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Sonic & Rainbow Dash Adventure
By Jumpmaster9000 (Kenta David)

Chapter 7: Meeting with The Rulers of Equestria, Eggman's Full Assault on Canterlot!

For where we left off in the last Chapter, Our Heroes were about to celebrate the joy of New Friends. But all of that was interrupted by The Arrival of Princess Celestia & Blaze the Cat. They told our Heroes that they have some important news that they must tell them at Canterlot Castle immediately.  

Princess Celestia (To Sonic & Co): We need you & your Friends to come to the castle At once. We have Urgent Matters to discuss regarding on the dimension Crisis. Twilight, you & your friends must come too.

And So as Princess Celestia said those words. Our heroes head on to Canterlot Castle where the meeting will take place


On the way to Ponyville Station

In order to get to Canterlot, Our Heroes (well, except for Sonic & Rainbow), head to Ponyville Station to travel there by train.

Mayor: *sigh* I was hoping I'll get the Paperwork done as soon as I seen who won the Race. Guess, I'll have to delay them again since the princess also wanted me to come.

Cream:  Don't Worry, Ms. Mayor. I'm sure by the time Princess Celestia Is Finished Discussing to us about the Dimension Crisis. You'll get that Paperwork done in no time!

Cheese: Chao Chao! (She's Right!)

Mayor: Why thank you, Cream. I'm sure by the time the Princess' done discussing with us. I'm sure to get my paperwork done in time.

Everyone Arrives at Ponyville Station

Applejack: All right, Fellas. Here's the deal. Since Canterlot's Far from Ponyville. We'll have to take the train from here.

Amy: How long will it takes us to get there?

Pinkie Pie: oh around a few Seconds.

Twilight Sparkle: Well, We can't just stand here, forever.

Sonic: Twilight's Right, Guys. The Princess & Blaze Told Us That they need to see us ASAP

Rainbow Dash: You Heard the Ma-Err... Hedgehog!  In to The Train.

The Train Going to Canterlot arrives just as Soon as RD Said those words. Tails Noticed that Sonic & Rainbow Dash Aren't on Board.

Tails: Aren't you guys coming?

Rarity: You honestly wouldn't want to be tardy would you?

Sonic: It's Okay. We can take a Run from here.

All (except RD): Huh?

Rainbow Dash: Well, duh! Aren't you guys forgetting something, The Dynamic Duo of Speed? Remember?

All: Oohhhhh

Applebloom: That's Right, Sonic & Rainbow Dash both won the Race, so it's obvious that they get from Here to Canterlot.

Tails: Are you sure you guys will be alright heading to Canterlot by yourselves?

Sonic: Don't Sweat it, Buddy

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, we got this!

Mayor: All right we'll meet you guys when we get to Canterlot.

Sonic & Rainbow Dash: Right!

As soon as the Train dispatches & makes its way to Canterlot. Sonic & RD went to their Starting poses as they were gonna head to Canterlot.

(Music: Wave Ocean ~the Intel~-Sonic '06)

Sonic: Ready to go for another round?

Rainbow Dash: I was gonna ask you the same thing!

Sonic: Last one to Canterlot, Wins!

Rainbow Dash: It's on!!!!

The Two then start their 3rd race as the left Ponyville station to head to Canterlot.
Along the Way, Lyra, with the help on her Friend, Bon-Bon, was finish rebuilding her Pie
Stand, Sonic & Rainbow previously destroyed during their race.

Lyra: Whew, Finally done with rebuilding the stand.

Bon-Bon: Hopefully it doesn't get destroyed again like last time.

Lyra: I know, not to mention. I have to make another set of pies to sell with your help. I
couldn't thank you enough, Bon-Bon.

Bon-Bon: Anytime Lyra.

When suddenly, the ground was vibrating again.

Lyra: Oh no, Not Again.

Behind them, Both Lyra & Bon-Bon saw Sonic & Rainbow heading their way. The Two bystanders
covered the Pie Stand to protect it.

Lyra: Not this time!

Bon-Bon: We worked so hard to rebuild this Stand.

Sonic & RD Noticed Lyra & Bon-Bon Protecting the Pie Stand.

Sonic: Oh Boy!

Rainbow Dash: Gain Way!

The Two speeders made curve turns on opposite sides to avoid hitting Lyra, Bon-Bon & the
Pie Stand. Then they both meet each other in their paths & Continued forward to Canterlot.
Lyra & Bon-Bon Looked behind them to see the Pie Stand unharmed.

Bon-Bon: Whew, That was close!

Lyra: Yeah, I thought for sure my Pie Stand would-

Suddenly Lyra was interrupted by a gust of winds blowing in the direction Sonic & RD Went, Destroying her rebuilt pie stand & Sending her newly baked Pies flying them splattering to the ground.

Lyra: MY PIES!!!!!! *starts to cry*

Bon-Bon: *puts her hoof on her back* *Sigh* It's okay, Lyra…

Road to Canterlot
On the Train, Sonic & Rainbows' Friends were Sightseeing the vast environments of Equestria,

Cream: wow! So Pretty

Cheese, Chocola & Milk: Chao Chao Ch-Chao! (It's so beautiful)

Tails: I never saw environments like this in Mobius.

Applejack: Trust Me, Fellas. Equestria's a Fine Place.

Spike: It has everything the world as to offer!

Rouge: I wonder if there any caves with jewels to st-I mean Explore.

Rarity: would you stop thinking about taking jewels for once!

Rouge: Can't help it. Jewels are my Specialty.

Rarity: grrr Just you wait, Bat Girl, As soon as Princess Celestia's done discussing
the urgent matter with us, I'll be sure to tell her about your plan to Steal MY Jewels!

All of a Sudden, Pinkie Pie notices Sonic & RD racing along the way to Canterlot.

Pinkie Pie: Hey look, its Sonic & Dashie. It looks like they're racing again!

Everyone came to Pinkie's Side of the train window & saw Sonic & Rd Racing to Get to

(Music: Radical Train ~the Chase~-Sonic '06)

Scootaloo: All Right, Rainbow Dash! Show That Sonic who's Boss!

Twilight Sparkle: Can't those two go somewhere WITHOUT Racing each other…. =_=

Tails: Tell me about it =_=

(Outside the train)

As Sonic & RD Continued the Race, They See the Train where their Friends are. Both of them
Waved Hello to them. Their Friends waved back.

Sonic: Say Dashie, How bout we show our friends our Sick moves.

Rainbow Dash:  Way Ahead of you, Sonic!

As The 2 speeders continued their race, Sonic & Rainbow performed their sickest moves yet.
The Cutie Mark Crusades, Pinkie Pie, Spike & Cream where amazed & Cheered Both Sonic & Rainbow on.

Knuckles: *Sigh* *faceplam* those two are Showboating Again…

Rouge: They really are alike in many ways, huh?

Applejack: Like 2 Peas in a Pod.

Twilight Sparkle: What are we gonna do with them.

This Continued as our heroes continued to head to Canterlot.


Meanwhile on Egg Fleet.

Eggman was looking down on Equestria, thinking of how his plan to launch a full assault on Canterlot Castle, get the elements of harmony & kidnap the Princesses, Celestia & Luna getting the 7 Chaos Emeralds & Sol Emeralds along with destroying Sonic, Rainbow dash & the rest of their friends would be a success. Suddenly in the middle of his daydream, Cubot & Orbot returned to inform their creator that his Special machine was done.

(Music-E.G.G.M.A.N. ~Doctor Robeatnik Remix~ (Eggman's Theme)-Shadow the Hedgehog)

Eggman:  Boys, What's the status on our back up plan?

Orbot: Boss, it's done

Cubot:  It took us 7 hours to get this baby fired up.

Eggman: excellent. Care if i can get a sneak peek on its improvements

Cubot:  Right this way, Boss

The 2 helper Bots led the doctor to the room where they worked on Eggman's Back-up Robot.
The robot was huge, It slightly resembled Eggman with his face & old clothing on it with a new design, Spikes on top of its head & Goggles that looked like Eggman's & 2 Big Arms for Grappling & Crushing Action.

Orbot: Boss, say hello to the Death Egg Robot, Mark II. Unlike the previous one you had in the past, this one has more advanced capabilities. Turbo Rockets at its feet & Back. 2 big Arms for Grappling & Crushing Action. Heavy Artillery, Advanced Defense Mechanism, & it's new design makes this one stand out before the other inventions you made in the past
(Referring to well...ALL of the Sonic Games).

Eggman was So Speechless he cried tears for joy.

Eggman: So beautiful…….*sniff* This is Amazing…As Much as it pains me to say this….Cubot,
Orbot, YOU MORONS ARE THE BEST * starts to hug Orbot & Cubot like there's no tomorrow.

Cubot: *gags* Uh…Boss...

Orbot: You're killing us.

Eggman: *stops hugging them* Oh, right sorry. *embarrassed blush* Anyways, Come on Now.
IT's time to start the Raid!



Orbot: Right away Boss. *starts to fix Cubot's voice chip*

As Orbot Does that Eggman went on his egg Mobile, flying over the readied Egg Pawns, fighters & Other E-Series Robots ready to invaded Canterlot Castle.

(Music: Invasion-Bleach)


All of Eggman's robot army: SIR YES SIR!

Eggman: Excellent….Now, My Army. ONWARD TO CANTERLOT!

As Eggman said those words the robots prepare their Rides as they follow Eggman to launch
a full assault on Canterlot.



(Music: Soleanna Castle Town-Sonic '06)

Later on Equestria, Sonic & Rainbow have arrived in Canterlot before the rest of their friends did, which resulted in another tie in their 3rd race.

Sonic: Hmph, Tied again huh

Rainbow Dash: No way, I could have sworn I won this time.

The Train arrives at Canterlot Station with the rest of Sonic & Rainbow Dash's friends coming out. They were discussing tales from Sonic's Past Adventures.

Twilight Sparkle: Wow, So You & Sonic Ended up meeting your past selves?

Tails: Yeah, & It turns out Eggman was the cause of Time Eater's Appearance in the first place.

Applejack: Who knows what Hair-Brain Scheme he'll put next?

They then Noticed Sonic & Rainbow in front of the Station. Which they weren't surprised.

Applebloom: See, I told you they'll be here before us.

Tails: We saw your little show on the way here.

Twilight Sparkle: Isn't there a time where you two go without racing each other?

Sonic & Rainbow Dash:  Can't be helped.

Rarity: *sigh* Well, we have to get going, we don't want keep Princess Celestia & Your Friend Waiting

Knuckles: Rarity's Right. Let's head to the castle & fast!

All of them nodded in agreement & made their way to Canterlot Castle


Canterlot Castle:

(Music: Gaia Gate-Sonic Unleashed)

At The Thorne, Princesses Celesta & Luna, along with Blaze where waiting for Our Heroes' Arrival to Discuss the Urgent Matter, Celestia was talking about.  Just at the right time, 2 of the Royal Guard Soldiers appeared escorting our heroes to the throne.

Sonic: *whistles* Nice palace, Princess.  Who knew some like you can- * gets punch in the gut by Rainbow* Hey!

Rainbow Dash: *whispers* Sonic, Be Serious. This is Princess Celestia & Princess Luna. The rulers of all of Equestria.  The last thing you want to happen to you right now is been sent to the moon.

Princess Celestia: It's Okay Rainbow Dash. I appreciate the comment, Sonic. Thank you.

Sonic: Not a problem, Princess.

As our Heroes gave the 2 Princesses a Bow, Princesses Celestia & Luna & Blaze began introduce themselves.

Princess Celestia: Greetings New Visitors. I'm Princess Celestia. One of the Rulers of all
of Equestria, This Here is my Sister, Princess Luna.

Princess Luna: It's A Pleasure to meet you all.

Blaze: Most of you guys know me, but to my New Friends I'm Blaze the Cat. I'm a Princess from another Dimension Opposite from Sonic's World.

All: Nice to meet you all.

Princess Celestia: As you can see, I brought you all here for a reason. *takes out Sol
Emerald* One of these emeralds are the reason why you're here correct?

Tails: Well I don't know about the Sol Emeralds But I do know one of the Chaos Emeralds
*takes out Chaos Emerald* like this one transported us here.  Not only that * takes out Element of Harmony* The Chaos Emeralds Must have reacted to one of these Elements of Harmony that was in our world for some reason.  

Princess Luna: *Gasp* Sister, that's-

Princess Celestia: The Element of Loyalty, How did it end up in your world?

Tails: I don't know. That's what I'm trying to find out….

Rouge: So what's the issue here, Your Majesties?

Princess Luna: The Issue here is that This Dr. Eggman Character is also looking for the emeralds correct?

Sonic: Yep, & I'm sure Blaze gave you the 101 on Eggman, Correct?

Princess Celestia: Yes, and I'm sure you all aware of the situation that's going on?

Tails: Yeah, We have to find all 7 chaos emeralds & 7 sol emerald before Eggman takes them & creates New Eggmanland!

Blaze: New Eggmanland?

Amy: Yeah, Apparently According to Sonic. Eggman's Plans are to create a new Empire known as New Eggmanland.

Blaze: God, Doesn't he give up. The Last one got destroyed by Dark Gaia. It's bad enough he's gonna make a new one.

Sonic: Tell me about it.

Twilight Sparkle: Speaking of Which, I bet he's planning his next move.

As Soon as Twilight Sparkle Said those words, Sounds of Rumbling, explosions & gunshots
were heard outside the castle.

(Music: Enemy Unseen-Bleach OST 1)

Fluttershy: What was that?!

A Solider from the royal Guard came out to the throne, all injured with bullet wounds & Cuts all over his body.


Princess Celestia:  Solider, what happened?

Solider: Princess…*Coughs blood out of mouth* the enemy...*coughs out more blood* they're too strong- *pukes out blood* Help us….

Suddenly a Blast of energy came crashing out from the windows & hit the wounded warrior.  The last thing our heroes heard from him are his bloodcurdling screams of terror.  

Rouge: My god…

The Cutie Mark Crusaders hold each other & shook with fear as they witness a soldier, no, a live mare dying a brutal death in front of their own young eyes. Spike felt the same way the crusaders feel. In fact, he was so disgusted that he puked.

Pinkie Pie: Who would do such a thing!

Rainbow Dash: I think we all know that Answer, Pinkie

As RD said those words, a Giant horde of Robots came crashing down from every window of Canterlot castle. Surrounding our heroes with Laser Guns, Spears, Katanas & Bazookas everywhere.

Spike: Oh Boy.

Applejack: I reckon we're in trouble.

Dr. Eggman then appears out of the broken windows with his egg mobile.

(Music: Dr. Eggman's Theme-Sonic '06, Unleashed, Colors)

Dr. Eggman: hello ladies & gentleman.


Dr. Eggman:  So nice to have a fan club, but enough chitchat. Let's get to business. You two happen to be Princesses Celestia & Princess Luna, am I right?

Princess Luna: Yes.

Princess Celestia: And you must be Dr. Eggman.

Dr. Eggman:  Ding Ding Ding, We have a winner as a grand prize you get to be the first two guest to be my prisoners as well as my first citizens of New Eggmanland.
A giant Grapple hook came out of Eggman's Egg Mobile grabbing the 2 princesses.



Dr. Eggman: ohh what fun will that be? Now as for you my friends, I would to stay but I have Emerald to find, not to mention an empire to make. Boys, DESTORY THEM!

As Eggman flees outside to his fleet, all of his Robots prepared to attack. Sonic, RD & co.
did the same thing.

(Music: Raging Flames-Needless OST)

Sonic: All right, you guys. LET'S DO IT!

All: Right!

The heroes separated into groups of two. While Cheerlie, Mayor, Vanilla, & the Cutie Mark Crusaders hid in a corner of the throne.

Team 1: Spike, Blaze, Twilight, & Tails vs. Egg Pawn Group 1

AS the egg pawns were launching their shooters at the 4. They dodge them all as fast as
they can. Blaze Delivered a Fire claw attack to one of the robots, Tails used his tail
swipe attack on of the robots, sending one flying to the other. Spike did a fire claw
technique on 5 of the egg pawns. Blaze was impressed that a baby dragon like Spike can do
a move like that.

Blaze: I'm Impressed, Spike. That's your name right?

Spike: Yeah, Why's that, Blaze?

Blaze: You're Fire Claw, It's nothing like mine.

Spike: Well, It's just my Dragon Magic added on my claws.

Blaze: Say, Spike. How bout we heat things up a bit.

Spike: *smirks* heh, ok then!

Both Blaze's Claws & Spike Claws are powered with Dragon Magic & Fire Energy.


They both hurl their combo move on the egg pawns, destroying them instantly.

Spike: huh?

Blaze: What's wrong?

Spike: Usually there'll be little animals coming out of the robots.

Blaze: Guess Eggman though it'll be too old school.

Spike: Tails, Twi, How you guys holding up.

Tails & Twilight destroyed the egg pawns one by one with their Combo Move, Magic Buster cannon.

Tails: We got everything under control! *shoot one egg pawn with his arm cannon.

Twilight: Same here. *shoots one of the Egg Pawns with her magic.

The remaining egg pawns surround the 4 fighters. Aiming their weapons at them.

Spike: we're surrounded!

Twilight: Not for long. Blaze, is it possible that your flame waves can combine with my

Blaze:  Not sure,  but I'll try. Tails! Spike!

Tails: Right!

Spike: ON IT!

AS Blaze & Twilight Jumped in midair to do their combo move. Tails used his tail swipe to
get the egg pawns in one place & Spike Used his fire claws to do the same. As all the
remaining egg pawns are in one spot.  Blaze Charged up her fire power & Twilight With her


A Full Charged Blast of Magic from Twilight's horn & Raging Flames from Blaze's Hand
Combed to form a Dragon-like Blast. The Attack Hurl straight at the remaining egg pawns,
destroying them in an instant & caused an explosion of Flame & Magic.

Spike: Whoa, Twilight. I never seen you use a spell like that!

Tails: I know Sonic told me about his fight with Blaze but….wow….

Blaze & Twilight went back to ground, Panting & gasping for air.

Twilight: Whoa, *huff puff* I never knew that*huff  I used that kind of spell before.

Blaze: same here *huff Puff* been a while since I used that much fire power. (Referring to
Sonic Rush Zone 7 Boss)

(Music Ends)

Team 2: Fluttershy, Cream, Applejack & Knuckles VS. E-Robo Group 546

(Music: Get Away From Here-Kekkaishi)

As A series of E-Robos Charge at Fluttershy, Applejack, Cream & Knuckles. Knuckles gave
one of the robots a burning uppercut, Applejack Bucked one of the robots to crash into the
other group, Fluttershy ducked & gave one of the robots an uppercut to the chin, sending
it flying. Cream hit at the robots that where surrounding her by spinning around with her
ears.  Cream then notices  the other robots that are harassing Cheerlie, Vanilla, her mother The Mayor, & the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Sweetie Belle: LEAVE US ALONE!

Applebloom: Someone HELP US!

The Mayor began to wrestle with one of the robots

Vanilla: HELP!

Frustrated at this, Cream yells over for Fluttershy for assistance.  

Cream: Ms. Fluttershy! Those Robots are attacking my mom & the other ponies.

Fluttershy: *sees Vanilla, The CMC, Cheerlie & the Mayor defending themselves by the
robots*  Oh No, We gotta do something!  

Cream: I got an idea, Is Angel Bunny still with you?

Angel Bunny pops out of nowhere in Fluttershy's mane.

Fluttershy:  yeah why?

Cream: I've got an idea, Why not uses our pets to help out the others?

Fluttershy: Is that safe? Won't Angel get hurt?

Cream: Trust me I know what I'm doing!

Fluttershy: *nods in agreement* okay,  let's do it!


Fluttershy: ANGEL BUNNY!

Fluttershy & Cream: GET THEM!

Milk, Cheese, Chocola: CHAO CHAO! (ON IT)

Angel Bunny Nods his head as the 4 pets began to charge at the E-robots that are harassing
the poor Spectators. The 4 of them were flying around a Circle, creating a Spinning
Bullet. The Attack Homed in & attacked the robots one by one. The Non-Fighters were
surprised that 3 chao & One Bunny destroyed every single one of those robots.

Scootaloo: Wow THAT WAS AWESOME!

Vanilla: When did Those 3 learned a move like that?

Cheerlie: I could say the same thing for Angel Bunny

Cream & Fluttershy Both shrug as they heard these Questions, I guess that during the time
of need, The 4 did some quick thinking & made a custom Combo move for themselves.

Fluttershy:  what should we Name it?

Scootaloo: I got one. How About Chao Bunny Bullet!  That's sounds so cool for name for
move like that

Applebloom: I agree, I say we call it Chao Bunny Bullet.

Sweetie Belle: Same here!

All of them nodded in agreement.

Cream: Then it settled, our name for our Combo move is CHAO BUNNY BULLET!

Applejack : uhh Fellas? I think this is no *Bucks a robot* Time for social hour!

Knuckles: We could use some help here! *punches a big E-robot in chest*

Cream & Fluttershy: Oh right!

Fluttershy & Cream came to assist Knux. & A.J. As the Battle Rages, Cream & Fluttershy
used their special combo move, Chao Bunny Bullet on the robots.  Knuckles combined his Spiral Flame Uppercut with Applejack's Special  uppercut with yellow-colored energy & apples surrounding it & hurled it on one of the big E-robots.

Knuckles & Applejack: SPIRAL APPLECUT!

The combined uppercut sent the Big Robot flying & Crashing at the remaining E-robots causing an explosion.

(Music Ends)

Knuckles: huh, Looks Eggman finally gave up on the whole enslaving little animals thing.
It was getting kind of old school for him too.

Cream: I'm Glad, that's over.

Applejack: You said it!

Team 3: Rarity, Rouge, Pinkie Pie & Amy Vs.  Egg fighter Troop 32

(Music: Assailant in the night-Needless OST)

As Pinkie & Amy were fighting the Egg Fighters. Rarity with her Magic untied Rouge.

Rarity: Don't take this the wrong way, Ms. Jewel Thief. I've only untied you because we'll
need all the help we can get in this fight!

Rouge: Trust me, Sweetie. I wasn't thinking that way either

As Rouge said those words the two joined Pinkie & Amy in the fight. Amy delivered an
Attack to the first dozen of Egg Fighters from her Giant Piko Piko Hammer.  Pinkie Pie released her Party Cannon  & Shot at the Gunmen Egg Fighters, Rarity using her magic levitating diamond shards with her magic & Hurling them at the shield Egg Fighters, & Rouge delivering random kicks at the Chainsaw Sword Egg Fighters.

Rouge: Damn, there too many of them!

Rarity: I say we combine our attacks to destroy these ruffians!

Rouge: I'm with you, sister! Let's do it!

Rouge flies in the air & prepare her Bat Cracker Bombs & Rarity preparing her jewel shards
& aimed it at the Other Egg Fighters.

Rouge & Rarity: OK! Here it goes! Jewel Bomb Attack!

Rouge & Rarity released a series of Bombs & Jewel Shards at The robots with the shards
that  piecred through their chest & the bombs exploding right in their faces.

Rouge: I have to say, you're Not Bad for a Fashionista, Ms. Rarity

Rarity: I say the same thing for you, Ms. Rouge.
The two jewel lovers along with our pink duo continued fighting the egg fighters.

Amy: ready to do a combo move, Pink Sister?

Pinkie Pie: Ready when you are, Pink Sister.

Pinkie Pie charged her party cannon at Max Power, While Amy's Piko Piko Hammer, and Grew twice in size.

Amy threw her hammer to ground causing a shockwave of pink energy. Pinkie Pie fired her
full power shot with her party cannon. The two attacks merged to create a powerful energy blast.


The attack destroys the remaining Egg Fighters.

Amy: Guess Eggman got tired of all the kidnapping little animals & everything.

Pinkie Pie: Who knew?

Rouge:  The rest of these robots we'll have to count on Big Blue & Dashie over there.  

Team 4: Sonic & Rainbow Dash VS. Remaing Mixed Army of Eggman's Robot

(Music: Reverse Situation-Naruto Shippuuden)

Sonic & Rainbow Dash were delivering a series of Kicks, Punches & Combo moves to the
remaining mix of Egg Pawns, Egg Fighters, & E-Robots.

Sonic: Man, This is too easy?

Rainbow Dash: Doesn't that egghead have any robots that doesn't suck?

One Giant Egg robot with a giant ax-like hammer appeared right in front of the quicksters.

Sonic: You just had to ask that,Dashie

Rainbow: *sweatdrop* hehe, Sorry

The Giant Robot began its attack by almost crushing them with its hammer. Sonic & RD used their Version of Quick step to avoid it. Later it spun the Hammer Around. Eventually, it hits both Sonic & RD, hitting their backs on the floor. Sonic & RD slowly got back up since the impact of the hammer was a critical hit. Sonic & RD Spat out some blood from their mouths.

Rainbow Dash: Man, this guy is tough!

Sonic: Now,This won't be easy! Time for a New Combo Move!

Rainbow Dash: You said it!

The 2 speeders charged at the robot with at supersonic speeds with one of their fists glowing with energy. As Soon as the Giant Robot hurled its hammer at Sonic & RD, They both dodged it by jumping in mid-air & hurling their combined Punch at it.


As Soon as the attack was hurled at the robots face, Sonic & RD Moved Back watching it was
it Collapsed on the ground & explodes.

(Music Ends)

Sonic: Whew, That was Tight!

Rainbow: Yeah talk about huge.

Sonic: Well as an old saying Goes, "The Bigger they are, The Harder they go"

Tails: Sonic!

Pinkie Pie: Dashie!

The rest of Sonic & RD's Friends Rushed to see if they're okay.

Amy: Oh my God! You guys are injured!

Sonic: It's nothing really

Rainbow: Same here-

Both Sonic & RD winced at their Pains caused by the Giant Robot.

Knuckles: Nothing my Ass! You guys need to get medical help.

Rainbow: That can wait. We have to save Princess-

RD was suddenly interrupted by Eggman coming back with his new machine, Death Egg Robo Mark II.

(Music: Dr. Eggman's Theme-Sonic '06, Unleashed, Colors)

Eggman: Seems my friends kept you company long enough for me unleash my secret weapon. Remember, This Bad boy, Sonic?

Sonic: No way…

Tails: The Death Egg?

Rainbow: The Death Egg?

Rouge: It's one of Eggman's robots, Sonic & Tails Faced in the Past.

Eggman: That right, Bat Girl. But this time it's 2x better than before remember these big
boys! *shows 2 big arms on Death Egg Robo Mk II*

Sonic: The Big Arms?!

Knuckles:  You serious add that piece of crap to that other piece of crap?

Eggman: WHAT WAS THAT? Grrr, No matter I'll destroy you all either way!

The Death Egg Robot Mark II enters it fighting pose, The Fighters do the same.

As Our Heroes defeated Eggman's Robot Army. They are faced with yet another one of Eggman's deadliest weapon , The Death Egg Robot, Mark II.  Will our Heroes defeat the giant Robot? Or will victory become The Mad Scientist? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON SONIC & RAINBOW DASH ADVENTURE!

To be continued……
hey chapter 7 of S&RD Adventure like a promised. IT'S EPIC! :iconexplosionplz:
I like to thank you all for the good feedback on the series, It really boost up my confindence to make more chapters as i go. Also, Now that i'm done with chapter 7, I can get Afro's OC tumblrblog over with, =_=. I'm also working on le Answers for him (Kinda like those Pony Ask Blogs)
Also References:
Lyra's pie Stand= Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra Reference
:iconlyraponyplz: CREATOR,WHAT DID I SAY!!!!
....I'm so dead
now where was i?
On yeah, references.
Blaze's Fire Claw, Her own Version of Sonic's Homing Attack. Actually used in Sonic '06 (aka :iconsweetjesusfaceplz: the worst sonic game in history)
And the music, Figured Bleach music can go well with one certain scene. along with Sonic & Dashie's Fight with the giant roby with the hammer (also a reference to the giant robot that was hard to beat in Sonic Heroes)
Applejack's uppercut was a reference to this deviation: [link]
For Cream's Spinning ear attack, it came to my mind when i was chatting with my friends
Anyways that's all the refs. i've explained if i missed some,put it in the comments below.
here's le Summary:
As our heroes, arrived in canterlot, They head to the castle to speak to Blaze & the rulers of Equestria. Princess Celestia & Princess Luna. Their meeting was soon interupted by Eggman's Assault on Canterlot. Eggman Kidsnaps the 2 Princesses & files off to the Egg Fleet. As he leaves his robot army in canterlot castle. Our heroes Prepare themselves for the fight of their lives.

Sonic The Hedgehog & Characters (c) SEGA :iconsegaplz: & Sonic Team :iconsonicteamplz:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye: & Hasbro :iconhasbroplz:
Rated T for Violence,Blood & Language
Proluge: [link]
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The X Toronado & The Tornado III
then it'll equal
Super Tornado
I might add that in the story
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he just gonna be some where..
It SONIC & Rainbow Dash Adventure
Not Shadow & Rainbow Dash Adventure
so in other words,Sonic & Rainbow dash will save the princesses
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