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Sonic & Rainbow Dash Adventure
by Jumpmaster9000

Chapter 2: The Return of An old Enemy, Dr. Eggman is in Equestria Too?!

Fluttershy:  Dr. Eggman?

Tails: He the guy that traps the little animals & turns them into robots for world domination

Dr. Eggman: How kind of you, Fox Boy for introducing me to your new friends.

Fluttershy: How cruel! How can you live with yourself! ENSLAVING THESE POOR INNOCENT ANIMALS FOR NO REASON! YOU SICK F*CK!

Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy…

Dr. Eggman: My My, It seems someone has a temper Tantrum. You need a hug?

Fluttershy: I won't forgive you for what you're doing, Dr. Eggman!

Dr. Eggman: hmph, Forgive me or not, sweetie. I'll keep enslaving these little Creatures along with these other one's I've picked up in Mobius before heading to this Dimension. Nothing & I mean nothing's gonna stop me from making New Eggmanland!

Sonic: Hey Eggy, I think you don't know who dealing with here.

Rainbow Dash: yeah Old Man, no matter how many crappy robots you throw, there no match for us! The Fastest Dynamic Duo in the World!  (Sonic & Rainbow Dash), the Brainy Eggheads (Tails & Twilight Sparkle)

Twilight Sparkle & Tails: Hey!

Rainbow Dash: The Shy but Tough Cuties (Fluttershy & Cream) & the Pipsqueak Assistants (Spike & Cheese)

Spike: Rainbow!

Chasse: Cha-Chao Chao Chao! (Who you calling a Pipsqueak, Bitch!)

Dr. Eggman: well Sonic, It seems I met a pony version of yourself, No matter how many friends you make in this world I'll crush you all! I love to stay & chat but I've got evil schemes to plan & soon as I take over this world along with Mobius, New Eggmanland will be complete! Nice visiting you again, Sonic! But, the next time we meet, it'll be your last! Hasta la Bye Bye, Suckers!  HO HO HO!

(Music Fades as Eggman Files away in the Egg Fleet)  


Tails: Eggman, Darn it! How did he get here? Was it because of that same flashing light that shines all over Mobius. No, that's impossible, The Last time sonic beat Eggman was in this Egg Armada in space. Could he have-

Spike: Hey Tails, You all right?

Tails: Hu-what?

Sonic: You zoned there pretty good after Eggman escaped

Tails: It's okay guys I'm all right I'm Just wondering, How did Eggman appeared in Equestria if he wasn't affected by the shining light that transported me, You, Cream & cheese here.

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe he built some kind of portal to get to Equestria, He made those Robots & Celestia Knows what he'll make next. So maybe he made that portal from your world to our World

Rainbow Dash: Maybe Since Eggy made that portal, Could you think that could be connect to why the chaos Emerald in Equestria & the Element of Loyalty in Mobius

Cream: Ms. Rainbow Dash's got a point, Guys. What if Dr. Eggman's Dimensional Portal has something to do with the Chaos Emerald being in this world & that element of Loyalty Necklace being in Station Square?

Sonic: Knowing That Baldy McNosehair, He always had a knack for Toying with things that aren't meant to be toyed with like balance in dimensions, awakening Legendary  Creatures from their year-long  sleep, Hacking Government Files, Taming a Monster that eats Time & Space  or Stealing Aliens to energy to build an Interstellar amusement Park (which is really made to be a Mind Controlling Laser)  for all we know (referring to Eggman's Schemes from Sonic  Adventure Series, '06,Unleashed,Colors & Generations)

Fluttershy: Kidnaping innocent Aliens too? Man, What a creep!

Sonic: yeah & that's not all-

Rainbow Dash: Okay, Storytime's over. Look, I really wanna race you Sonic, so how about we start cleaning Ponyville up.

Sonic: Don't worry about thing, Dashie. Watch this.

Sonic cracks his knuckles as he does a few stretching exercises

Sonic: Okay, here goes Nothing, BLUE TORNADO!

As Sonic goes to his spin ball formation & spins a circle around the debris cause by the giant egg fighter & send it flying into another Location

Everyone's Jaw drop after what they saw

Spike: Wow, THAT…WAS...AWESOME. I mean you were like Whoosh & like Ernnnnnnn & like send the trash flying! What's that move you called out again?

Sonic: It's called Blue Tornado. It allows me to form a tornado when I'm in Spin Dash mode. Pretty Cool huh?

Rainbow Dash: That's Similar to the time, me, Fluttershy & the other Pegasus made a tornado on the lake to give more water to clouds on Cloudsdale (referring to A MLP FiM Episode: Hurricane Fluttershy)

Sonic: Wow, That's Pretty Cool for a Pegasi like yourself, Dashie.

Rainbow Dash: *Blushes* Wow, Thanks Sonic! Say How bout that race I promised you

Sonic: Like I never forget that. You're On Dashie! *Spits on His Glove*

Rainbow Dash: May the Best Speeder Win! *Spits on her Hoof*

The Both Shake each other's hand filled with spit as the Two headed to Sweet Apple Acers, The rest of their friends followed

Tails: Hey Guys, I've just thought of something

Twilight Sparkle: What's Up Tails?

Tails: Sonic's now happy that he found someone with the same interests as him. Someone with the love of speed, Helping others, Hating Bullies, & protecting the one that he cares the most. I've never seen him this happy since he went out with an old Friend of me & cream's.

Twilight Sparkle: I've the same thing for Rainbow Dash, too

Fluttershy: yeah, ever since She & Soarin broke up 4 months ago, Most of the time, Rainbow Dash is Sad & trains by herself alone. Now that she met Sonic. She can finally train with someone as fast as him.

Cream: Yeah, Sonic felt the Same Way After Him & Amy Rose Broke up 4 months ago, too

Cheese: Chao Chao (Pretty Weird, Huh)

Spike: I guess the next thing you know those two will be dating

Everyone turn around to Spike, Giving him the Poker Face

Spike: What, I'm Just Saying

Tails: uhh Spike, I think that's kinda impossible considering Sonic's a Hedgehog

Fluttershy: and Rainbow Dash's A Pegasi

Cream: So that's probably not gonna work out you know.

Cheese: Chao Cha-Chao Chao Chao Chao Chao (Besides that'll be weird to have a Pegasi & Hedgehog as a couple)

Spike: whatever, Just saying
Later on the Egg Fleet, Eggman Scans the world of Equestria via satellite camera with his assistants,  Orbot & Cubot

(Music: E.G.G.M.A.N. [Doctor Robeatnik Remix]-Shadow the Hedgehog)

Dr. Eggman: Hmph, Well now it seems like I'm not the only one that got transported in this world too. Damn that Hedgehog & his Annoying band of Pricks. How did he even get to Equestria?

Cubot: Maybe that Fox Friend of his made some kind of Dimension Portal that took him there

Orbot: *Slaps Cubot on the head* you imbecilic, there's no way that fox has the right materials to make such a thing.

Dr. Eggman: No orbot, Cubot's right. Knowing Tails he has the Ability to make any machine with any materials & still mange to beat me with that meddling hedgehog.*Thinking* or maybe it something to do with that Flashing light the embedded all over Mobius.

Cubot: Doctor, I looked into the info of the creatures that where with Sonic a few minutes ago. I do say it an odd bunch.

Dr. Eggman:  Hmph I've already know those two brats & her little chao friend what about the ponies & that little dragon of theirs.

Orbot: Ahh yes the ponies. Actually, one of them's a unicorn & the other two are Mini Pegasus known as Pegasi. The Unicorn's Name is Twilight Sparkle, She one of Princess Celestia's Students. She wields very powerful magic. Her Assistant Is a baby Dragon named Spike, from what I saw earlier, He possess very powerful Dragon Magic.

Dr. Eggman: Magic, Please that's stuff's just a piece of crap anyway. But then again still be useful. What about the Pegasi?

Orbot: Well according to this data I've collected, there's one Pegasi who acts just like Sonic. Her Name His Rainbow "Danger" Dash as she calls herself by that Middle name & the other one who doesn't stand out a lot her name is Fluttershy, She takes care of all the animals in a cottage near evergreen forest.

Dr. Eggman: Ugh that makes me wanna puke, taking care of all those disgusting creatures and what not & that Blue Pegasi, I mentioned earlier to Sonic that I've met a pony version of himself. I mean you can tell really. The attitude, the speed & even the color. They're both blue for god's sake! It's like looking at two kinds Sonic's with twice the annoyance I get!

Cubot: Hey Boss, I just found out that one of those Pegasi have a chaos Emerald!

Dr. Eggman gets pissed off & starts to kick Cubot, sending him to the trash bin


EF-MD1991: The Targets are headed for Place known as Sweet Apple Acres

Dr. Eggman: Send In The Egg Pawn Squad 1, Egg Fighter Troop 54, & E-Robo Squadron Force 4! I want that Emerald IN MY CUSTODY, Along with a little Magic & Sooner or later, NEW EGGMANLAND WILL BE COMPLETE! HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

As Eggman continues his Maniacal laughter he sends his army of Robot to the location of heroes to take the Chaos Emerald Along with Twilight Sparkle & Spike. As our Heroes head to Sweet Apple Acres, danger. What will happen to Sonic, Rainbow Dash & the rest of their friends?

To be continued………
Authorís Comments:
Hey Guys, Chapter 3 of the S&RD Adventure Series, Didn't expected to be short before :/
Flutterrage/Flutterbitch made a cameo in this Chapter. :P Itís true about Sonic & Rainbow Dash being the same if you think about it. 4 reasons: Their Both Badass, Their Fast, Theyíre Blue (OBVISOULY! LOL) & The Cool Hero Attitude Personality (gotta love that man).
So hereís Le Summary:
After Sonic, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Spike & Tails Save Cream, Cheese & Fluttershy. Dr. Eggman appears seeing that his Egg Fighters Destroyed & Sonic, Tails, Cream & Cheese have ended up in Equestria. Tails told the other ponies about Eggmanís Intentions & goals. Frustrated at this, Fluttershy then Curses out Eggman, He didnít care about what the other ponies think of his as long as his plan goes well, New Eggmanland will be open & nothing could stop him, Our heroes watch Eggman flee to the Egg Fleet to plan his next Revenge. After Sonic Cleans up Ponyville, He & Rainbow Dash along with their friends headed to Sweet Apple Acres to begin their race as promised. Later in the Egg Fleet, Orbot gave Eggman the data on Twilight, Spike, Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash Eggman starts to plan his next plan to destroy Sonic, Rainbow Dash & her friends. What Evil Scheme does the Mad Scientist have planned for our heroes?
UPDATE: made for few edits for this chapter as well as the rest.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Characters © Lauren Faust & Hasbro
Sonic the Hedgehog Characters © SEGA & Sonic Team
Rated T: for Violence, Blood & Language
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
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I like rainbow dash and sonic as a couple.Heart Heart 
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Spike you made me laugh what you said I guess the next thing you know they be dating
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CreativeArtist-Kenta Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Student General Artist
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PS: when was rainbow dating? And sonic and Amy were a couple, I was almost sure Amy psychological delusional mind.
CreativeArtist-Kenta Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Student General Artist
well....It set in a alternate Universe so..yeah....It's like...nvm
SonicFull Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
But we are talking the same girl who made your own fake boyfriend in order to make sonic jealous. Yes, Amy is desperate enough to say"I have a boyfriend." Old maybe we can double date. Amy"is now in Canada." And that the story.
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All whole lot ponies learn languages from applejack! Everybody swearing like a freak farmer had one too many moonshine things.
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spikestormify Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
man, eggman is pissed, though i can't blame him, dashie is like a pony version of sonic, just turn dashie into a hedgehog and you'v got a sonic clone right there
CreativeArtist-Kenta Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Student General Artist
spikestormify Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
cheese called dashie a bitch
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