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Sonic & Rainbow Dash Adventure
By: Jumpmaster9000 (Kenta David)

Chapter 3: The Amazing Speed Race! The Blue Blur of Mobius VS. The Fastest Flyer in Equestria!

Our heroes have arrived at Sweet Apple Acers. Over there was a farm with an orange Earth Pony with a blonde Mane, with a cutie mark of 3 apples wearing a Red Cowboy hat kicking an Apple tree to get Apples an old pony with a gray mane & an apple pie as a cutie mark, snoring on her rocking chair, A Big Strong Red Pony with an Orange Mane & an apple sliced in halved as a cutie mark, carrying the Bucket of Apples & a small yellow Earth pony with a fuchsia mane & no cutie mark, doodling on a clean piece of paper next to the old pony. The family then Notices Twilight & her friends heading the farm along with the strange visitors that followed along with them.

???: Well hey there, Twilight, Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash, What brings y'all here to Sweet Apple Acres

Twilight Sparkle: Hey, Applejack It's okay to have our New Friend Sonic The Hedgehog & Rainbow Dash have a race around sweet apple acres?

Applejack is another one of Twilight Sparkle's best friends & a hard farmer at heart. Applejack is also known as The Element of Honesty.

Applejack: Why sure, Twilight. Uhh may I ask who y'all again?

Sonic: *poses another of his Trademark Poses & grin* I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!

Tails: I'm Miles "Tails" Prowler. But everyone calls me Tails.

Cream:  My name is Cream the Rabbit & This my Friend Cheese the chao, Nice to meet you all *Bows at everyone*

Cheese: Chao Chao Chao! (Nice to meet you all)

Applejack: well, howdy there. Nice to meet you y'all! I'm Applejack, That Big Guy Carrying all those apples is my big Brother, Big Macintosh.

Big Macintosh: Howdy

Applejack: Over there is my grandma, Granny Smith

Granny Smith was still snoring on her rocking chair

Applejack:*yelled out* Hey, Granny Smith, WE got new Visitors!

Granny Smith Woke up as applejack yell at her.

Granny Smith: Huo-Wha-eh?! *looks That Sonic, Tails, Cream & Cheese.* Why hello there youngsters. You're not from around here aren't you?

Tails: Not at all, we come from another world called Mobius.

Granny Smith: Mobius?! I never heard of that Name Before. Would You Like to try some of my famous apple pie?

Cream: Why Sure Mrs. Granny Smith, We'll be glad to try some apple pie! Right Cheese?

Cheese: Chao Chao! (Yes, Please)

Sonic: how bout the little artist there? *points out to the small earth pony*

Applejack: oh her, that's my little Sis, Applebloom. She helps out on the farm sometimes. Most of the time she finds why to get her Cutie mark.

Applebloom: Howdy

Tails: Cutie Mark?

Sonic: You know Dashie, I've been wanted to ask you about that tattoo you had on your rear-end.

Rainbow Dash: *Starts to Blush even more* Ohh that, that's my cutie mark. A cutie mark is a symbol that represents one pony's True potential like mine. For example, I got this by showing everyone my true speed, The Sonic Rainboom.

Sonic: You mean that move you used with my Sonic Boost on that egg Fighter?

Rainbow dash; Yeahc, in fact My Sonic Rainboom is the Reason why i got every one of my best friends their Cutie Marks.

Tails: Now that i think about it, *He starts to see Fluttershy's cutie mark along with Applejack's & twilight's* everyone in this world has that marking on their flanks.

Sonic continues to Stares & Rainbow Dash's Cutie Mark

Sonic: Whoa, That's her Cutie Mark, That looks so cool.

RD notices sonic continue staring at her flank,

Rainbow Dash: Hey, Sonic are you gonna race or *in a flirty voice* Stare at my Flank all day?  
RD began to brush her tail in Sonic's nose

Sonic: *starting to blush* uhh, yeah we should get started on that race now. Hey who's gonna be the Referee?

Applejack: I'll be the ref for this race. The starting point will be from around sweet apple Acers, 3 laps.

Sonic: Around 3 laps? Don't you have something challenging for us?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah AJ, How bout a REAL RACE!

Applejack: huh, well She really wants to go at it on this guy. I feel bad for the fellow but then again, he feel like he wants to give it his all, too. It like looking at 2 Rainbow Dashes  at the same time *gives a smile* okay then, how about to Sweet Apple Acres to The Town Square to Canterlot to Everfree Forest to Back here in Sweet Apple Acers. First one to finish Wins.

Sonic & Rainbow Dash: Now you're talking!

The 2 racers then head to in front of Sweet Apple Acers & did Some Warm-up Stretches to prepare for the biggest race of their lives.

Sonic: You ready, Dashie?

Rainbow Dash: Born Ready, Sonic!

Applejack: Okay Fellas, READY……

Sonic & Rainbow Dash prepared their running Positions

Applejack: GO!!!!!

(Music-Super Sonic Racing ~Cash Cash VS. Jun Senoue-Sonic Generations)

Sonic & Rainbow Dash Bursted at the Speed of Sound, In a Flash, the two speeders ran from Sweet Apple Acers all the way to Ponyville.

Applejack: whoa, those two are something

Fluttershy & Tails: Yeah the fastest things alive.


Both Sonic & Rainbow Dash ran at High Speeds across Ponyville, The Two looked at each other, surprised that one isn't tired out, yet.

Sonic: Wow, You're not tired even a bit, Dashie?

Rainbow Dash: I was gonna ask you the same thing.

Sonic: heh-heh,You know the answer!

Rainbow Dash: hehe

The 2 racers went faster than they usually are before. With the wind following them at the speed of sound, They Ran pass a cake shop known as the Sugarcube Corners. Inside was a pink pony with poofy hair & her cutie mark 3 balloons with light blue eyes working with pink hedgehog with green eyes wearing red dress, gold glove rings & red shoes along 2 other Chao baking a Giant Strawberry Shortcake for a special delivery for A New Couple at Canterlot, when they heard winds blowing at high speeds & the ground started to shake & the cake started to tumble, the four try to keep it in place, as the ground stopped shaking , the cake stopped it's tumbling, the two sighed out of relief.

???: Man, What was that about.   

???: I don't know, The Pegasus didn't schedule today to be windy today, & there're Usually no earthquakes at this time?

???: Chao Chao Chao Chao (Let's check outside)

The 4 head outside the parlor & saw nothing at all

???: mhm, that's weird. We could have sworn that something just ran the Sugarcube Corner.

???: It must have been my Friend, Rainbow Dash. It's like she was racing someone

???: Racing someone? Hmm, I know someone with the same Speed as this Rainbow Dash person.

???: Really? Whoever that pony is, those two must be having fun.

???: actually, it's a he & he's a hedgehog.

???: A hedgehog? Silly Amy, Hedgehog's can't fly at that type at speed

Amy: Actually Pinkie Pie, He's a runner & & he wears red striped shoes different than mine, so he can't fly

Amy Rose is a pink hedgehog,& one of Sonic's Friends as well as one of Cream's Best friends (besides Cheese),She & Sonic used to date before but then, Amy told Sonic that their Relationship isn't working out & the two broke up 4 months later. Pinkie Pie is another one of Twilight Sparkle's Best Friends, She's pro at making Sweets, Parties & making new friends. She's also known as the element of Laughter. Milk The Chao is a Chao Sonic,Cream & Tails Rescued from Orbot & Cubot in Tropical Resort. He currently lives with Cream & Cheese. Chcola the Chao is Cheese's Twin Brother & is has a different skin from the other chaos. His skin is brown two-tone.

Pinkie Pie: A hedgehog who runs at the same speed as Rainbow Dash? How does he do that? Don't his shoes catch fire or something?

Amy: It's been that way since he was born after all

Pinkie Pie: I say we follow them!

Amy: *starting to blush* oh nononono, that won't be necessary.  Hehehehe ^_^;

Pinkie Pie: Why Amy, do you like him or something? Is he your Boyfriend or Something?

Amy: Ex, Actually….We broke up 4 months ago before that flashing light sent me & Milk the Chao & Chocola the Chao here surprisingly. Aren't you two supposed to be with cheese?

Milk: Chao Ch-Chao Chao! (We know we were supposed to be with cheese)

Chocola: Chao Chao Chao Chao Ch-Chao Chao! (Till that strange light sent us to this place)

Pinkie Pie: the two ran from sweet apple Acers, They must have started the race there & my
friends Applejack, Fluttershy, Spike & Twilight Sparkle.

Amy: Well if you're friends are their probably my Friends Tails, Cream & Cheese are their too.

Pinkie Pie: Ohh, I'll like to meet your friends, Amy. Then we can have a Victory Party for the Winner.

Amy: Sounds Great to me, What do you thinks Guys.


The 2 chao glee with joy as they head to sweet Apple Acers with Pinkie Pie & Amy to Join their Friends to watch who'll win the Race.
Sweet Apple Acres
As the hedgehog & Pegasi Continue to Their Race around Ponyville, Their Friends waited at the side the Farm where the Finish line is. When Suddenly A horde of Robots came falling to the sky Surrounding and aiming their weapons our heroes.

Applejack: huh? Who the Hell are they?

Cream: Oh No Egg Pawns

Cheese: Chao Chao (I'm Scared)

Spike: Those Egg Fighters dudes again

Tails: An the E-Series Robots again, but how? They were destroyed by E-102 Gamma unless..

Fluttershy: *Thinking* It must be him again..

Applebloom: Big Sis, What's going on?

Applejack: I don't know but I don't like the looks of this.

Dr. Eggman floated down on our heroes with a wicked smile on his face

(Music: Theme of Dr. EGGMAN-Sonic Adventure 1 (SADX))

Dr. Eggman: HOHOHO! We meet again, Boys & Girls

Twilight Sparkle: Doctor Eggman?

Applejack: Who…

Fluttershy: he's the guy that kidnaps little animals, traps them inside these robots

Dr. Eggman: Don't forget making New Eggmanland to the List, Fluttershy. That is your name

Fluttershy: How did you know?

Dr. Eggman: it's a little something called research & I supposed you 2 Magic users must be
Twilight Sparkle & Spike Correct?

Spike: Yeah so what?

Dr. Eggman: Hmph ,No Reason & it seems you made more pony friends Fox Boy & Rabbit Girl.

Twilight Sparkle: What are you up too, Dr. Eggman?

Dr. Eggman: nothing really, except you fools have something that belongs to me

Applebloom: What's that, Your Adult Diaper *trollface*

Applejack: Applebloom!

Dr. Eggman: *getting Frustrated* GRRRRR If you must know, You fools happened to have one of the chaos emeralds that your Blue Pegasi Friend, Rainbow Dash had & speaking of which where is she? Also where's Sonic.

Tails: Wait a second, Sonic Still has that Chaos Emerald

Fluttershy: And he's still racing rainbow dash

Dr. Eggman: Huh, That meddling Hedgehog & that Annoying Pegasi have the chaos emerald & their racing each other?

Spike: Yeah, to see who's the fastest thing alive!

Everyone: SPIKE!

Spike: *embarrassed* oops, hehe ^^;

Dr. Eggman: Well it's a good thing I have my own version of the emerald tracker on my robots to locate those pests along the emerald, Egg Fighter, Where are the targets headed?

Egg Fighter: Doctor, The Target is heading Straight to Everfree Forest.

Dr. Eggman: Excellent, Perfect for an ambush too, now if you excuse-

Applejack suddenly interrupted the mad doctor

Applejack: Now you listen here doc. There's no way we'll let you hurt Dashie or Sonic.

Cream: Not to mention get you're greedy hands on the Chaos Emerald!

Cheese: Chao ch-chao chao! (That's Right, Baldy McNosehair)

Dr. Eggman: Well now let's see how my Egg Pawns respond to that, Fools. Egg Pawn Squad 1, Keep our new "friends" company.  Egg Fighter Troop 54,E-robo Squadron Force 4,you're with me. Hunting Season just came early with the emerald as a reward. HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO *coughs* man, I might be getting too old for this.

Dr. Eggman starts to head to Everfree Forest, The next location of our two racers.

Spike: Darn, we gotta help them

*Spike dashed to follow Eggman, only to get slugged in the face by an egg pawn, who stopped him in his tracks, Spike's mouth began to bleed a little, Twilight came to help her assistant out*

Twilight Sparkle: Spike, No!

Spike: its okay, I'm all right!

Twilight the stopped after The Egg pawn picked up the beaten baby dragon ready to deliver the final blow when something red flew by & punched the robot in the gut & took spike out of its hand. The Egg pawn fell to the ground, Exploded with a tiny creature coming out of it.

???: hey kid, you alright

Spike:*looks at the creature that saved his life* Yeah, Thanks

He was a red Echidna with purple eyes, White crescent  symbol on his chest, Spiked Knuckles & red-yellow green-sneakers, His Name is Knuckles.

Tails: Knuckles!

Knuckles turns around to see his old friend Tails with Cream & Cheese.

Knuckles: Yo Tails, Cream, Cheese, It's been a while.

Cream: I can say the same thing for you, Mr. Knuckles.

Cheese: Chao Chao! (KNUCKLES!)

The Excited chao begins to hug Knuckles

Knuckles: Hehe, It's great to see you again, Cheese.  Say Applejack, These Egg Pawns giving you Trouble?

Applejack: Oh Big Time, Knuckles

Applebloom: Oh yeah I forgot tell you guys, we also have a Guest that comes from Sonic's World. That there's Knuckles, for an echidna he sure is strong, wouldn't you agree, Big Mac?

Big Mac: E-Yepuh

Spike wiped the Blood from his mouth & went to Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: Spike, you shouldn't have done that, you could have gotten hurt.
Tails: or worse

Spike: I'm sorry, I just wanted to help out & stop Eggman.

Knuckles: well kid you can start by helping me getting rid of these egg pawns.

Tails: *Brings out arm Cannon* I'm helping too

Cream: Us too!

Fluttershy: Don't forget me.

Cheese; Chao Chao (that's right)

Twilight Sparkle:*horn starts to emit magic* I'm ready

Applejack:*Holds on to her hat* count me in, Partner.  Applebloom, Big Mac, get granny in the house, thing are gonna turn ugly around here.

Applebloom & Big Macintosh did what they were told her & put granny in the house to be safe.

Applebloom: be careful, Big Sis

Applejack turned to the window & gives her little sis & her big brother a wink to let her know that she'll be ok.

Outside the farm our heroes prepared to fight the Egg pawns when suddenly 2 pink figures along with 2 chao.

Pinkie Pie: Hey, Amy the Party started early -3-

Amy:*holds on to her Piko Piko Hammer* And it seems we have uninvited guests, Pinkie

Chocola & Milk: Chao Chao Chao Ch-Chao! (And their ruining the party)

Everyone, even the Egg Pawns turned around to the 4 similar voices

Tails & Knuckles, Cream: Amy?!

Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack & Spike: Pinkie Pie?!

Cheese: Chao? Chao? (Chocola?  Milk?)

Chocola & Milk: Chao? (Cheese)

Amy, Pinkie & the 2 chao jumped in the Middle of the crowd to join their friends to battle.

Pinkie Pie: what are you waiting for guys? We got party poopers to kick out!

Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Amy, Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack, & Spike: RIGHT!

Cheese, Chocola & Mile: CHAO! (CHARGE!)

As all 11 fighters began their Battle with the Egg Pawn Squad 1, Sonic & Rainbow continued their Race though a strange forest known as Everfree forest.
Sonic: Well I'm surprised, Dashie. I never though you made it this far.

Rainbow Dash: Same here, Sonic. Say we better be careful around here.

Sonic: why's that? Something bad happens around this forest?

Rainbow Dash: yeah, you can say that. Weird things happen around Everfree forest, like you have no idea how weird it is.

Sonic: I faced weirder things before, Battling Monsters from other dimension, going inside storybooks & lots of other things.

Rainbow Dash: wow, and i though my situation was worse.

All of sudden, they hear sounds coming from behind, the two looked & saw Eggman & his Army of robots.

Sonic: Damn it, not him again

Rainbow Dash: that old man doesn't give up does he?

Eggman:  Hey, You two have something that belongs to me.

Sonic looked at his hand & realized he still has the chaos emerald

Sonic: oh you mean this, Eggy? *shows him chaos emerald*

Eggman: Yes, that emerald belongs to me, I suggest you two hand it over, or else we'll do things the hard way.

Rainbow Dash: In your dreams, Egg-butt

Sonic: hehe, Good one, Dashie

Sonic & RD gave each other high-fives

Eggman: well, it seems you left me no other chioce then. WE'LL DO THINGS THE HARD WAY! E-ROBO SQUADRON FORCE 4, EGG FIGHTER TROOP 54,ATTACK!!!!!

Rainbow Dash: Oh, crap. Sonic what do we do.

Sonic: Just follow my lead, Dashie I got a plan.

(Music: Won't Stop, Just Go!......From Green Forest-Sonic Adventure 2 (SA2Battle)

As the Robots began to close in on Sonic & RD, Both Speeders run faster than usual trying to lose them. The Egg Fighters & E-Robos keep chasing Sonic & RD. One of the E-robos pointed it ray gun on Sonic & try to shoot him down. Sonic quickly avoided it with his quick step ability. One the Egg Fighters tried to shoot down Rainbow Dash, but she kept dodging with her version of Quick Step.

Sonic: Man, They're too many of them!

Rainbow dash stars to look at the trees

Rainbow Dash: Hey, Sonic! You climbed trees before?

Sonic: When haven't I climbed trees before?

The 2 Speeders started to jump on a Nearby Tree, Then onwards to went to The next Tree & the Next tree & onwards. Then all of a sudden, An Ursa Major launched it claw on the two invaders, Sonic & Rainbow dodge it quickly & just in time with Ursa Major attacking the branch.

Sonic: Whoa, You weren't Kidding when you said something weird happens in this forest

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, & it Gets weirder every time.

As Sonic & Rainbow Dash Continued to jump from tree to tree. The 4 Egg Fighters & 5 of the E-robos starts to follow Sonic & RD as jump from Branch to Branch. Sonic & RD looked at each other & nodded their heads as they disappeared in seconds. The crew was surprised as the two speeders disappeared. The two then reappeared behind them.

Sonic: Hey guys

Rainbow Dash: Missed Us?

Sonic gave 3 Egg Fighters his Homing Attack Surprise, while RD gave flying bucks to 5 E-Robo Fighters. Leaving one Egg Fighter behind Sonic & Rainbow Dash began another combo move by sonic in his Spinball form & Rainbow Dash Charging in on the Enemy with her kick, Creating a combination of Homing Attack & Rainbow's Kick. Sent the robot flying & crashing into the other 8 robots all of them. They all exploded with tiny creatures coming out.

Sonic: whoa, talk about way past cool.

Rainbow Dash: My kick & your Homing Attack made both our attacks 20% Cooler.

Sonic: A move like that needs a cool name, Homing Rainbow Attack

Rainbow Dash: NOW IT JUST GOT 20% COOLER!

Sonic gave his Trademark Smirk & Thumbs up at RD, Rainbow dash did the same (With the exception of giving a hoof since ponies, Pegasi & unicorns don't have fingers)

As the two landed on ground, they saw a horde of E-robos & egg Fighters with different weapons & Eggman blocking the exit to Everfree forest.

Eggman: I'm Sorry ,but I'm afraid your race ends here. Finish the Job, Boys!

Sonic: Say Dashie, Mind showing our spectators the exit?

Rainbow Dash: with pleasure

All of the Robots began to launch their attacks on the two speeders

Rainbow Dash: Okay, here it goes! *starts to fly in a circle super-fast * Okay, bot-brains taste my Rainbow Tornado!

As RD Fly fast enough to create a tornado with Rainbow-colored winds, the robots are sent flying high in sky. Sonic prepares to launch himself in the air.

Sonic: My turn! Serial Homing Attack!

Sonic curls into his Spinball Form & rapidly attacks the robots with his serial homing
attack. All of them explode with little animals flying out of the robot.

Both speeders landing on the ground, with Eggman only remaining.

Eggman: Oh Crap, Time to go.

Before Eggman could escape he saw 2 blue figures appearing in front of him,

Rainbow Dash: Not so fast, Egg-head

Sonic: please allow me & my fast friend to escort you out. THE SONIC

Rainbow Dash: & RAINBOW DASH WAY!

As Rainbow Dash Began to fly into a circle at the speed of sound, Sonic curled into a ball & started to spin around the same direction RD's in, creating a Bigger Tornado with Blue &
Rainbow Colored winds.


The Giant Tornado caught Eggman, as it swirled him around & around


The Tornado sent Eggman flying as he said those words. The two then stopped as the tornado Diminishes.

Sonic: Whew, we showed him!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah we did, Say you gotta teach me that Homing Attack Someday.

Sonic: Will do. In the meantime we gotta save our friends. Eggman must have sent his robots to sweet apple acres

Rainbow Dash: You gotta point there Sonic, who knows what those pieces of Scrap Metal done to our friends.

Both Sonic & RD Bolted as they head to Sweet Apple Acres to save their Friends.

To be Continued………...
Hey dudes & dudettes :p
Chapter 3 of the S&RD Adventure Series,
LONGEST……….CHAPTER………………..EVER! X______________________________________X
Anyways, I’m current working on the Title for the Fanfic with batterypoweredmonkey’s Artwork [link] along with chapter 4 of the series. Can’t you everything about it (it’ll ruin the entire story :P)
For Sonic & Rainbow Dash's Homing Rainbow attack reminded me of team Sonic's Homing Attack in Sonic Heroes.
So here’s le Summary:
As our heroes head to Sweet Apple Acres for Sonic & Rainbow Dash’s Race. They are introduced to One of Twilight’s BFFs Applejack Along with her Family. As Applejack starts the race, Sonic & RD Raced their way from Ponyville to Everfree Forest. Suddenly Eggman Arrives to Sweet Apple acres to get the Chaos Emerald, He realized that Sonic Still has the Chaos Emerald with Rainbow Dash. Eggman sends half his troops to Sonic & RD’s Location. While he leaves his Egg Pawns to Tails, Twilight & the others. Will the Mad Doctor Succeed in destroying our heroes & getting the Chaos Emerald?
UPDATE: major edits
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Characters © Lauren Faust & Hasbro
Sonic the Hedgehog Characters © SEGA & Sonic Team
Rated T: for Violence, Blood & Language
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
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