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Chapter 9: The Quest For the Emeralds Arc Begins! The First Location is at Everfree Forest

It was a bright Sunny Day, Twilight Sparkle, Blaze & Spike woke up from their slumber as they got ready to meet their friends.

Blaze: You guys ready to go?

Twilight & Spike both nodded their heads

Blaze: Okay let's go! The sooner we meet our friends the better!

As Blaze said those words, The 3 headed to the town square to meet up with the rest of our heroes.

Sugarcube Corner

Pinkie Pie was just done packing sweets for everyone, in case our heroes where hungry. She prepared her Party Cannon (In case Eggman tries to attack them on their journey or if there's trouble). Amy Packed only her Piko Piko Hammer. As the two Pinkies' got their stuff, Pinkie Called the Store owners, Mr. & Mrs. Cake to remind them they're off on their journey.

Pinkie Pie: Mr. & Mrs. Cake, We're heading off!

Mr. Cake: Are You Sure Yo two will be all right?

Amy: Don't Worry, Mr.  & Mrs. Cake. We're gonna be okay

Pinkie: Yeah, We got everything we need to defend our selves

Mrs. Cake: Okay, you two, just be careful. It's Dangerous out there.

As Mrs. Cake says those words, Amy & Pinkie Nodded in Agreement as they make their way to the town square to make their way to Town Square.

Sweet Apple Acres

At Sweet Apple Acres, Knuckles & Applejack got themselves ready for the journey,The Rest of the Apple Family was behind them, wishing them a good journey.

Applebloom: Good Luck to y'all on your Journey.

Granny Smith: Be Careful out there!

Big Mac: Knuckles, A word if you mind?

Knuckles: Sure!

Knuckles comes up to Big Mac

Big Mac:  Take care of my Sis, Will ya?

Knuckles: Sure thing! I'll make sure she doesn't get hurt.

Applejack: Hey Knux. You Ready to Go?

Knuckles: Ready to Go!

The Apple Family watched AJ & Knux. Walked out the house & began their journey by heading to the meeting point.

Town Square

Finally, everyone met up with each other just as planned now all they have to do is wait for our Speedy Heroes.

Tails: That's Strange, they should be here right now.

Twilight: Canterlot is pretty far from here.

Applejack: it shouldn't take them that long.

Fluttershy: Rarity how was your Night with Rouge?

Rarity: Well….


Carousel Boutique
While everyone is sleeping in bed. Rouge was Sneaking about go to Rarity's wardrobe &
steal her jewels when suddenly the Door closes via Rarity's Magic.


Rouge: Oh Nothing hehehehe, Just Getting a drink of water before I sleep.

Rarity had disbelief look on her face & just stared at her.

Rarity: Go to bed, Rouge. I did warn you what will happen if you try to steal my jewels again.

Rouge: *sigh* Fine…. Damn it, So Close


Rarity:  I rather not say.

Knuckles gave Rouge the Look,

Rouge: What? I wasn't trying to steal her jewels or anything.

Amy & Twilight: Lies.

At the moment they see Sonic & RD heading to the Town Square as Fast as Possible

Cream: There they are

Applejack: Well, they sure recovered fast.

The two Speeders then reached the meeting point, greeting their friends

Sonic: hey Guys, What's up?

Rainbow: Sorry it took so long.

Tails: Not a problem, In Fact you guys made it on time.
Sonic:  Guess we're Lucky!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah so where's the Chaos Emerald Located, Tails?

Tails: Well According to the Emerald Locator on the Miles Electronic,

Tails Looks the Device

Tails: The First location should be Everfree Forest.


Rainbow Dash: Man, Out of all the places in Equestria, WHY EVERFREE?

Sonic: Man, Do we have to go to Everfree?

Twilight: Yes we have to!

Fluttershy: We can't let Eggman get that Emerald first.

Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy's Right We Have to get those Emeralds.

Sonic: We already got One Chaos Emerald & One Sol Emerald.

Rainbow Dash: So this should be easy.

Rouge: I don't think so kid.

Rainbow Dash: Huh? What makes you say that?

Rouge: Remember? Eggman plans to get his hands on those emeralds too.

Rarity: I hate to say this. But, Rouge is right. We have no Time to Waste!

Rainbow Dash: Well, are you guys waiting for?

Sonic: Let's get a move on!


As Sonic said those words, our heroes began their journey to Everfree forest. What they
didn't know is that danger awaits them at the Unknown Mysterious Forest.


Egg Fleet

Later on the Egg Fleet, Eggman was recovering from his injuries from the last battle.
Cubot & Orbot came to him to see how he has doing.

Orbot: I take it that last plan wasn't successful?

Eggman: *In a sarcastic tone* NO, THE PLAN WAS A SUCCES & I'M IN MY VICTORY SUIT

Cubot: Really?

Eggman: Of Course Not, You Numbskull! My plans were foiled by those…Those BLUE PESTS!

Orbot: What do you think we should do boss?

Eggman:  What do you think? WE'RE STICKING WITH THE PLAN! WE'RE COLLECTING ALL THE EMERALDS IN EQUESTRIA EVEN IF IT KILLS ME! EF-DC1998, Where the next emerald located?

EF-DC1998:  The Next Emerald is located at Everfree Forest.

Eggman: Everfree Forest? Ohh That Place again…. Why THAT area.

Orbot: You do realize we have to get every one of those emeralds before Sonic, Rainbow
Dash & Others do. Right?


Eggman: Good Point there. Boys, we're off on an emerald hunt!

Orbot & Cubot: YES SIR!

Eggman gets on his Egg Carrier & Heads to Everfree forest with his Egg Fighters, Orbot &

Everfree Forest

Our Heroes Arrived at the Everfree Forest in search or the next emerald, its Ominous feel & Creeping Eyes from the shadows of random creatures, sent chills to Sonic & Dashie's Spine.

(Music: Lavender Town-Pokémon Red/Blue/Green (Japan)/Yellow Version)

Sonic: Well, We H—haven't been in this place in a while since our Race. R-Right, Dashie?

Rainbow: Y-yeah…..

Applejack: Come on, Ya Scardey Cats. We don't have all the time in the world.

Sonic & Rainbow: ohh... Right

The Group continued to venture around the creeping forest. With every step they take, The
Emerald Radar beeps faster & faster by the second...

Tails: we're almost there!

Spike: The Sooner we get this emerald the better!

Rouge: I agree.  I don't like the looks of this place.

Twilight: Everfree Forest is known for its strange mysteries.

Rainbow Dash: & Weird Creatures!

The emerald logo on The Miles Electronics' Emerald Radar started glowing red.

Tails: It's here!

Knuckles: But where?

As Soon as Knuckles said those Words an Ursa Major with green markings all over its body appeared in front of our heroes.

Amy: Ursa Major?

Twilight: It's one of the most dangerous creatures besides the Timberwolves in this forest. But something seems different about this Ursa Major.

Applejack: Yeah, It has those weird Markings on this body like our friend, Zecora would have.

Tails then notices the Chaos Emerald Embedded on its chest, causing it to have those markings.


All of them looked at its chest seeing the chaos emerald embed on the Ursa Major chest.

Sonic: That's A Chaos Emerald!

Cream: But what's it doing on its chest?

Tails: I don't know, But it's gonna Attack us!

(Music: Take Over Destiny-Kekkaishi OST)

The Ursa Major lashed its claw on our heroes. The Group Avoided the Attack & Scatter into different dimensions

Rouge: Not Good!

Rainbow Dash: That Emerald is the reason why it's like that!

Knuckles:  Looks like we gotta beat it out of the Ursa Major

Knuckles Charges at the creature.

Rouge:   That Knuckle Head.

The Ursa Major Soon Sweep Knuckles Away with a brute force.

Applejack: Knuckles!

Sonic: Hey, NOT COOL!

Sonic uses a homing attack on Ursa Major. The Attack backs the Ursa Major away. Soon everyone started to charge at the Ursa Major. Amy attempts to Damage it with her Hammer.  The Creature dodges it. Rarity used her Magic to levitate her Jewels & tossed them at to the Powered Ursa Major. The creature Tried to avoid the attack. It grazed the bear by its Side. Applejack used her Lasso & hurled at the beast. She got it by the mouth. The Ursa Major then Started to move from place to place uncontrollably with the loop around its mouth. As it does this, It's Starts to hurl AJ Around. AJ Holds on the lasso long enough for the creature to tire out. After a While, AJ Lets go of the Rope & is sent flying to a tree.

Pinkie: AJ!

Pinkie then aims her Party Cannon at the Beast, ready to fire. Suddenly, Fluttershy gets in front of Pinkie's Party Cannon Stopping her from Attacking.

Pinkie: Flutters, What are you doing?

Fluttershy: Pinkie, be Careful! If you use your Party Cannon. Not only will you destroy
the Ursa Major. But you'll destroy the Chaos Emerald Along with it!

Pinkie: What should we do then?

Rainbow Dash: Simple, We knock that Emerald out of it!

Dashie Then Charges at The powered Up Ursa Major. The Beast Swiped the Fastest Flyer to the ground, ready to crush her with is Chaos- Powered Claw. Cream then uses Cheese, Milk & Chocola as balls and Aimed at the Ursa Major. The Creature notices the Attack aimed at her, Let out a powerful loud roar that swept the chao trio away & into creams hands.

Cream: GUYS!

The Ursa Major then charges toward Cream about to launch its attack. Cream was terrified, she held on to her Chao friends & closed her eyes. All of a sudden she heard a punching sound from someone her open her eyes to find out Knuckles, recovering from the last attack punched the Ursa Major & said these words.


Cream: Knuckles!

Knuckles: You okay Cream?

Cream: Yeah, I'm all right!

The Ursa Major charged at Cream & Knuckles Again, RD appears in front of the beast, turns around & then Bucks the Ursa Major in the mouth. Rouge used a leg Sweep on the creature to knock it down on the ground. Twilight & Rarity used their combined Magic to pin it down on the ground.

Sonic: Glad that's over.

Spike: How are we gonna get that emerald out of its chest.

Before Tails could think up a Plan. The Ursa Major releases a burst of Chaos Energy to
free itself from Twilight & Rarity's Magic.

Knuckles: damn..

Twilight: That should have worked!

Rainbow Dash:  We have to knock it out Somehow! Unless

RD Thinks of an Attack that can knock out The Ursa Major. Then it hit her.

Rainbow Dash THAT'S IT! Sonic!

Sonic: What's up, Dashie?

Rainbow Dash: How bout we do a combo move to take this guy out?

Sonic: What move you have in Mind?

Rainbow: That Rolling Combo Move you & Tails Did!

Sonic: HUH?

Twilight: Have you even done the Rolling Combo Before?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah! I've done it with Fluttershy before, so I think me & Sonic should do one too!

Sonic:  I don't know…

Dashie: Trust me, Sonic!

After thinking about it for a few minutes. Sonic came to a decision.

Sonic: okay, let's Do it!

Sonic & Dashie Held each other's hands & started to roll into a Spinball. The Two Speeders

in their combined Spinball Form charged at the beast.


The Attack hits the Ursa Major on the head. The Impact of the Combo Attack was enough to knock the creature out. Afterwards, Sonic & RD revert to their Normal forms, the Emerald exited out of the Ursa Major's Chest, Undamaged.  The battle was over.

(Music ends)

Sonic: Phew, Glad that's over.

Rainbow Dash: Now time to grab that Emerald

Before Dashie could grab the Chaos Emerald, Out of No Where, Eggman Took the Chaos Emerald with the Egg Carrier's Grappling hook.

Eggman: I'll take that!


Rainbow Dash; Give That Chaos Emerald Back!

Sonic: Yeah! We found it First!

Spike: Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers, Remember?!

Eggman: Well, Unfortunately for you guys I don't play by the rules! Now if you excuse me, I have other Emeralds to collect!

As Soon as Eggman Could Escape, Something was Making Eggman Levitate & Forced the Chaos Emerald out of the Grapping Hook & back on the Spot where it came out. Then A Powerful Shot of energy was shot at Eggman, Sending him flying.

Eggman: (from a Distance) NOT AGAIN! *ding*

The Group was surprised of what just happened now.

Spike: What was that?

Suddenly 4 mysterious Figures Appeared from the side of the forest. A Sliver Hedgehog, A Brown Raccoon, & an Amber Coated Pony with a Crossed Eyed Pegasus assisting them.

???: Are these the friends you're talking about?

???: they sure are, Mate!

???: Hey Sonic, it's been a while huh?

Sonic & Tails recognized those voices

Sonic: No way.

Tails: Sliver? Marine?

Marine: You fellas haven't changed a bit since the last time we met.

Sliver is a Hedgehog from the future & a Friend of Sonic's. He has a great Sense of Justice & a master of psychic attacks. Marine is a Raccoon from The Sol Dimension & the Leader of the Whiskers Crew. She's great friends with Blaze & Silver & can be a little
hasty at some point. But, like Tails. She's great with Mechanics & has a Special Hidden Power that no one knows about.  

Rainbow Dash: Ditzy? What are you doing here?

Ditzy: I'm helping out the doctor with a few errands. Also

Ditzy then takes out a sol emerald.

Ditzy: We Found this.

Blaze: A Sol Emerald!

Spike: How did you get your hands on it?

Twilight then looks at the Pony with an Hourglass as his cutie mark

Twilight: & who's this guy?

To Be Continued………………
Whew, Done with Chapter 9. Sorry if I didn’t upload it on time
I Do Have a life other than sitting around on the computer all day -3-

As someone wanted it, Sliver makes his Appearance along with Marine the Raccoon, Ditzy “Derpy Hooves” Doo & Doctor Whooves.

Don’t worry, Just as Planned:
Shadow will Appear in the Middle of the Quest for the Emeralds arc with Gilda like Promised (Don’t know which chapter though)
Ditzy will meet Big the Cat
The CmC will meet one of the Chaotix.
Metal Rainbow Dash Will Appear in Season 2 of S&RD Adventure under the title, My Metal Pony Arc (Or the Rival Battles Arc, Both Names are working Titles)

The Reason why this took long to work on cause of two things
1.) My Slacker attitude
2.) Got side tracked with a New Story (Not a Spinoff of the S&RD Adventure Series)’

Speaking of which, remember when I said I’ll make a Fanfic based on Afro’s Crossover Crew-The Road to Comic-Con ’12? Well, it’s Official! I’ve decided to make a Fanfic based on it. To start it off here’s Promo:
(Music:Jinsei wa Belt Conveyor no Youni Nagareru-Gintama OST
One of the biggest conventions in the world.
One Black Hedgehog & the help of his friends are determined
To travel millions of miles to this year’s Convention.
But, the Journey won’t be easy
The Road Ahead will get tough.
They’ll face Tough Challenges & Situations.
But no matter what happens,
The Crew will have the Time of their lives.
Afro’s Crossover Crew: The Road to Comic-Con ’12 </b> Coming Soon.

(Music Ends)
Neo: It’s supposed to be funny, you made it depressing & Serious
Dashie: I like your Promos Toonami Style.
Chris: Your Promo made me Emo-Blooded *hair & antennas turn black & Droop*
Twilight: At Least, No one’s Leg broke
Neo Breaks Trixie’s Leg with his Neo Magic
Kenzie & Twilight: NEO!
Neo: What?
Pinkie: Should you do a Summary now Creator?
Oh Right, Thanks Pinkie

The Quest for The Emeralds Arc begins with our heroes heading to Everfree forest, searching for the next emerald. Suddenly an Ursa Major has The Power of that Chaos Emerald in its chest. Now, our heroes must face the powered up creature & get the emerald out of its chest before things take a turn for the worst.

Next Time:
Chapter 10: Meeting with Old Friends! The Formation of Team Chaos & Team Sol

Sonic The Hedgehog & Characters (c) SEGA :iconseglogoplz: & Sonic Team :iconsonicteamplz:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic & Characters (c) Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye: & Hasbro :iconhasbroplz:
Rated T for Violence,Blood & Language
Ch. 8: [link]
Ch. 10:[link]
Prologue: [link]
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