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Sonic & Rainbow Dash Adventure
By Jumpmaster9000

Chapter 1: Speeding towards a New Adventure, The Start of a Great Friendship

Sonic: Element of Loyalty, Talking Ponies, What's the Heck's going on & I asked again WHERE AM I?

Rainbow Dash: I'll tell you where you gonna end up

(Music: [Boss] Vs. Character-Sonic '06)

As Rainbow Dash Gets up she begins to attack Sonic by dashing towards him, Sonic lucky dodges with his quick-step technique.

Rainbow Dash:*Thinking* Whoa, I never seen anyone move that fast. Tch, Lucky dodge but this time he won't get away.

Sonic: Hey,What's your problem?


As RD Stars another attack, Sonic then dodges again with a somersault technique

Rainbow Dash: Where does he get those techniques? Doesn't matter anyone can do that

Sonic: Look I wanna give this back to you, but fighting over it won't solve anything

Twilight Sparkle: He's right, Rainbow Dash, Fighting won't get us anywhere.

Rainbow Dash: Shut it Twi, He has my element & i'll make him pay & you're not gonna stop me

Sonic: okay, if that's how you wanna play, fine by me I'll play your little game

Rainbow Dash Charges at him again, Sonic Smiles as he spins into a ball & counters with his homing attack. Both of them clashed at bounced backed in opposite directions

Rainbow Dash:*thinking* Whoa, I've never seen anyone done a move like that before. What is he?

Sonic:*thinking* Man, I've never seen anyone with the same speed as me Looks like I've met my match

The two Speeders kept fighting Wrecking the library in the process!

Rainbow Dash: Hey, you came from that portal didn't you?

Sonic: Yeah, By this weird Necklace of yours

Rainbow Dash: What's Your Name & What are you anyway?

Sonic: I'm just a guy who loves adventure *poses his trademark pose & Grin* I'm Sonic The Hedgehog, Fastest Thing Alive.

Rainbow Dash: Fastest Thing Alive?  Please, I'm Fasting Flyer in all of Equestria, I'm Rainbow Dash!

Sonic: well Rainbow Dash, It's nice to meet you for a short While But i don't got all the time in world to spare. Care to finish what we started?

Rainbow Dash: You took those words out of my mouth

They both Grinned as they prepare their boost attacks towards each other

Twilight Sparkle: Oh NO! If Rainbow Dash Uses Her Sonic Rainboom-

Tails: & Sonic using his Sonic Boost

Spike: The Entire Library & our Home

Tails, Twilight Sparkle & Spike: WILL BE DESTORYED IN SECONDS!

Both Fighters Charged Enough Power to Use their Boost Attacks

Sonic & Rainbow Dash: OKAY, HERE I GO!



As both speeders get in contact with each other, they're eventually stop by a cannon shot combined with unicorn magic & dragon magic. Both Sonic & RD looked at Tails, Twilight Sparkle, & Spike (music fades)

Tails: What The Hell's wrong with you, Sonic! You know better not to cause trouble around other people especially if it's picking fights with other creatures from another world!

Sonic: Well she started it

Twilight Sparkle: Same goes for You, Rainbow Dash. You can't keep picking fights with others being from another dimension, Yes, We don't know anything about them but we can at TRY TALKING TO THEM BEFORE ATTACKING THEM?

Spike: Not to mention the Fact that you two almost destroyed our house

Rainbow Dash: well he has my element, I say we go give him & his furry buddy in to Princess Celestia for an execution for taking one of the elements of Harmony!


Spike: I don't think so

Twilight Sparkle: Besides he seems like a really nice guy don't ya think?

Spike: Don't forget, He has the same personality as Rainbow

Sonic & Rainbow Dash: NO WE DON'T!!  

The two then looked at each other & Sonic & RD started to feel embarrassed

Sonic: Look, I'm Sorry I got off the worng foot with you, Dashie

Rainbow Dash: Same here, Sonic & Dashie?

Sonic: a nickname I made up for you, I don't like it?

Rainbow Dash: No it's fine *starts to blush* Here's your Chaos Thingy Back
Rainbow Dash begins to give Sonic the Chaos Emerald

Sonic: Thanks & It called An Chaos Emerald & here's your Element of loyalty back
Sonic gives the element of loyalty back

Tails: I believe we weren't all introduced properly. I'm Miles "Tails" Prowler.  But everyone called me Tails.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm Twilight Sparkle, One of Princess Celestia's students

Spike: I'm Spike, Twilight's Assistant

Sonic: And you know who am i already, now I asked this before, where are we?

Twilight Sparkle: Well, Allow me to explain. You're in Equestria, A place that's dominated by Only Ponies, Unicorns such as my myself & Pegasus. Of course there's little animals & I know a person that takes care of

Sonic: Funny from where I come from, there's a person who takes in little animals only exceptional part is that he enslaves them & turns them into robots.

Rainbow Dash: whoa, that's messed up. Whoever that person is, deserves a beatdown!

Sonic: Luckily I'm around to foil his plans along with my friends

Tails: Speaking of which, I hope the others are okay

Rainbow Dash: wait, there's more dudes like you?

Sonic: Yeah, I got a feeling they got sucked inside this world too by that light

Twilight Sparkle: Tails, How did you find The Element of Loyalty?

Tails: well you see..

Tails told Twilight, Rainbow Dash & Spike of how he found the element of harmony in Station Square.

Twilight: Mhhm that's weird I've never heard of One of elements Transporting to another world

Spike: Yeah I wonder how that happened.

Sonic: I'm thinking the same thing for the chaos emerald

Suddenly across Ponyville There was a cry of help


Spike, RD & Twilight recognize that voice

Spike: Twilight, that sounds like Fluttershy!

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, sounds like she's in danger!

Then another 2 other voices appeared


???: CHAO CHAO!! (GO AWAY!!)

Sonic & Tails recognized those voices

Sonic: That sounded like Cream & Cheese!

Tails: It seems like they're here too

Rainbow Dash: What are we standing here for? We gotta rescue our friends along with Sonic's

Sonic: Dashie's right, we better save them & fast!


Everyone nodded in agreement & started to headed out to across Ponyville where The screams came from. Sonic & Rainbow Dash accelerated at the speed of sound, Tails flew with his 2 tails & Twilight Sparkle galloped as fast as she can to catch up with everyone with spike on her back. They then arrived at the destination where they see 6 egg fighters bulling Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight & Spike's Friend & a Rabbit with a little blue & yellow creature with little wings & a red bowtie at the north side of town


Spike: Egg Fighters?

Sonic: Remember what I told you of a certain person who enslaves little animals & turns them into robots?

Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle & Spike: Yeah?

Tails: that's one of his creations & I think you & I know who's he is, Sonic

Sonic: Yeah, Dr. Eggman

Rainbow Dash: That's the person you're talking about?

Sonic: Yeah, He made those robots to take over the world

Rainbow Dash: Hmph, If there's anything I hate more than losing is bullies! No one messes with our friends & gets away with it! COME ON GUYS! TIME TO DO SOME BOT-SMASHING!

Sonic: You put those words in my mouth

Tails: With you all the way!!

Twilight: Count me in, Rainbow!

Spike: Me too

(music: Robot Carnival & Robot Strom Boss-Sonic Heroes)

Rainbow Dash starts to dash at the first one who pulled on Fluttershy's Mane & gives it a flying kick to the back, sending the robot flying & crashing into a pole & came out of it were Angel Bunny, Fluttershy's pet

Rainbow Dash: You ok, Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: Yeah, Rainbow Dash. Thanks for saving me, I was so scared  by those weird robots I thought I was going to-*Starts to cry

Rainbow Dash: It's okay, Fluttershy I'm here *hugs Fluttershy*

The 2 Egg Fighter were aimed on RD & FS, when Twilight used her magic to teleport in front of them & charged at the 2nd egg fighter with her horn powered by her magic, Creating a magic lance, The 2nd egg fighter exploded with a another little animal coming out. The 3rd one attempted to punch her but was taken out in one shot by Spike using his dragon magic by spitting a Fireball out of his mouth & put on his claws, Creating Fire Claws. Slicing the egg fighter in 3 pieces  with a little animal coming out of the robot.

Twilight: Whoa Spike, I didn't know you can do that!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, That was too cool!

Spike: *blushes*  Well, What can I say? Gotta Love Dragon Magic *Smirks*

Sonic sees 3 Egg Fighters pulling on cream's ears & Cheese's` Wings. He tails nodded their heads & Attacked. Sonic Gave the 4th & 5th egg fighter a Spin dash attack, While tails Used his Thunder Shot Attack from his Arm Cannon on the last one. 3 tiny creatures came out of the destroyed egg fighters.

Sonic: You okay Guys?

Cream: Yes, Mr. Sonic & Mr. Tails. Thanks for saving us

Cheese: Chao Chao Chao (Yes, We don't Know what would we do without you guys)

Suddenly A giant Egg Fighter with a Chainsaw-like Blade appeared from the sky & crashing down central Ponyville

(Music: Boos Battle Day-Sonic Unleashed)


Everyone started at the Giant robot in shock ,Sonic & Rainbow Dash looked at each other

Rainbow Dash: Sonic, Let's combine our speed to take this guy down!

Sonic: I was thinking the same thing, Dashie

Spike: Great minds do think alike

Cream: It's like looking at another Mr. Sonic

Cheese: Chao Chao (I agree with you guys)

Sonic & Rainbow dash began to charge at the Big Egg Fighter. The Giant Robot notices them & uses his Sword to stop them

Rainbow Dash: Whoa, That's one big Sword!

Sonic: Oh boy, Hold on to my hand,

Sonic holds on to RD's Hoof as the blade went closer on their location, Sonic used his Quick Step with RD to dodge the Attack

Rainbow Dash: *thinking: That move again* whoa sonic, how do you do that,

Sonic: The Quick Step? Oh that's easy just run or in your case fly & move Faster from side to side like this

As The Egg Fighter kept launching his sword down & Sonic, Holding rainbow dash's hoof kept dodging it using Quick Step.

Rainbow Dash: let me try

Sonic Lets go of RD's hoof as she starts to fly at a certain speed when the egg fighter began to hit her with his sword, she dodge it quick in .5 seconds

Rainbow Dash: Whoa, I did it! I did quick Step or my case Quick-Dodge

Sonic: see, I knew you can do it *Gives her a thumbs up

Rainbow Dash starts to blush

Sonic: okay, How bout we give the big boy our ture speed!

Rainbow Dash: My words exactly!

As Sonic & Rainbow Dash began to accelerate faster than a speeding bullet, a blue aura began to emit for sonic, while a rainbow aura began to emit from Rainbow Dash.

Sonic: Sonic Boost!

Rainbow Dash: Sonic Rainboom!

As the 2 speeder used their boost attacks, the 2 aura's then combined to form a bigger blur of speed with half-rainbow & half blue.

(Music: Sonic Generations-Time Eater ~Final Attack~)

Sonic & Rainbow Dash: Here we Go! RAINBOOM BOOST!!!

They launch their combined attack on the big robot, Bursting a big hole through it. The big robot exploded with many little creatures coming out of it. Rainbow Dash & Sonic stopped to halt as they see the little Creatures come out the Big Egg Fighter.

Fluttershy: Whoa, That's was amazing! I've never seen Rainbow dash do something like that!

Tails: I know I've seen sonic did his boost attack on a couple of eggman's robots, But to combine it with some one's boost attack is just wow.....

Sonic & Rainbow Dash looked at each other in amazement

Sonic: I gotta say, That's a pretty impressive move you got, Dashie

Rainbow Dash; Same here, Sonic what was that attack you did earlier with those Egg Fighters before? You know curling into ball & crashing into them

Sonic: Oh you mean that, That move is called a spin dash, I haven't use that move in a while since my last adventure (Referring to Sonic Colors -DS Version-)

Rainbow Dash: what about that other move you did on me with me before.

Sonic: That's know as a homing attack,It allows me to Home in on any enemy instantly.

Twilight Sparlke: I can see why it's called Homing Attack

Fluttershy: Twilight ,Who are they?

Twilight: Fluttershy, That's Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prowler & uhh

Cream: I'm Cream the Rabbit & this is my Friend cheese the Chao, Nice to meet you all. * Gives a bow to all of them*

Chesse: Chao Chao (Hello Everyone)

Fluttershy: I'm Fluttershy, Nice to me you too

Sonic: Cream, Cheese, this is Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash & Spike

Rainbow Dash: Sup

Twilight Sparkle: Nice to meet you guys

Spike: Please to meet you, Say what's a chao anyway

Cream: A chao is a lifeform that you can take care of as pet

Fluttershy: Kinda like the animals I take care of back at my cottage. Say Sonic, You're a hedgehog right?

Sonic: Yeah ,why you ask?

Fluttershy: well it's just that I've never seen a hedgehog like you before Green Eyes ,
Standing on 2 feet, Wearing Shoes & Gloves, Talking.

Rainbow Dash: Not to mention, Anyone with my type of Speed ! Wow, Sonic I've never met A person with the same speed as me

Sonic: what can I say, I'm the fastest thing alive *Puts a Thumbs Up*

Rainbow Dash: Say let's have a race, you and me at Sweet Apple Acres

Sonic: Heh Heh, Sounds good to me, let's go
Before the two speeders can go to Sweet Apple Acers, they were both stopped by Twilight's Magic Levitating from the ground

Twilight: Not so fast, you two

Tails: Before we start your race I suggest we clean up the mess the giant egg fighter caused

Sonic & RD sees the Rubble & Destruction caused by the robot

Sonic: *Sigh* I suggest we can clean up a few parts, right Dashie?

Rainbow Dash: ehh, why not

When suddenly a hovercraft came floating down on our heroes, Riding was a man with a  red-brown-ish mustache wearing Black trousers, white gloves, goggles on his head, a red jacket with 4 yellow buttons & Dark blue Sunglasses. Cheese starts to hide in cream's ears, Fluttershy hid Behind Rainbow Dash who was in a position to attack. Sonic, Tails, & Twilight Sparkle did the same position  

(Music: E.G.G.M.A.N. ~Dr. Eggman's theme~ -Sonic Adventure 2 (SA2Battle))

???: HO HO HO! Well Well,If it isn't my good ol' friend ,Sonic The Hedgehog, I've see you made some new friends along with you other pesky pals.

Sonic: Dr. Eggman!

Rainbow Dash: So that's Dr. Eggman,the one who made those robots that hurt Fluttershy. Damn him, I won't forgive him for this!

To be continued…
Hey Guys
Chapter 1 of the S&RD Adventure Series
It took me a while to make the 1st chapter, I’ve decided to add some comedy scenes for this fanfic along with references from other sources like Memes, MLP or/and Sonic Fan videos on youtube. Like the Appearance of the Giant Egg Fighter made me think of the YouTube video MAGIC.MOV when Twilight made the RD-9000 (or 3000? O.o W.E) & it objective were to crush, kill, destroy ,swag” :P TROLOLOLOLOL :icontrollfaceplz:
For Sonic & Rainbow Dash's Fight scene,that was reference to Sonic's First Fight with shadow in SA2 Cream's First line is also a reference to Episode 2 of Sonic X. i'm goona put more Sonic references as well as MLP FiM References.
So here's le Summary of Chapter 1 of the series:
As Rainbow Dash gets up, She attacks Sonic for her element of Loyalty, Sonic Dodges 2 of them & counters one of them with a homing attack. The two kept fighting, wrecking the Library in the process. As Both RD & Sonic prepared their Super Speed attacks. Tails, Twilight & Spike stopped them from destroying the library. The two called it a truce & sorted things out. As tails explains why Sonic & Tails had the element of loyalty in Sonic’s world. Then suddenly 3 cries of help were heard from all over Ponyville. Sonic, Tails, Spike, Rainbow Dash & Twilight Sparkle recognized those voices & rushing to the Location. Where did those mysterious Voices come from?

My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic Characters © Lauren Faust & Hasbro
Sonic The Hedgehog Characters © SEGA & Sonic Team
Rated T: for Violence,Blood & Language

Proluge Chapter: [link]
Chapter 2 :[link]
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