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Sonic & Rainbow Dash Adventure
By Jumpmaster9000 (Kenta David)

Chapter 5: Prologue to the Second Great Race, More Visitors from Mobius

As Fluttershy was taking Tails Cream, Milk, Chocola & Cheese to her cottage hear Everfree Forest, they discussed about their personalities, Lifestyles, etc.

(Music: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum-Route 201)

Fluttershy: Wow, I never met animals like you two.

Cream: what do you mean, Ms. Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: well for you, Tails. I never saw a fox with two tails, not to mention fly.

Tails: oh that, I was born with it. When I was little I was bullied because of it. Sonic was the only one who supported my two tails & gave me the confidence I have today.

Fluttershy: wow. That reminds me of my time when I was little, the other fillies picked on
me because of my inability to fly. Rainbow Dash was the only one that defended me & I still thanked her for that.

Tails: Wow, I guessed I'm not the only one who had a friend protecting us from bullied in the past

the two started to laugh, Cream interrupted them

Cream: Sorry to interrupt, but what about me Ms. Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: oh right, Sorry. I never saw a rabbit that can fly with her ears.

Cream: hmm, I've always wondered about that.

Cheese: chao chao! (We're here!)

Cream, Tails, Fluttershy, & The Chao trio headed to Fluttershy's cottage

as they enter the cottage Angel Bunny, Fluttershy's pet went to Fluttershy & pointed his finger at his mouth.

Fluttershy: Oh Angel, I forgot to feed you today. You must be hungry after all the craziness that happened to today. *gives her a bowl of vegetables* Here you go.

The pet Rabbit was happy & Started to gobble it down, Cheese was amazed of how angel eat those veggies, It reminded how he, Chocola & Milk eat the sweets that Cream gets them.

Fluttershy: Oh Where are my manners. Angel, we're gonna have guest today. This is Tails, Cream, Cheese, and Milk & Chocola. They'll be staying with us for a while. I hope you Milk, Cheese & Chocola become great friends.

Cream: Aww, you're bunny's so cute

Cheese, Chocola, & Milk: CHAO! (Hello)

Angel Bunny started that the 3 chao unexpectedly, he starts become scared & puts his ears on his eyes.

Fluttershy: Don't be afraid, Angel. They're nice people.

The bunny uncovered one of his eyes & looked at the 3 chao again, he then starts to smile & play with them.

Tails: Aww, I just know the 4 of them will be best friends

Fluttershy: yes they will

Cream: ohh where will I be sleeping, Ms. Fluttershy

Fluttershy: oh yes, you can sleep in my room if you want.

Cream: but where's Mr. Tails gonna sleep?

Tails: don't worry, Cream. I'll stay here & work on my Electric Miles for the night.
Besides, the other Chaos Emeralds might have been transported on this world, too.

Cream: you got a point there, Tails. We got to get the rest of the chaos emeralds before Eggman does.

Fluttershy: yes, we must & I'll help you guys in any way I can!

Tails: Thanks, Fluttershy. We really need all the assist we can get.

Fluttershy: Your Welcome, Tails. Anyways, I have to get to bed soon. Angel, it's past your bedtime you know, too.

Cream: Same goes for you three.

Cheese, Milk, & Chocola: Chao! (Cream!)

Cream: I'm sorry, you guys but we have to be at sweet apple acres to watch Mr. Sonic & Ms. Rainbow Dash's Race again. You can sleep with angel if you want.

The 3 chao & Angel jumped for joy & head straight to Angel's Bed.

Cream: Mr. Tails, You should get some rest later. You wouldn't want to miss the race.

Tails: Noted, Good Night, Girls

Fluttershy & Cream: Night, Tails

As Fluttershy & Cream go to Flutters' Room, Angel & the chao trio sounding asleep in Angel's bed. Tails began to work on the Miles Electric.

Sugarcube corner

At the Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie made one last delivery with Amy & The Two pink pals were tired as they started to head to pinkie's room

Amy: Whew, Today was Crazy!

Pinkie Pie: tell me about it! This Eggman guy. What's his deal, anyway?

Amy: I don't know, been that way for as long as remember. That guy kidnaps me almost every

Pinkie Pie: man, I feel bad for you, Amy. So tell me what happened between you & sonic.

Amy: huh? *starts to blush* Pinkie, why are you asking me this question?

Pinkie Pie: come on, you don't have to hide your feelings when I'm around. Trust me.

Amy: are you sure?

Pinkie Pie: Us Pink Sisters have to stick together. *smiles at Amy*

Amy: ok, I'll tell you, 4 months before we landed in Equestria-

(Flashback: 4 months later Amy called sonic over at Station Square for what Sonic thinks it's a date, The blue Hedgehog ran to station square to meet up with his girlfriend.)

Sonic: hey babe, what's up

(music-DISCOTHEQUE (Strings Arrange)- Rosario to Vampire Capu2)

Amy: Sonic, Can we talk for a sec.

Sonic: sure, what's wrong?

Amy; well, I think we should see other people.

Sonic: huh?! What are you talking about? Didn't you want me to be your boyfriend after all
the years you chased me around persuading me to be with you?!

Amy: I know! It's just that this isn't working out the way I thought it would. It's not you, Sonic. Don't get me wrong. It's me *tears starts to comes to her eyes* you must hate me right now!

Sonic: Amy….

Amy: I'm Sorry, Sonic. I'm So Sorry! All the times I've annoyed you, almost trying to kill you with my hammer. All that bad things I've done to hurt you. I'm Sorry! *Cries*

Sonic: Amy, It's ok, that's all in the past. I don't care about that anymore. As long as I'm with you I can-


Sonic: * Holds Amy's Hand* Please Amy, I don't wanna let you go.

Amy: *shook her head & release her hand from Sonic's* No, it's better this way, we can still be best friends though, right?

Sonic: *a little heartbroken* Uhh..Yeah, sure. Besties! Right.

Amy: Well, this is it. I have to right now. Goodbye, Sonic

Sonic then stops Amy by giving her a hug

Sonic: *whispers in her ear* I'll Miss you, Amy Rose

Amy: *whispers in Sonic's Ear* I'll miss you too, Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic & Amy gave one final kiss to each other. As they let each other go, the 2 hedgehogs went their separate ways with them leaving tears in their eyes.

(Flashback ends)

Amy: Ever since that day, I regretted breaking up every day I see him, think about him, all the times with I had with him. Now, I would try everything to get back together with him.

Pinkie Pie: Wow that Sounds like Dashie & Soarin's Break up

Amy: really?

Pinkie Pie: Yeah, I wish I can tell you more but *yawn* It's Nighty-Night Time. We have a race to watch tomorrow.

Amy: oh yeah, The Race. You're Right I should get some sleep & Pinkie?

Pinkie Pie: Yeah?

Amy: promise you won't tell anyone, Not even Sonic, about my plan to get back together with him?

Pinkie Pie: It's A Pinkie Promise, Sister.

The two Pink Figures headed to Pinkie's Room & went to her bed. While Pinkie's Asleep, Amy had this one thought in her mind.

Amy: just wait, Sonic! You'll be mine Again & I won't let any girl take you away from me *falls asleep*

Sweet Apple Acers

Inside the apple family's home, Before they got ready to bed, They called in Knuckles to thank him & Applejack for saving their farm.

Applebloom: thanks So much for the saving the farm, Big sis & Knuckles

Big Macintosh: if Knuckles hadn't showed up at that time. Poor ol' Spike would have been finished

Granny Smith: not to mention the rest of the farm would be ruled by that egg-head

Knuckles: not a problem, guys. It's the least I can do after you helped me find the master emerald.

Applejack: Speaking of which, what's so special of that Master Emerald that you have to protect it so much

Knuckles: the master emerald is the main source of control for the Chaos Emeralds power. Without it, The Chao Emeralds power will be out of control & cause havoc around it area.

Granny Smith: well, you best guard that big ol' rock. We would want anything bad happening to it, now don't we?

Big Mac: Ee-yep

Applejack: Well, I'm gonna hit the hay y'all. Don't forget The Big Race's tomorrow.

Applebloom: Me too, Night Everypony. Night, Knuckles!

Big Mac: take it Easy, Knux

Granny Smith: Protect that Emerald at all cost!

Knuckles: Good night, guys!

As all the members of the Apple Family went to their rooms, Knuckles Lied on the Master
Emerald & began to sleep, Applejack then creep out of her room & saw Knux. Lying on the big glowing gem. She then crept closer to knuckles.

Applejack: *whisper* Thank you for saving Spike & the farm today, I don't know what I do if those Creeps killed Spike, also * kisses him on the forehead* that's for saving the farm. Sweet Dreams, Knuckles

Applejack begins to head back to her room went to her bed & fell asleep.


Later in Ponyville, A Female Seductive Bat with a latex Suit, Iron boots & Supplies came flying across the Carousel Boutique, landing at her front window. She was amazed of the many jewels owned by Rarity.

(Music: Fly into Freedom ~Rouge's theme-Sonic Adventure 2 (SA2Battle))

???: My, That's a lot of jewels there. I hope the owner of these dazzling beauties won't mind if I "borrow" them for week, 2 months, forever, maybe?

This bat's name is known as Rouge, An Ex-Government Spy who's also known as a treasure hunter just like Knuckles. She can flirty, sassy & cheeky, maybe greedy at times (like now), but at some point she can be heroic at times (like helping Shadow defeat Black Bull, one time).

Rouge begins to make hole with her Pick nails & enters the store, making her entrance.

Rouge: Bingo! Time to do some jewel collecting.

The young Bat begins to collect the jewels & put it in her bag, one in her breast plate. When suddenly, Rouge heard a little unicorn's voice as it heads straight to the workroom.

???: ugh, Rarity? Is that you?

Rouge: Oh Crap, gotta hide somewhere.

The Young Female Bat hid in one her cabinets, as the young Unicorn heads to the main
workplace she sees nothing at all except for a hole made by her window. Another Unicorn Appeared next to her.

Rarity: Sweetie Belle, What are you doing up this late?

Sweetie Belle: Rarity, I thought you were in the workplace, working on your late night projects.

Rarity then notices a hole at her window.

Rarity: oh dear, it seems someone has broken in inside our house!

Sweetie Belle: A thief? Should we call the royal guards?

Rarity then looked around & saw something Black hiding from one of the cabinets.

Rarity: No... Because it seems the thief hasn't left yet.

She then opens the curtain & exposes Rouge's hiding place

(music fades)

Rouge: Heh-Heh Good Evening, Ladies. ^^;

All of a sudden, gems, Diamonds & other jewelry came out of her bag, even her breast plate. Rarity was surprised, She & Sweetie Belle both gave her the poker face.

Rouge: crap....
Eggman's Base

Meanwhile, Eggman returned from his Egg Fleet, All beaten up with a few bruises & cuts all over him. His egg mobile was damaged too. Cubot & Orbot came to the front entrance of the base, welcoming their boss.

(Music: Sonic '06,Unleased (Sonic World Adventure),Colors-Eggman's theme)

Cubot: Welcome back!

Orbot: I see everything didn't go according to plan, boss?

Eggman: SHUT IT, YOU! Damn them. That pesky hedgehog & his friends are always interfering with my plans! Now that Sonic teamed up Rainbow dash character & her Pony pals are involved in this. New Eggmanland won't be a success as I thought it would!

Orbot: Boss, I've gather more information on the ponies as well as a special item that holds the same power as the Chaos Emerald.

Eggman: Go on..

Orbot: I'll start with the mysterious power source. In Equestria, Long ago, An God of Chaos known as Discord reigned …well. Chaos all over Equestria, but then, there were 6 items needed to defeat this monster known as The Elements of Harmony.

Eggman: I'm listening..

Orbot: there are 6 Elements in total: The Element of Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty & magic.

Eggman: That's the most childish thing I've ever from you, Cubot! But then again you're never wrong, are you?

Cubot: I've also gathered more information about the ponies, Boss. It seems there are more of them then I thought.

Eggman: oh great! More pony friends!

Orbot: There's the earth pony with a cowboy hat, I think you met her recently, Applejack. The Pink earth pony who resembles a certain Amy rose, Pinkie Pie  & An Unicorn who collects gems for her clothing design know as Rarity.

Eggman: oh great! I found another Knuckles, Amy & of course that Gem hoarder, Rouge! AGHH!

Cubot: Yo, Yo Bossman. You need to chillax for bit, dawg. We continue with the plan as proceed, YA HEARD!

Orbot: oh my, your Voice box is messed up again, Cubot

Eggman gets frustrated & takes his Anger on his Egg Pawns


The Egg pawns shook in fear as their creator's voice echoed on the entire fleet.

Egg Pawn 1: well….



All the egg pawn went to Cubot repairing his voice box.

Eggman: Anything else I need to know, not that I care that much

Orbot: yes, also the rulers of this world happened to be 2 princesses, Princess Celestia &
Princess Luna.

Eggman: Let me guess, More Magic?

Orbot: Very powerful than Twilight's to be exact.

Eggman: what about those elements of harmony, where is it located.

Orbot: at Canterlot Castle, where the princesses live along with an old friend of ours.

Eggman: what do you mean ,old friend?

Orbot: You happen to know her as the princess of the Sol Dimension, Did I forgot to mention the Sol emeralds are here too.

Eggman: Blaze the Cat?! She's here too. *faceplams* Good God, can things get any worse. No matter. *calls all of his robot army* Prepare yourselves, Men. First thing, tomorrow, we launch a full assault on Canterlot Castle, get the elements of harmony & kidnap the Princesses, Celestia & Luna! Along with that we get the 7 Chaos Emeralds 7 Sol Emeralds. Once that's done We'll destroy Sonic, Rainbow dash & the rest of their annoying friends one & for all! Orbot, you & Cubot prepare the big guns in case we're in trouble.

Cubot: *voice back to normal* Boss, you mean?

Eggman: yes, it's been a while since I've last used those two, but with their powers combined, I'M UNSTOPPABLE! NO ONE! NOT EVEN THOSE TWO BLUE PRICKS CAN STOP ME WHEN I'M DONE MAKING NEW EGGMANLAND! HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! *cough, cough, cough* Man, I must be crazy right now.

Orbot: *talks to himself* you just notice this now


Orbot: nothing boss. Hehe getting to work now, come on Cubot.

Cubot: work on what

Orbot smacks him on the head, which let Cubot reminded them of their job.

Cubot: ohh that,

As the 2 robots leave to get started on the unnamed project Eggman been working on, Orbot mutters to himself.

Orbot: Fatty piece of lard, telling us what to do..

Eggman looks out the window of his Egg fleet, looking down on Equestria,

Eggman: soon as take over Equestria, Mobius is next!

To be continued....
well guys chapter 5's finally here
longest chapter since chapter 3
this gonna be the prologue to the 2nd great race
& that's all i've gotta say
chapter 6 on the way
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 6: [link]

My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic Characters © Lauren Faust & Hasbro
Sonic the Hedgehog Characters © SEGA & Sonic Team
Rated T: for Violence, Blood & Language
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