to the ground.

"Ahhhguh, Damn It!"

"Oh No, Rainbow!"

Twilight Starts to Worry

"Spike Quick Get the First Aid kit right away"

"Got it!"

Spike as he rushes upstairs the Library find the first aid Kit, he looked & looked & looked It wasn't there

"Damn, It's not there"

Rainbow Dash was tossing & Turning her Body sideways, The pain was Unbearable for her, she started to scream as the Pain Stricken her chest more & more. Twilight Who was in the main Floor library of the Library held on to Rainbow Dash's hoof to calm her down
"It's Okay, Rainbow Dash, I'm here For you, Everything's gonna be okay" She started to burst into tears.

"Twilight, It's not there What should I do?" Said Spike


Suddenly Her chest started to glow a thunderbolt symbol along the Gem glowing brighter than last Time.

"w-what's going on?" Asked Spike

"I Don't Know, But something happening to Rainbow Dash" Said Twilight

"EEYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGG" yelled Rainbow Dash as The Gem & the Thunderbolt Symbol on Rainbow's Chest began to Flash A bright Light opening a portal to another dimension, Popping out of that portal are 2 Creatures; a blue Hedgehog & a Yellow two-tailed fox a Gold Necklace with a Thunderbolt Shaped Gem attached to it.

"Ugh, where are we?" said the hedgehog who was dizzy from the trip

"I don't Know, we're not in Emerald Town or Mobius, that's for sure" Said The Fox

Twilight Started At the two unknown creatures that popped out of the portal when she's one of them holding the Gold necklace with the red Thunderbolt gem

"Twilight," said Spike "That's-"

"I know" Says the Violet Unicorn "You there, where did you get that" she pointed out to the Fox

"Huh, you mean this well I-" Said the fox until interrupted by the hedgehog

"Hey, Tails, Look at that!" said the Blue hedgehog Pointing to the blue gem that Rainbow is Holding.

"Whoa, Sonic, That's a chaos Emerald, But What's it doing Here?" Says The Fox

"A Chaos Emerald?" Said Twilight was confused "You mean this gem, Right?"

"More Importantly, why do you have The Element of Loyalty?! That thing's been missing for 2 weeks! Not to mention My element!" asked Rainbow Dash recovering from her Pain

"The Element of Loyalty, Talking Ponies? What the Heck's Going on here & I've asked this again, WHERE ARE WE?" asked Sonic Confused

And so our Story begins
Hey Guys
This is my first fanfic I've made so no hate comments plz
The Original Working Title For this Sonic & Rainbow Dash: Speeding Lovers But since it also has it adventurous parts mostly in the Story Ive decided to make the title Cooler By Naming It Sonic & Rainbow Dash Adventure. THE STORYLINE WONT BE LIKE SONIC ADVENTURE OR the FANFIC MLP ADVENTURE -__-

Update: Edits on puncation

So here's le Description The Prologue Chapter of the Series;
Sonic just got back from another Adventure, So he checks to see what tails' is up too.
Tails just found one of the Elements of Harmony In Station Square. But then something weird happens when the element starts to Flash Sending the 2 heroes in another dimension.
Meanwhile in Equestria, Rainbow Dash Finds A Chaos Emerald in Everfree Forest. She goes to Twilight Sparkle to uncover the mystery of the Emerald,Twilight couldn't find any info on the Chaos Emerald. Suddenly Something happens to Rainbow Dash, At the Same time the Chaos Emerald starts to flash. Bring sonic & Tails into equestria
For what fate of events will happen next?
All My Little Pony Characters (c) Lauren Faust & Hasbro
Sonic The Hedgehog Characters (c) SEGA & Sonic Team
Rated T: for Violence,Blood & Language
Chapter 1: [link]
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You've got alot of dialog for the story. We only know what they're saying, but not the surroundings and complete emotion around them all the time. Most of the characters when they talk, it's completely blank of who is speaking. It is true that it is obvious who is speaking when it's just 2 people. But 3+ can be hard for the reader to know who is speaking, and what actions and/or emotions they react to the previous line. I have the same habits of doing that, but I try to put detail in the affected environment due to actions applied by the characters. (I know I don't have any fanfiction on my profile, but I am writing I can assure you. =p) I can tell you that doing something like:
"Hey Sonic!" Tails waves to Sonic in desperate need of air.

Sonic turns around timid. "Come on Tails, we've gotta get [Robotnik / Eggman]. He's up to no good again."

Tails rests on his knees. Calming wind swirls past the two-tailed fox. "I can't move as fast as you, Sonic. You know that." He pants again realizing he needs more air to recover.

Sonic sighs. "That same excuse? It's been years since we've met, you still can't twirl those tails as fast as I run?"

Prowler raises his finger to the cyan, clear sky, slowly being covered up in smoke. "You can say that to your brain, Sonic."

Machines prowl beyond the lime fields and honest farms. They roar and show no mercy to the incident homelanders. They scream and chunks of wood fly through the air as a chick's feathers that were swashed by the steamed-powered monsters of chaos.

The blue hedgehog becomes furious with the rampaging robots. He dashes through thousands of yards of lush, fertilized dirt and distances farther than an 4 acres of game and vast gardens. The tired fox stretches fast to regain some of the little stamina he has.

Tails begins his running start and complains with a finishing sigh. "Again, with no plan at all."

Somethin' like that would help get a lil' more attention for you fanfiction. The example was pretty basic, but it would help ya tons. I would still need improvement, but it does make it more precise of what the reader see's in their imagination. Though some the part when the robots invaded was a bit to fit PG-13 eligible viewers likings. But none of the less, try this, you may get more attentions, maybe a hundred. I hope these tips help you out. ;)
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