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Sonic & Rainbow Dash Adventure
By Jumpmaster9000 (Kenta David)

Chapter 4: The Battle at Sweet Apple Acres, Save your Friends, Sonic & Rainbow Dash!

Sweet Apple Acers:
(Music: Strong & Strike- Naruto OST 1)

As the Egg Pawns Started to Attack, Sonic & Rainbow Dash's Friends, The 11 defended themselves by using their abilities.

The First 3 Egg pawn target for Spike, Since they thought was the weakest. Little do they know, Spike used his fire claws just in time to counter their attack. The 3 were cut in many directions & exploded in seconds with little creatures coming out.

Spike: Heh-Heh, No sweat

The other 4 Egg pawns began to target Cream, Cheese & Fluttershy, Fluttershy gave 1 the robots a kick in the face, The other robots were just gonna launch their weapons at Fluttershy. Cream notices Fluttershy in danger & sends Cheese for assistance.

Cream: Cheese, Get them!

Cheese starts to pick up 3 the robots & toss them at Applejack & Knuckles who manage to take out 5 of the other egg pawns, the two hard hitters notice the robots being tossed at them.

Applejack: Incoming!

Knuckles: No worries, We got this one!

Knuckles charged up his fist with all of his strength, AJ turned around to her backside next to Knuckles, preparing her Apple bucking Ability.

Knuckles & Applejack: Let's Go! KNUCKLEBUCK ATTACK!!

As the clump of robots came closer to them, the two fighters combined their attacks & Launched it at them scattering them into pieces, all of them exploded & tiny creatures came out of it.

Applejack: Man, that Eggman is one sick Bastard

Knuckles: Tell me about it.

Tails shoot 5 of the Samurai Egg Pawns with his Arm Cannon in one single hit, While Twilight Sparkle used her Magic Lance to defend herself against the other 4, one of them attempted to cut Twilight, only to graze her face. Twilight looks at her cut that the Egg Pawn gave her. She then Pierces not one but all of the Egg Pawns Trying to hurt her. The other Egg Pawns backed the two Geniuses in a tree.

Tails: Twi, You're hurt

Twilight Sparkle: It's Okay, I'll all right. Man, this is Bad. Tails Any Ideas

Tails: I was gonna ask you the same thing.

Twilight Starts to look at Tails' Arm Cannon, Tails did the Same with Twilight's horn.

Tails: hey, Twilight I got an idea

Twilight: Yeah?

Tails: If I can combine my Arm Cannon's Blaster Shot with your Magic. We can create an
Attack that powerful enough to destroy all those Egg Pawns.

Twilight: I was thinking just the Same thing.

Tails: Okay, let's Do it!

Twilight began to charge her horn with extremely powerful  magic, While Tails began to charge his Arm Cannon with FULL POWER! They Aimed it directly at the Samurai Egg Pawns.


Twilight Sparkle Blasted a Powerful beam of Magic, While Tails shot his fully Charged Energy Ball with his Arm cannon, The 2 Attacks then merged to form a giant Energy ball combined with magic & destroyed  the Egg Pawns Surrounded them. With the little animals coming out of them.

Twilight Sparkle: WOW that was amazing! Better put this report to the princess later on..

Tails: The Princess?

Twilight Sparkle: I'll explain later.

Amy Fend of the other Robots using her Piko Piko Hammer, Smashing them from piece to piece, tiny creatures came out of each one. Pinkie dodged 5 of the Egg Pawns Spear Attacks by bouncing around them. The Other 2 Egg Pawns began to shoot their beam guns at Milk & Chocola, the two chao kept dodging their attacks & Charged at them with Double Chao Tackle Attack. The 2 Egg Pawns Exploded with little animals coming out. The last remaining Egg Pawns Surround Amy Rose & Pinkie Pie.


Amy: Yeah, But their too many of them. Let's Work together to finish them off!

Pinkie Pie:  You said it, Sister!

Amy & Pinkie Pie Jumped high in the air, Amy's Hammer began to grow & Pinkie & Her looked at each other & nodded their heads,


The 2 pink figures came crashing to the ground, Amy with her Hammer & Pinkie with her 4 hooves. Causing a Giant Earthquake & destroying the Egg Pawns in their path. Knux, AJ, Spike, Fluttershy, Cream, & The Chao Trio (Cheese, Chocola, & Milk) notices the Epic Destruction caused by Amy & Pinkie Pie & Started at them.
Later, At the End of Everfree Forest. Sonic & Rainbow Dash started to feel an slight Earthquake & saw a huge explosion coming from Sweet Apple Acers.

Sonic: Damn it, Looks like things are getting worse already

Rainbow: We gotta hurry, They're not gonna last that long!

Sonic & RD Bolted as the head to Sweet Apple Acers to aid their Friends. (who don't need to be rescued.

(music ends)

Pinkie Pie: Whoa, Amy. I've never see your Hammer grow like that before.

Amy: It's Special Talent I got teaming with Knuckles over there.

Knuckles: Yeah, Pretty Dangerous too. Haven't I told you not to use it? You can kill someone like that.

Amy: *sees the destruction Pinkie & her made* Whoops, hehe

Applejack: And Goddamn it Pinkie Pie, didn't I tell you not to jump from that distance?

Pinkie Pie: Did you? Cause I can't remember!

Applejack *facehoof* Right I didn't tell you about that.

Tails: Anyways, Amy what are doing here?

Cream: Yeah Amy & why is Chocola & Milk with you?

Amy: I don't know, When I woke up from that flashing light that sent me here. Chocola & Milk landed straight next to me. & ended up in a sweet shop known as the Sugarcube Corner & helped Pinkie Pie out. Speaking of which, Pinkie Pie These are my Friends, Tails

Tails: hey

Amy: Knuckles

Knuckles: Yo

Amy: & of course, My BFF, Cream & Cheese

Cream: Please to meet you, Ms. Pinkie Pie.

Cheese: CHAO! (hello)


Amy: So that's where I am. Ohh Pinkie Pie, I think it's time to introduce me to your friends?

Pinkie Pie: ohh right,Sorry about that. Guys, This is My Pink friend Amy Rose. Amy, That's Twilight Sparkle

Twilight: Hey there, Nice to Meet you

Pinkie Pie: Spike

Spike: Hey

Pinkie Pie: Fluttershy

Fluttershy: w-well h-I th-there,A-amy.

Amy: Is she okay?

Pinkie Pie: yeah she's just shy

Amy: I can see why her name is Fluttershy.

Pinkie pie: Applejack

Applejack: Howdy there, Partner. Say we could use that giant hammer sometime just in case

Amy: oh this thing,*looks at Piko Piko Hammer* Hmph It's been a while since I last used it. (Referring to Sonic Generations.)

Pinkie Pie: Say Rainbow Dash hasn't come back right

Tails: yeah, along with Sonic. Man, I hope he's okay.

Applejack: Don't worry about it, Bucko

Knuckles: Knowing those two they already brushed Eggman off their back & heading this way right now.

Tails: yeah, they must of heard that big explosive wave caused by Amy & Pinkie Pie, they think we must be in trouble or something.

Applejack: *sigh* those two really think alike do they?

Cream: *starts to run toward Chocola & Milk,* CHOCOLA, MILK,THANK GOODNESS YOU'RE ALL RIGHT! "Starts to burst into Tears as she hugs the two chao, Cheese joins in on the hug)

Chocola: Chao, chao, chao (Same here, Cream) *Starts to cry*

Milk: Chao Chao Chao Chao! (We thought we lost you & Cheese forever!)

Fluttershy: Awww, they're so cute & very unique creatures, too.

Spike: Yeah, I never knew they can defend themselves.

Cream: *stops crying* Why yes, Mr. Spike. Chao can be kept as pets  but at times they can be used as weapons

Twilight: whoa, 2 discovers in one day, Princess Celestia won't believe this.

Amy: Princess Celestia?

Applejack: She's the Princess of Equestria.

Twilight Sparkle: She's not the only one though, there's also Princess Luna, she's rules all of Equestria with Princess Celestia. Before she was an evil princess named Nightmare moon & put all of Equestria into enternal night. Luckliy Me & my Friends defeated her using the Elements of Harmony.  

Cream: The Elements of Harmony?

Sonic & Rainbow Dash Arrived during their friends conversation & saw that they were okay.  They both sighed out of relief.

Rainbow Dash: Whew, Thank Celestia You're OK

Sonic: Yeah we thought Eggman Finished you guys *Then Notices Knuckles & Amy, Chocola, Milk & another Earth Pony.

Sonic: Knuckles? Amy? Chocola?  Milk? You guys are here too?

Knuckles: Sonic, I was wondering where you were,

Amy: Oh Sonic! It's Been a While! How you Been!

Sonic: I've been alright ,Me & my Fast Friend Dashie Here were having a race until That Egg-head ruined it -_-,Oh yeah Speaking which, Guys This is my New Friend Rainbow Dash!

Knuckles: What's Up, I'm Knuckles the Ecidna

Amy: Hi,My name is Amy Rose, Nice to meet you! *starts to shake her hand then thinks to herself* So, this is the Rainbow Dash Chick Pinkie Pie Told me about.

Sonic: Say who the Pink Pony over there

Amy: oh,Her? Well,Sonic This is my new BPFF, Pinkanema Diane Pie, But everyone calls her Pinkie Pie.

Sonic: BPFF?

Amy: Best Pink Friend Forever

Sonic: Ohh, I can understand that.

Pinkie Pie: *rushes close to sonic's face* OOOOOOOOOOOO, You must be that Hedgehog that runs at the Same Speed like Dashie's Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie

Sonic: *sweatdrop* uhh, hey I'm Sonic the Hedgehog. Nice to meet you?


Applejack put her hoof to cover Pinkie's Mouth, all she can hear now is mumbles.

Applejack: Sorry bout that, Sugarcube. She gets like that Sometimes

Sonic: No sweat, it's like looking at another Amy.

Amy: Sonic!

Sonic: *Trollface* Sorry, it's true though

Rainbow Dash: Man,That Egg-butt Ruined our Race!

Sonic: Don't Worry, We can always try again tomorrow. Same Place right?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, Biut this tim, different course. What do ya say, Sonic?

Sonic: alright then, it's a done deal.

Tails: say Sonic

Sonic: What's Up Buddy?

Tails: Since we're gonna be staying here for a while, Where are gonna find some Shelter?

Sonic: that's a good question,Say Twilight,where are we gonna stay?

Twilight Sparkle: I don't know.. I'm thinking of something

Applejack: About this, Since Knux here is staying with my Kin & I. Tails & Cream stay with Fluttershy. Amy, You Stay with Pinkie Pie & Sonic, you stay with Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash's Heart Began to thump as soon as she hears this

Rainbow Dash: Sonic's is gonna be staying with me?

Sonic: hey Dashie, you okay?

Rainbow Dash:  *snapped back to reality* Yeah! Hehe ^^ I'm all right. Say, it's getting
dark. We should head back home.

Knuckles: Rainbow Dash's right we should probably head back to where we're staying for the night.

Pinkie Pie: All right, Nice meeting you all today.

Cream: You too, Ms. Pinkie Pie.

Cheese, Chocola, & Milk: Chao Chao! (Bye Bye)

Everyone Gave each other Farewells & started to head to their destinations that they'll stay for the night.

Rainbow Dash gave Sonic a lift to Cloudsdale & the two started to get into conversion as they go,

Rainbow Dash: Say Sonic

Sonic: Yeah, What's Up

Rainbow Dash: where did you that kind speed before.

Sonic: I was born with it. I guess,it all started with when I was liitle. Feeling the rush of the wind flowing with your hair. Living life the Fast line, Running fast & free. The Need for Speed. That's the life for me.

Rainbow Dash: Funny, That happened to me too. When I was a little filly,I had A MAJOR PASSION FOR SPEED & WINNING! One time, the other Pegasi were bulling Me & Fluttershy, So I challenged them to a race to prove What I'm made for! I Flew At the Speed of sound,With the Wind Rushing though my mane. When I flew At maxium Speed. It was the First Time I did the Sonic Rainboom.

Sonic: Whoa, That's reminded of the Time I first met Tails! There were some Bullies that Pick on him because of his two tails. I was the only one that defended him & admired his Mechanical Skills. Even let him keep my plane for a while.

Rainbow Dash: Like I said before,If there's anything I hate more than losing is Bullies!

Sonic: Ditto

Sonic & Rainbow: Wow,I've never met anyone with the love of speed, Hating Builles & loyal to their Friends.

Sonic: This Pony is-

Rainbow Dash: This Guy is-

Sonic & Rainbow Dash: AMAZING!

The Two Stared at each others eyes, and then looked away, beginning  to blush. At the moment, They arrived at Cloudsdale, The City in the Sky.

(Music-Empire City Night-Sonic Unleashed)

Sonic: So this is Cloudsdale?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, pretty cool huh?

Sonic: yeah, reminds me of Knuckles' Sky Sanctuary.
Rainbow Dash: really

Sonic: yeah, I went there once to stop that egg-head from taking over, At that time,Knux was tricked by Dr. Eggman, thinking we're the bad guys, Now he & I are best buds.

Rainbow Dash; Reminds me of AJ, Sometimes

Sonic: No kidding, There both Knuckleheads from what I see.

Rainbow Dash: *Starts to laugh* You're only Funny dude, Sonic!

Sonic: Why thanks, I was also well known for my sense of humor.

The two then saw Rainbow Dash's house & started head there.

Sonic: Say Dashie, that's your place correct

Rainbow Dash: yep, this the place!

As the two headed to her doorstep & Sonic Opened the Door for her.

Sonic: Ladies first

Rainbow Dash: *Starts to blush* Wow, thanks.

The two head inside her house. Sonic jumped on her couch & yawned.

Sonic: So this is where I'll sleep for the night?

Rainbow Dash: uh..yeah, If you need anything. Let me know. I'll be in my room.

Sonic: Alright, well you should get some sleep, We have a big race coming up tomorrow

Rainbow Dash: yeah, you're right. Good night, Sonic. *Gives a Smile*

Sonic: Night, Dashie *gives A smile back

As Sonic begings to Nap on her Couch, RD goes to her room & lays on her bed. All she could ever think about is Sonic.

Rainbow Dash: What is this feeling? I've never felt this way since I dated Soarin, Could it be? Nah, that's not it. But still, Could I?

As Sonic Sleeps on RD's Couch, He has the Same thoughts as RD was thinking.

Sonic: man, I've  never felt this way since me & amy started Dating, I could I have feeling for..? Nah, that's impossible. There's no way that can happen. But still...


Later in the Libarary, As Twilight Sparkle cleans up the libaray,due to Sonic & Rainbow Dash's mess & takes Care of Spike's Injuies as well as her own. She writes a full letter to princess Celestia of what happened today.

Dear Princess Celestia,
<l>Today, I've encounter creatures from another world called Mobius, it seems that one of the elements of harmony ended up in that world & sent them here in equestria. But don't worry, There all good, except fot this one guy, who calls himself Dr. Eggman. He kidnaps little animals & turns them into robots. We had an encounter with him twice today. He after The mysterious jewel ,known as the Chaos Emerald. It contains the same power that the elements carry.he almost took us out. But luckily we manged to defeat them, with the help of our new friends from Mobius, Sonic, A fierce Blue hedgehog with the same & personality as speed as Rainbow Dash! Tails, A two tailed Fox (Which I'm quite surprised) with the Same genius mind as myself, Knuckles, An red echidna with the Same Strength as
Applejack, Amy Rose,A pink hedgehog with a massive hammer, with the almost the same personality as Pinkie Pie, & Cream,A rabbit weith same love for animals as Fluttershy does. Speaking of which, I've discover new information on the strange creatures that are called chao. They come in different colors & personalities .You can also keep them as pets. Sometimes, They can be an assist at times of need  I've happen to meet 3 of them today, Cheese, Chocola & Milk. Milk & Cheese have the same color, Chocola, however is has a different color than those two. Anyways, I'm sending the element of loyalty back to you. I hope i find more information about this crisis as well as Eggman's plans.
Your Faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

When she was done with her letter,she gave it to Spike to Send via fire breath.
(Music: Legend of Zelda-Hyrule Castle)
Canterlot Castle

Somewhere inside Canterlot Castle, Lies 2 princesses at the throne  named Celestia & Luna. The two Princesses notices a purple flame coming across them,bursting from that flame came a letter from twilight sparkle with the Element of Loyalty attached to it.As they read it,A purple Cat with a ponytail wearing high heels,fuzzy lining her gloves, White  Came to thorne & notices the two princess unicorns reading the letter.

???: what's wrong,Princess Celestia, Princess Luna

Princess Celestia: I just received a letter from my Students, These creatures, Do you happen to know them,Blaze?

Blaze the Cat is A princess from another dimenssion Similar to Sonic's,She's usally timid  & quiet, but when Sonic taugh her the ture meaning of friendship,She became more soical towards people. Princess celestia showed Blaze the letter,Blaze reads it up to part where it says Sonic & then stops. Blaze was Shocked to know that Sonic & the others ended up in equestria.

Blaze: yes I happen to know them,There my friends. But what are they doing here?

Princess Luna: perhaps,they came the same way you came here.

Blaze: yes,thourgh that Bright light that flashed over Mobius. I know this because was visiting Cream at her house one time,them all of a sudden that same light flashed all over Mobius, sending me her in Equestria.

Princess Celestia: And this Dr. Eggman person

Blaze: a mad scientist who kidnaps animals to turn into robots!

Princess Celestia & princess Luna was Shocked about this & the 2 looked at each other & nodded their head,

Princess Luna: It seems this situation is worse than i thought

Princess Celestia: We have to-No, WE MUST call Twilight sparkle & her Friends first thing tomorrow morning,Along with this Sonic Character & his Friends

Princess Luna: What about the Chaos emerald that was implied in this note?

Blaze: the chaos emeralds are here too?

Princess Celestia: yes it seems,looks like this gem isn't the only one that came to this world

Celestia: then picked up a rectangular gem with the same energy as the chaos emerald. It was a Sol emerald.

Blaze: Something tells me we're all in great danger. Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Cream, You guys are here too?

To be Continued.......
Hey guys, Finally done with Ch. 4 of the series, Took me a while but i manage to make it
I’ll put more Characters from Sonic (especally characters from old Sonic Games) & MLP: FiM later on the series.
I’m still working on the title screen for the fanfic
I’ve also decided to make a contest for a title making contest for Sonic & Rainbow Dash Adventure (in cas I can’t do it), Message me the title’s though note 9or whatever), Whoever makes the best title screen for it, you’re title with be featured in the Sonic & Rainbow Dash Fanfic.

Well here’s le summary:
As Sonic & Rainbow Dash defeated Eggman’s Robots & head to Sweet Apple Acers to save their friends. Little did they know, they already defeated them with the help of Knuckles, Pinkie Pie & Amy. The two Speeders arrived at Sweet Apple Acers, seeing their friends are all right. They then Planned where they’re staying for the night.As Sonic slept on Rainbow’s couch & RD sleeping on their bed. They though about their feeling towards each other. Later at Canterlot castle, Princess Celestia recives a letter from Twilight meationing sonic & his friends,Dr. Eggman & the Chaos Emerald. What turn of events will trigger in the next chapter?
Update: Edited Typos
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Characters © Lauren Faust & Hasbro
Sonic the Hedgehog Characters © SEGA & Sonic Team
Rated T: for Violence, Blood & Language
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
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