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Sonic & Rainbow Dash Adventure
Chapter 6: The Great Speed Race, Round 2!

The next day, on a warm sunny Saturday morning, Twilight & spike head the Carousel Boutique,
the invited rarity to watch the big race between Sonic & rainbow dash. She rings the doorbell,
Rarity opens it.

Rarity: ohh twilight, spikey-wikey what brings you here?

Twilight: hey rarity, I have a friend who's racing Rainbow Dash today. I was hoping you watch with us.

Rarity: Sure thing, darlings. But before I do that, I gonna put Ms. Jewel Thief here to the Royal guard.

Spike: jewel thief?

Rarity: I'll show you to her, Sweetie belle

Sweetie Belle; coming sis!

Sweetie belle: then shows twilight & Spike Rouge the Bat wearing her usual clothes all tied up.

Rouge; for your information, Hun I like to be called treasure hunter. Jewel thief's such a harsh word.

Twilight Sparkle: Rarity, who's this?

Rouge: if you wanna know, Kid. The name's Rouge the Bat, Ex-Government Spy & Treasure Hunter.

Spike exams the bat in a weird manner.

Rouge: *seductive voice* hey cutie. If wanted to date me, all you have to do is ask

Spike: *blushes* whoa, lady it's not like that, is just that something about is just...

Twilight Sparkle: Spike, what are you saying

Spike: I'm just saying that her face & appearance look familiar. Rouge, is it right.

Rouge: that's the name

Spike; have you come from the planet Mobius?

Rouge; How did you know?

Spike: we have friends that just arrived there from that flashing light.

Rouge: Flashing light...

Rouge then thinks about Sonic & his friends.

Rouge: you must have met Sonic & his friends, right?

Twilight Sparkle: yeah, that's the guy that'll be racing my friend Rainbow dash today.

Rarity; Twi, Who's this Sonic guy you're talking about

Twilight Sparkle: I'll explain along the way, Come on, guys the race's gonna start.

Rarity: you're right, we better get going. Sweetie Belle, bring the tea set. We wouldn't
want our new visitors getting parched now, would we?

Sweetie belle: Got it sis.

As Sweetie belle heads to the kitchen to prepare the tea, Rarity looks at Rouge with a mean look.

Rarity: as for you, Ms. "Rouge the Bat" Since you Know this Sonic Character. I'll take you along today to watch the race. You're lucky I didn't send you to the royal guard.

Rouge: whatever, If Big Blue & the rest are here, 4 things: The Chaos Emeralds, Knuckie Wukie, the Dr. Eggman, & Most of all, THE MASTER EMERALD! I can't wait to my hands on that big jewel

As Sweetie Belle got the tea set, Rarity, carrying rouge (still tied up) on her back, Twilight, Spike & Sweetie belle headed to sweet apple acres to meet with everyone watching the race.
Sweet Apple Acers

at Sweet Apple Acers, Everyone & Everypony was present & Accounted for, The Apple Family wanted to see the race too. Even Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle & Applebloom's best friend & Rainbow Dash's #1 fan, was there to watch her idol win the race.


Tails: I wouldn't be so sure; Sonic's so determined not to lose either.

Applejack: well, either way, Fellas. There can be only one winner for this race

The crowd sees Twilight, Spike, Rarity, Sweetie Belle & a Strange Bat Character, all tied up, which Everyone of Sonic's Friends were familiar with,

Knuckles: *Laughs Hysterically* I'm not surprised, The Great Jewel Thief, finally got caught, for the first time! & you what's funny?

Rouge: Shut it, knucklehead!

Applejack: Another one of your friends?

Knuckles: I wouldn't call her a "friend" that's for sure.

Rarity: So I see you know these fellows as well Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Rarity, Fashionista at the Carousel Bouquet. This is my little sister, Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle: Nice to meet you all, what are your names?

Rouge begins to introduce Rarity & Sweetie Belle to her Friends

Rouge: that cute fox over there is Tails, he quite the mechanic if I say. That Polite Rabbit with those 3 adorable chao over there are Cream, Cheese, and Chocola & Milk. The Pink Hedgehog over their next to that pink pony is Amy Rose. That hot head Echidna next to Blondie over there is knuckles, Guardian of a powerful gem known as the master emerald. & last but not least, the blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Rarity: i see you introduced to your friends. Let me introduce you mine, That Lavender Unicorn next sweetie belle is Twilight Sparkle, The Librarian. The Yellow Pegasus next to your fox friend is Fluttershy, The Animal Caretaker. That Orange Pony next to big red over there is Applejack. That Pink pony next to...well her new best friend is Pinkie Pie. The Baby dragon next to those 3 is no other than my Spikey-Wikey *Starts to pinch his cheeks*

Spike: *Starts to blush* Come on, Rarity.

Rarity: & last but not least, The Fastest Flyer in all of Equestria, Rainbow Dash.

Rouge: Fastest Flyer, hmmm. Big Blue's gonna have some competition.

On the starting line, Sonic & Rainbow Dash began to do some stretching exercises before their race started.

Rainbow Dash: You ready to go again, Blue Blur?

Sonic: I'm always ready, Fastest Flyer

The two racers looked at each other, they both gave each other smirks as the race was gonna begin. Applejack began to stand next to starting line with a checkered flag

Applejack: Okay there fellas, Today's course will more challenging than the last one! From Here to Ponyville to Whitetail Wood (since Everfree was too much on you guys) to Ghastly Gorge to Manehattan to Back to Ponyville & here.

Sonic: hehe, Better than the last course

Rainbow Dash: I get to those places & back here in 10 seconds flat.

Sonic: Heh-Heh, I bet I can make it there in 5 seconds.

Applejack: Save your Bragging for the Race, Will ya?!

Sonic & Rainbow Dash: Sorry about that.

Applejack: All right Fellas, Ready?

Sonic & RD went to their Starting poses

Applejack: GO!

(Music: Green Hill Zone, Act 2 (Fast)-Sonic Generations)

The 2 Bolted in just .5 Seconds at the starting line to Ponyville. Everyone's Jaw dropped as they saw the most amazing thing in their lives.

Rouge & Rarity: Damn…..

Sweetie Belle & Spike: Wow….

Knuckles & Applejack: Mother of God

Fluttershy & Tails: That was faster than last time.

Amy: Sonic…..

Pinkie Pie: Dashie……

(Music-Windmill Isle- Day-Sonic Unleashed (Sonic World Adventure))

Just as usual, it was a normal day in the not-so-quiet town of Ponyville. Every pony was doing their everyday needs. That is until they see 2 figures, one Blue-colored & the other Rainbow Colored. Speeding across town. Every pony took dodged as the 2 quickstep ran at Speeds 100 mph.

Sonic: I have to say, you improved, Dashie

Rainbow Dash: Same to you, Sonic. But don't think flattery will stop this Pegasus!

Sonic & RD kept accelerating at high speeds. When they reached a looped corner. Rainbow curved from side-to-side.

Rainbow Dash: Hah, I bet Sonic can't do that

RD then sees sonic using his drift to speed along the curves. She was Shocked

Rainbow Dash: whoa! That something I don't see every day. How does he do those things?!

Sonic saw RD's Face amused & Shocked at the same time.

Sonic: huh, I guess this is the first time you saw my Drift Technique.

Rainbow Dash: yeah, But cool tricks like that won't beat me!

Sonic: Heh-Heh, We'll see

The two speeders then accerated to Whitetail Wood, where there race next. Everypony
Appeared after Sonic & RD left Ponyville. A Tan Earth Pony & Moderate Cerise Earth Pony came out of the town hall seeing what was a rabbit who looked like cream but taller.

(Music fades)

???: What was that all about

???: Everypony, what happened?

A cream colored pony popped out of a barrel & came to the Grey Pony.

???: Mayor, something fast just came to Ponyville,

The Mayor of Ponyville is…well her Namesake. Her Cutie Mark a Scroll with a blue ribbon tied to it.

Mayor: Something fast?

???: what did it look like?

???: one was Blue, the other was Rainbow

Mayor: It must be Rainbow Dash again. But, that blue figure. I never saw anyone with Rainbow Dash's Speed.

???: It must be one of my Daughter's friends, Sonic.

???: Daughter?

???: Yes, if Sonic's here, then my daughter must be here! Tell me miss, where did those two ran from?

???: Just straight ahead from Sweet Apple Acers

???: Sweet Apple Acers? Then that'll where I'll go. Mayor, Cheerie, Mind coming along with me?

Cheerliee: Sure thing, Vanilla. I don't have anything else to do. Since today is Saturday.

Cheerliee is Applebloom, Sweetie Belle & Scootaloo's School Teacher at Ponyville Elementary
School. Her Cutie Mark is 3 Smiling Flowers. Vanilla The Rabbit is Cream's Mother & grateful to Sonic, Ever Since he saved her from Dr. Eggman's Clutches. The Whereabouts on her Husband are unknown.

Mayor: I guess I can see what the others are up to for a bit. I still need to finish some paperwork after this.

The 3 headed to sweet Apple Acers to see the rest of the Mane 6 & Sonic's Friends.
Whitetail Wood

(music: Planet Wisp, Act 2-Sonic Generations)

Sonic & RD continued their race into Whitetail Wood. What they didn't notice was a purple hot air balloon behind them. On it was Spike, Pinkie Pie & Cream. They were the Announcers of this race. Tails started to call them via his Miles Electronic to their transmitters.

Tails: Guys, What's the Status on Sonic & Rainbow?

Spike: It seems those two are neck-in-neck

Pinkie Pie: *watches Sonic do his Drift, Slide & Abillity.* Wow! I never see Sonic do
those kinds of moves. When can he do that?

Cream: Mr. Sonic has been doing it since his recent adventures.

Tails: oh boy, Knowing Sonic, He's showboating his moves again.

Spike: Sounds like Rainbow Dash when she's showing off

Cream, Pinkie Pie, Tails & Spike: Those 2 are totally alike

In Whitetail Wood, As RD flew fast to past Sonic, Dodging every branch & Tree. Sonic, using his Homing Attack, swung from vine to vine, Running on trees & sliding on tight edges. RD looks at him & scoffs.

Rainbow Dash: Show off

Sonic: looks who's talking

Sonic then jumps on a vine-like rail & starts to grind on it like a boss. RD's jaw starts to drop.

Rainbow Dash: whoa, this guy's so amazing, How does he do those things?

Sonic & Rainbow Dash bolted their way out of Whitetail Wood & onward to the next course which was Ghastly Gorge.

Spike: looks like they'll be heading to Ghastly Gorge next

Fluttershy (Through the Miles Electronic): I hope those two are careful out there

Cream: why say that, Ms. Fluttershy?

Spike: Rainbow Dash hurt herself during the Best Pet Competition (reference to an MLP FiM Episode: May The Best Pet Win!)

Pinkie Pie: Yeah, It's really dangerous out there. But, knowing Dashie she laughs at the face of danger.

Cream: Same with Mr. Sonic, He has an extreme love for adventure, No matter where he is.

Twilight Sparkle (via Miles Electronic): *sigh* those two can be quite an handful, sometimes.

Sweet Apple Acers

Later at Sweet Apple Acers, As our Heroes' Friends waited at the Finish line for Sonic & Rainbow at the Finish Line, Cheerlie, the Mayor & Vanilla came in from of Sweet Apple Acers, Greeting our Crew.

(Music: Naruto OST 2-Afternoon of Konoha)

Vanilla: Well hello everyone.

Cheerliee: Pleasure to meet you all

Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, & Scootaloo: Ms. Cheerliee!

Knuckles: Vanilla, You're here, too.

Rouge: If you're looking for Cream, She already left to keep on the Lookout for our 2 quicksters.

Vanilla: I see...

Mayor: Twilight Sparkle, What's going on?

Twilight Sparkle: well as you saw before, Rainbow & my new Friend Sonic the Hedgehog are having a race to see who's the fastest.

Mayor: that's nice & all, but you see, those 2 caused a lot of trouble across Ponyville.

Fluttershy: we're sorry that both our friends caused trouble for you.

Tails: yeah, I didn't know that'll cause a lot chaos around Ponyville.

Mayor: Apology Accepted, say who are you creatures anyway?

Tails: I'm Miles Prowler. But everyone calls me Tails

Knuckles: I'm Knuckles the Echidna

Amy: I'm Amy Rose, Nice to meet you!

Rouge: I'm Rouge the Bat, Treasure Hunter

Rarity: pfft, yeah right

Twilight Sparkle: Those 3 creatures their known as Chao, are Cheese, Chocola & Milk.

Cheerliee: Aww, how adorable. I never saw creatures like those before. Oh, where are my manners, my name is Cheerlie. I'm a Teacher at Ponyville Elementary.

Mayor: I'm the Mayor of a Town called Ponyville.

Vanilla: I'm Vanilla the Rabbit, Nice to meet you, all.

Twilight Sparkle: Nice to meet you, Vanilla. I'm Twilight Sparkle

Applejack: Name's Applejack

Applebloom: I'm Applebloom

Rarity: I'm Rarity

Sweetie Belle: I'm Sweetie Belle

Scootaloo: I'm Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash's # 1 Fan!

Fluttershy: I'm Fluttershy, Nice to meet y-you

After a few intros, the Miles Electronic started picking up a vocal call from Pinkie, Spike & Cream. Tails picks it up.

Tails: Hello

Spike: Tails, You won't believe what's going on at Ghastly Gorge.

Knuckles: what's going on?

Pinkie Pie: it's Sonic. He's running on the Edge of the Gores!

Twilight Sparkle: WHAT?! THAT'S CRAZY!

Vanilla: That's Sonic for you

Fluttershy: what about Rainbow?

Cream: It seems she's dodging those deadly rocks!

Tails: Damn it, those 2 are never careful

Applejack: Those two are really something.
Ghastly Gorge

(Music: Mr. Un-smiley for Sky Rail-Sonic Adventure 2)

Later at Ghastly Gorge, Our 2 quicksters dodge many obstacles as they ran on the edge of
the gorges.

Sonic: Whoa, This place is very dangerous compared to Everfree

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, We gotta be careful here. Those rocks could crush us!

Sonic: hehe, not a problem. We can make it!!!

Rainbow Dash: I like the way you think, Sonic!

Both Sonic & Rainbow Dash bolted as they jumped edge to edge. Avoid the rocks as they Passed through the Windy Caves & Bushes. They made their way to Manehattan, The Big City.

Spike: guys, this just in! Sonic & Rainbow Dash Just got out of Ghastly Gorge & making their way to Manehattan Right Now!

Amy: Thank God, They're Safe!

Knuckles: Whew, I thought those two were goners for sure.

Twilight Sparkle: those two are lucky that they survived.

Applejack: wow, I picked a more challenging course than last time.

Tails: *Sigh* what are we gonna do with them.

(Music: Empire City-Skyscraper Scamper)

Sonic & RD arrived at Manehattan in 3 seconds. The 2 quicksters bolted across roads,
Building jumping & passing though Alley Ways. Sonic saw a rail heading to the west side of the city & Grinded on it. Rainbow Dash took another way & caught up with Sonic in a second. The two then saw 3 skyscrapers which gave sonic an idea.

Sonic: hehe, Hey Dashie, Ever went down a skyscraper

Rainbow Dash: Heh-Heh, I thought you never ask!

The two went to a nearby skyscraper & Bolted around the tall building. Dashed from inside to the outside of the building. Then they rode down the tallest skyscraper in all of Manehatthan.

Spike: guys, those two a running down the tallest building in manehatthan!

(from Radio)

Vanilla: oh my…

Knuckles: isn't there anything they would do that's not dangerous?

Sonic & RD keep racing down the building till they reached the end of the building, which was an entrance to a fancy building.

Sonic: On to Ponyville!

Rainbow Dash: You said it!

They two headed to their next destination which was. Well Ponyville

Later in Ponyville, A Cyan Unicorn with a harp as her cutie mark who was working at a pie stand with a pale green earth pony with her cutie mark a having a conversation with her.

???: So Lyra, any plans after work

Lyra; Oh not much, Bon-Bon. Wanna head to the café after my shift?

Bon-Bon: Done!

When all of a sudden, The Ground starts to shake again like what happened earlier.

Bon-Bon: WH-What's happening?!

Lyra: It's that rumbling that happened earlier.

Bob-Bon: But who's causing it?!

As soon as she said that, Sonic & RD Ran past then at Super Sonic Speeds. The Wind past them was so strong that Lyra's Pies along with her Stand where sent flying.

Lyra: MY PIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic: My Bad!

As Sonic & RD left Ponyville, they headed to Sweet Apple Acers, where the finish line is.

Sweet Apple Acres

As The Hot Air Balloon returned to sweet Apple Acers where everyone is, Vanilla Rushed in to hug her daughter after seen her for so long.

Cream: Mommy!

Vanilla: Oh Cream, How I missed you so Much! Cherrlie, Mayor, This is my Daughter, Cream.
Cream, this is The Mayor of Ponyville & Ms. Cheerlie of Ponyville Elementary.

Cream: It's nice to meet you all.

Cheerliee: The pleasure's all Mine, Cream

Mayor: Say, where's this Sonic Fellow Vanilla's Talking About

Spike: Here they Come!

Everyone saw Sonic & RD Neck-in Neck as they Speed up to reach the Finish Line.

Sonic: All Right, Time To give it my all!

Rainbow Dash: Not when I'm around!

The Two pushed each other to their limits, as they Increased Speed, the Winds behind them were stronger than before. Finally, as they hit the finish line, The 2 Speeders went to a halt.

Pinkie Pie: It's…a Tie!

Everyone: A TIE?!

Sweetie Belle: AW, COME ON!

Sonic: Hehe, Guess we are alike in many ways.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, you can say that *pouts* No Fair, it was a tie. I was sure to win!

Sonic: Whew, I'm Beat. Isn't there a place to get a Chill Dog?

Twilight Sparkle: Chilli Dog?

Sonic: Are you serious, No Chilli Dogs Around here?

Mayor: I'm sure we can Figure Something Out......Sonic. That's your name right?

Sonic: The One & Only! *does another one of his Signature Poses*

Mayor: Well, I'm the Mayor of Ponyville. The Place where you & Rainbow Dash Passed for your Race*

Sonic: oh, Sorry about that. I hope we didn't cause too much trouble.

Mayor: Actually, You two caused a Ruckus around town!

Rainbow Dash: opps, hehe.

Cheerliee: I'm Ms. Cheerliee, One of the teachers at Ponyville Elementary.

Sonic: Nice to meet you, Cheerile!

Pinkie Pie: Say Guys, We Should have a Party, To New Friends.

Cream: Sounds Great, We would love to come! Right Guys?

Cheese, Chocola & Milk: CHAO CHAO! (You bet!)

When Suddenly Princess Celestia, with Blaze the Cat riding her Back came flying down on our heroes.

Twilight Sparkle: Princess Celestia?

Cream: & Blaze?

Mayor: What's the Princess Doing here at a Time like this?

Princess Celestia: You *looks at Sonic* Are You the One they called Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic: Who wants to know?

Princess Celestia: We need you & your Friends to come to the castle At once. We have Urgent Matters to discuss regarding on the dimension Crisis. Twilight, you & your friends must come too.

Tails: Blaze, what's going on?

Blaze: I've No Time to Explain, We all have to Canterlot, At Once.

To Be Continued
Well, After all those tests, Iím Finally done with chapter 6 of S&RD Adventure, I made a lot of referenes like Lyraís Pie Stand,Made a Reference to Avatar: the Last Air bender/The Legend of Korraís Cabbage Man When his Cabbage Stand was destoryed, he would say: MY CABBAGES!, so I made me think, Lyra had a Pie stand one time in a MLP;FiM Episode soÖ.


Someponyís being a killjoy -.-.Anyways, Since Iíve tought of that idea I put Lyraís Pies being Destoryed as A running Gag for the Series Along with Sweetie Belleís Random pop-ups.

:iconlyraponyplz: Hpmh -3-

:iconsweetiebelleplz: *pops out of nowhere* AH, COME ON!

Just like that, Also in reference to Sonicís Race with RD in Manehatthan. I used references for their race to the Past Sonic City Stages in the Sonic games. & Spike & Pinkie in the Hot air balloon was a reference to one of MLP FiM Season 1ís episodes where AJ & RD Raced to see whoís the iron pony.
Also, Iíve been thinking of the Spin-off Series to S&RD Adventure,
The Following Titles:
Shadow & Gilda Adventure (storyline will take place in the Events of Shadow the Hedgehog, with a few new OCís)
Knuckles & Applejack Chaotix (Storyline Will take Place in the Events in Knuckles Chaotix)
Tails & Fluttershy Adventure (storyline will take place In the Events of Tails Adventure)
Sliver & Dr. Whooves: Dimension Travelers (Storyline Takes Place before Season 2 the Original S&RD Adventure Series)

The first 3 Spin-off Series will come out in Late Summer 2012,As for Sliver & Dr. Whooves,Since the Storyline will take place After Season 2 of S&RD Adventure, itíll have to come out in late 2013 or Christmas Break 2012,Sorry guys :/

Also, Iíve been thinking, Since I saw :iconvgfanatic23:ís Sonic:FiE Special: The Stalker. Iíve been planning to make a Special for S&RD Adventure, Which takes place in between Season 1ís Story Arcs which are The Beginning a Arc (lasting chapters Prologue-8) & the Quest for the Emeralds Arc (9-17,possibly). Send me Sugesstions,Send me via Comment Box.
Also, Ask My Sonic OC, Afro anything at [link] *whispers* especially about Pinkie Pi- *Gets hit with the back Afroís Sword, Vivid Steel.*

made a few edits

Right,Sorry. So hereís le Summary:
As The Sun Arises, Sonic & Rainbow Dash have Started their Race Around Equestria. As Cream, Spike & Pinkie Pie Specate the Race, via Twilightís Hot air Balloon. Vanilla, Mayor & Cheerilie joins The rest of our heroes in Seeing who wins the race first. As Sonic & Rainbow Dash Finish their Race with a tie. Pinkie pie Decides to throw a party to celebrate their New Friendship But that has to wait when Princess Celestia calls them for a Urgent meeting. What Will Celestia inform our Heroes About?

My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic Characters © Lauren Faust & Hasbro
Sonic The Hedgehog Characters © SEGA & Sonic Team
Rated T: for Violence, Blood & Language
Prologue: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 7: [link]
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