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We Fight For Her by StoryPony

now this one has to be and i say this with emotion THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF YOUR BEST WORKS YET! For some reason This reminds me of One Pi...

best sonic picture evar!! by Johnny-HedgeWolf

Wow Such Quality Much High-Def So Edgy i cri evritiem wow g0tta g0 fa5t so bloo much sanic such speed ur 2 slo cum on setp it up perfec...

*Twin Hearts: MinaKushi and NaruHina (My Version) by RJAce1014

This piece is beyond and i mean BEYOND ADORABLE DESU DESU! :3 Okay Time to get serious The Coloring is very unique & the right ones too...

Jet Set Rodeo Future by nickyv917

now this Fan Made VG Box Cover is BOSS!!!! I like the designs for this reminds me of my first time playing Jet Set Redio Future. Brings...



Phychostarian Button by CreativeArtist-Kenta
CC Button by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Toonami Time Button by CreativeArtist-Kenta
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Points Please Stamp by izka197DONT FAV IT, PLEASE! Donate points .stamp. by raquel-cobi
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New Id Mar-May '13 by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Mushibugyo on Toonami by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Toonami Legacy-Tenchi Muyo! by CreativeArtist-Kenta
ShadTwi Toonami Wallpaper 2013 by CreativeArtist-Kenta
S&RD Adv & ACC On Toonami by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Toonami Legacy: Naruto by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Toonami Wallpapers
10:points: for the 2013 wallpaper (for Any Shows that need to be on Toonami, Fan Character, Fanfic/Comic Series & Shippings) 
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KT Black History Month by CreativeArtist-Kenta
KT Black History Month
(Alt title: The KT Version of #TeamDarkSkin)

Ending off February with the African-American Heroes of KT!

In Our History, Blacks were fighting to gain equal rights as American Citizens

The Obstacles they had to face

From Slavery

To Civil Rights To Segreation

Now as we enter the new age we have New African American Heroes & warriors Fighting to save the World!

The Water Chi Master, Jeff Mizugane!

The K-Power Master, Kester Dee!

The Leader of the CC, Adofo Afro Chukwememka!

The Ninja of The Moon, Jack Oda-Wilson

The Rampaging Half Human Half Dog Demon, Rezy

The Wild Gunsliger, Darrel Wild Jebidiah!

The Hero of The Next Generation, KeStar

And The Master of Slash & Shoot Zen

Celebrate Black History Month with the heroes!!

We. Are. Kester Team!

© 2015 Kester Team, All Rights Reserved ©Kenta David/Kester Team
Season 1:
Beginning Arc (1-4)
The Darklings Arc (5-10) (From The Jones Siblings Created by Tenshi :iconthedarkangelempire:)
The Foot Clan & The Kraang Arc (11-17)
The War of Nagareboshi City Arc (18-26)

Season 2:
Nurogami Arc 
"I Don't Care whether you beat me to a pulp, Torture me, or even kill me...However....If you harm or kill these people who fight alongside me......innocents who have nothing to do with this battle....This War........YOU'LL DEAL WITH ME!"

Announcer (in the Voice of Howard Parker): Next Week....Is the week of the Vampira....and he's kicking more ass than ever!


(Music: Spiral-Dustz)

Count Daizen is back! This time..He means business! 

Ghost Hood: You're a knack full of Trouble are you?

and it all starts Tuesday with a New Count Daizen: Crossed Shadows Story Arc. The Crossed Shadows Crew are faced with a New enemy and it's nothing like they've seen before.

???:we've been expecting you...Count....

and Wednesday on Felix Toonime Show, It's the Series Premiere of a New Count Daizen Series...

???: He will walk on this Path to hell alone...for he shall bear the grief of his race...extinct...for he is....The Last Vampira.

From the New KeStar Universe, Enter Count Daizen: The Last Vampira

He's back with a fresh new look.

Count Daizen: Don't count on it!

New enemies, New Attacks, Same ol Daizen!

Start of KT All-Stars March Madness with Kester Team's Dark Hero

Starting Next Tuesday with a New Count Daizen Crossed Shadows at 8:30 

Only on Kester Team!KT Logo by CreativeArtist-Kenta

Update this will be
I Just though of another idea for a Manga 

(What if KT Animes go to a school? These Schools are special (And Linked))

And then...there's this school....


Weekly Shonen All-Stars School of the Abnormally Weird & Really Insane 

It's a school where every character from Weekly Shonen All-Star Magazine come together to get their Education


IF they don't kill each other first. What does that mean you say well Every KT Hero & Villian come together to learn even the villains who are in their adult Mostly Chrysalis who's in her 40-*shocked*

This New Show is called Weekly Shonen All-Stars School of the Abnormally Weird & Insane (The Assassination Classroom of Kester Team)

check 'em

(Making promo)

(Update: Revised it, beacause 1st one was rejected)
Season 1:
Beginning Arc (1-4)
The Darklings Arc (5-10) (From The Jones Siblings Created by Tenshi :iconthedarkangelempire:)
The Foot Clan & The Kraang Arc (11-17)
The War of Nagareboshi City Arc (18-26)

Season 2:
Nurogami Arc 

Journal History


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HELLO M8S!!!!!!! :iconfrogdanceplz:
I'm Kenta David,I'm a Fan of alot of things (But not all of them)
Toonami Faithful since day 1
Shonen Anime Enthusiastic since 1996
Cartoonist & Writer
And Finally Crossover Fanatic since 2001
Future Founder of Kester Team of America (And UK...And Nigeria...... & Japan)

Also Feel free to browse through my gallery
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