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About Varied / Student Kenta David20/Male/United States Groups :icontoonami-forever: Toonami-Forever
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if not, Then GTFO :icongtfoguyplz:
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Thhe Fowling Gallery Inculdes


Super Smash Bros. 4 Splash Wallpapers Plus a Moveset from Kenta
Niko Splash Wallpaper by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Kento Takashi Splash Wallpapaer intro by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Super Smash Splash (New Rebrand) Spiky-Hair test by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Darrell Splash Wallpaper by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Meat Bun Boy Splash Wallpapaer intro by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Hibari Gokumaru Splash Wallpaper Intro by CreativeArtist-Kenta
What the Title says! 

Want an OC With a Splash Wallpaper and a Moveset, You came to the Right guy!

I'll need a Transparent vector of your Character first in any cool pose available. oh it has to be digital too! plus i can't think of puns all by myself so you'll have to come up with one m80s

5 points for the Wallpaper itself, if you want me to do a moveset i'll be 5 points extra.

so shoot away my friends
New Challanger Approaching OC Wallpapers
2 New Challengers Approaching  by CreativeArtist-Kenta
New Challenger Approaching #2 by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Do i need to even ask?

Same as the previous one, I'll need a Digital Vector of your character and bam! Done!
Phychostarian Button by CreativeArtist-Kenta
CC Button by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Toonami Time Button by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Waddle Dee Chornicles Button by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Mudkip and Snivy Button by CreativeArtist-Kenta
V and VS Button by CreativeArtist-Kenta
5 for normal (to change to special is 10)
15 for a special button

I May know the name but You should tell me:

Logo (no white background, needs transparent please):



sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i...

We Fight For Her by StoryPony

now this one has to be and i say this with emotion THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF YOUR BEST WORKS YET! For some reason This reminds me of One Pi...

best sonic picture evar!! by Johnny-HedgeWolf

Wow Such Quality Much High-Def So Edgy i cri evritiem wow g0tta g0 fa5t so bloo much sanic such speed ur 2 slo cum on setp it up perfec...

*Twin Hearts: MinaKushi and NaruHina (My Version) by RJAce1014

This piece is beyond and i mean BEYOND ADORABLE DESU DESU! :3 Okay Time to get serious The Coloring is very unique & the right ones too...


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Kenta David
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
HELLO M8S!!!!!!! :iconfrogdanceplz::iconrainbowfrogdanceplz:
I'm Kenta David,I'm a Fan of alot of things (But not all of them)
Toonami Faithful since day 1
Shonen Anime Enthusiastic since 1996
Cartoonist & Writer
And Finally Crossover Fanatic since 2001
Future Founder of Kester Team of America (And UK...And Nigeria...... & Japan)

Also Feel free to browse through my gallery
Don't like, The Back Button's right here
Watch For A Watch! Llama For A Llama!
Nintendo 3DS Friend la Code: 5344-0287-7056

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(Still) Partner-In-Crime (Because i can) :iconthedarkangelempire:

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kind and friendly machine friend you call upon for any reason :iconm-198:



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MEDIC!!!! :iconyoshimaster24:

Iris heart's pet and personal sword cleaner :iconspikestormify:

The person who lives up my ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) :icongroovy-gravy:

the bad ass artist friend :iconroiality:

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The uncle who steals my mcnuggets at night :iconsourappl3s:

Your strange Ball of Fluff :iconthe-fox-of-light:

The Smasher...who smashes the annoying neighborhood dog :iconnukealias2:

That One Guy Who's Totally (not) Wander's Cousin :iconultimatecomicscanada:

Second Partner-In-Crime: :iconvictoriame:

Groups I Run:
:icontoonami-forever: :iconafrothehedgehog-fc: :iconsteveblum-fc::iconsandrdadventure-fc: :iconvectorxvinyl::iconsonic-mlp::iconblacksonicartists::iconteamrandomness::iconkentathecreator-fans::iconkesterteam:
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we interrupt this program to bring you by CreativeArtist-Kenta
we interrupt this program to bring you
This here

Did it for homework

I might post my college work here as well

Art by who esle?
All these Famous Peeps

NYCC is here

might go on Sunday

Gotta get them autographs

but more importantly...>GO FAST!

Expect Fanart storm coming
Meet the fastest Squid Kid alive  by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Meet the fastest Squid Kid alive
(Okay that pun was bad)

Anyway meet my Inksona, Blue Zoom
Call him Zoom For Short
Age:20 but people mistake him as a high school kid (for Seth JM'S fan fiction and The Splatoon TV Series his age will be 15)
Sexual Preference:Straight
Series: Kester Team's Splatoon and Seth's Splatoon Fan fiction
Blue Zoom is as his name implies is the fastest Squid Kid alive. He's brash,reckless and a but of a show off. He wears a blue cap as well as light blue sunglasses. He wields not only a paintbrush but a brush that acts like a sword. So he's pretty skilled at dual wield. Also he's a TV personallity,sports wise and promotion wise as in he promotes his drink,ZOOM Energy Drink.Hes a fast one so watch out.

Kester Team's Splatoon
Based on the Video game by Nintendo
Kester Team: TV PG
Cartoon Network:TV PG
Boomerang: TV PG
Juice Box :icondooby-skoo: :TV PG
Teletoon: PG
ETS Channel: TV PG
Kester Team: PG
KTToons: PG
Kester Team UK: PG
Cartoon Network UK: U
Kids Station: G
Kester Team: G
Cartoon Network: G
Nagoya TV: G
Cartoon Network: PG
Kester Team: PG
GO! Channel: PG
Animation Production: Kester Team Studios x TRIGGER
Production Assistance: Made in Kenta and Ultimate Studios :iconultimatestudios:
Produced By TV Tokyo Networks, Nintendo, Kester Team

Character and Art by Kenta David The Creator:iconcreativeartist-kenta::iconkentadavidthecreator:

© 2015 Kester Team, All Rights Reserved
Character Design © Kenta David/Kester Team
Splatoon TV Series © Kester Team/Nintendo/Ultimate Studios/Made in Kenta
Turns out I've come from a royal family heritage

From both parents side

My dad bascally told me that one of my ancestors back in a village in Nigeria was the village chief

I have to say...this is a major impact on me.

Seems like this Creator Guy is almighty afterall..well mostly
Marble Tales Characters Series Poster by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Marble Tales Characters Series Poster

Announcer (Shannon Chan-Kent)-Meet Kester Team's newest bunch!

Matt: no time to watse, LET'S ROLL!

Announcer ( Andrea Libman)- they're cute,round and pretty wacky!


Radical: relax it's your reflection, Jacky.

Jacky: oh...AHH!

Announcer (Shannon Chan-Kent): Don't lose yoir marbles on the Season Premere of Marble Tales! Monday nights at 8/7c 

Announcer ( Andrea Libman ) : on the only place where Marbles have fun, Kester Team!

Meet The Wacky Marbles!

Inspired by Kirby's Dream Land 3 Title

Matt (The Leader who happens to be the calm one)
Voice Actor: Obie Banks ( Darui - Naruto Shippuden)

Marby-The youngest of the group
Voice Actor: Terrell Ransom Jr. (Darwin Watterson - The Amazing World of Gumball)

Radical - The cool and fast marble
Voice Actress:  Ashleigh Bell (Rainbow Dash - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Swirl- the loopy one
Voice actress: Jax Saxton ( Hana -Mitchiko and Hathin)

Koji - The Marble who became Anime after watching Anime
Voice Actress: Janice-Kawaye (Ami-HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi) 

Jacky- the Paranoid one
Voice Actor: Curtis Armstrong (Robot- Robot and Monster)

Evan - the wise cracking all seeing marble (With a Thrid Eye)
Voice Actor: Seth Green (Leonardo - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012)

Slomp- The Lazy Marble
Voice Actress: Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie- MLP:FiM)

Becker - Loud and Proud 
Voice Actor: Kyle Hebert (Ryu-Street Fighter Series)

Big Roll- Name says it for himself
Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker (Klaus- American Dad)

Voice Actor:

Originally This was supposed to be a Cartoon i made for Disney (Or WB) BUT Being how Disney can be...I decide it to make it a KT Cartoon.

Kester Team's Marble Tales
Created By Kenta David
TV Ratings:
Kester Team: TV Y7
Nickelodeon:TV Y7
Nicktoons: TV Y7
ETS Channel: TV Y7
Kester Team: C8
Kester Team UK: U
Nickelodeon UK: U
TV Tokyo: G
Kester Team: G
Cartoon Network: G
Kids Station: G
Cartoon Network: PG
Kester Team: PG
Produced By Kenta David Animation Studios, Kester Team Studios & Kester Team Original Productions.

Those Whacky Marbles © Kenta David The Creator :iconcreativeartist-kenta: :iconkentadavidthecreator:
Art by Kenta David The Creator :iconcreativeartist-kenta: :iconkentadavidthecreator: 

©2015 Kester Team, All Rights Reserved  © Kenta David/Kester Team
Yeah make it once a month

Because i realized it takes me to me to do this stuff so yeah.....
Whackheads Revamp Poster by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Whackheads Revamp Poster
Announcer (Jason David Frank): when evil rises. Its time to get wacky!

Inducing Whackheads!

(Music: one punch man op)

Small but powerful heroes
Play tons of mini games!

Mulitplayer fun!

Unleash special moves and defeat the evil Malcon



GET THE APP NOW in the App store, Google Play, windows store and now on the Kindle fire store!

Part of Art Trade with :icondooby-skoo:

Whackheads Revamp Poster

The One Punch Man Opening Theme was one of the many inspirations behind this

Art by Kenta David The Creator :iconcreativeartist-kenta: :iconkentadavidthecreator:

©2015 Kester Team, All Rights Reserved
Characters© Kenta David (Made In Kenta)/Kester Team
Wackheads©Kester Team/Colossatron Games :icondooby-skoo:/Made In Kenta/Creature House Media
All these Famous Peeps

NYCC is here

might go on Sunday

Gotta get them autographs

but more importantly...>GO FAST!

Expect Fanart storm coming

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