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S&RD Adv & ACC On Toonami by CreativeArtist-Kenta
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because i can

y'all know the drill

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Hibari Gokumaru Splash Wallpaper Intro by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Hibari Gokumaru Splash Wallpaper Intro
another one, this is....

Ground attacks


  • Neutral attack,  Baku Palm (When Pressed Again can be used as Fury Palm)

  • Dash attack.  Baku Chi Fist, A regular Chi Enhanced punch attack

  • Forward tilt Baku Dragon's Spirit Knuckle, A Powerful Punch attack

  • Up tilt. Baku Chi Kick

  • Down tilt Baku Dragon Palm Strike

Smash attacks

  • Forward smash: Baku Dragon's Burst Palm

  • Up smash: Baku Dragon's Uppercut 

  • Down smash: Baku Dragon's Earth Breath, Summons Baku Chi from ground with his palm

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral aerial, Baku Dragon's Sky Palm, Attacks with wind Chi mixed with Baku

  • Forward aerial: Baku Dragon's Fang Slash

  • Back aerial: Baku Dragon's Aerial Kick

  • Up aerial: Baku Dragon's Leaf Tornado

  • Down aerial: Baku Dragon's Water Strike

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab-Baku Dragon enhanced Normal Grab

  • Pummel- Baku Dragon's Earth Palm, Same attack on the ground with Earth enhanced Chi mixed with Baku

  • Forward throw- Baku Dragon's Fire Breath, Uses his palm to shoot Baku Chi Fire 

  • Back throw-Baku Dragon's Fang Strike

  • Up throw, Baku Dragon's Fang Upper Slash

  • Down throw- Baku Dragon's Physic Flash, Uses Ping's Physic Chi Mixed his his Chi to send his enemy to the ground.


  • He Mediates with his hands together and his eyes closed

  • His hands charge chi as he says "Get Ready"

Special Moves 

  • Neutral special move: Baku Dragon's Roaring Palm

  • Side special move: Baku Dragon's Raging Palm

  • Up special move: Baku Dragon's Rising Burst

  • Down special move: Baku Dragon's Elemental Palm : Slams His Palm on the ground as Fire, Water, Leaf and Physic 

Final Smash

  • Ultimate Baku Dragon Mode, Baku Dragon's Raging Blast: Hibari enter his most powerful form and begins to hold his palm in his hand he then launches a powerful blast of baku chi at the opponents on the stage, it ends with them flying off the screen.

Ultimax Smash (Similar to when Chrom Appears as Robin's Final Smash)

  • Ultimate Baku Dragon's Fang Slash, Starts off with Announcer guy saying "Hibari!",Then Hibari saying, "Let's end this"  Enters in this form and emits Baku Dragon's Fang, He uses it and slashes his opponents from left to right and finishes it off with a final slash attack, sending the opponent off the stage.

(Will do more Splash intro's when i get the chance, You want to do one? Google Sumi Brushes, They really help!)

Kester Team's Hibari's Excellent Adventure
Original Story: Kenta David (Serialized in Kester Team's Weekly Shonen All-Stars Magazine)
TV Ratings & Networks
Kester Team: TV Y7 FV (uncut TV PG LV)
Cartoon Network TV PG V
ETS Channel: TV PG
Kester Team UK: PG
Nick UK: PG
Cartoon Network: PG
Kester Team: PG
TV Tokyo
Animation Production: Kester Team Studios
Production Assistance: Synergy SP & Kenta David Animation Studios
Production: TV Tokyo,NAS, Kester Team, Excellent Saga Project.

Hibari Gokumaru © Kenta David The Creator :iconcreativeartist-kenta::iconkentadavidthecreator: & Kester Team
Art by Kenta David The Creator :iconcreativeartist-kenta::iconkentadavidthecreator:

© 2014 Kester Team, All Rights Reserved © Kenta David/Kester Team
Super Smash Splash (New Rebrand) Spiky-Hair test by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Super Smash Splash (New Rebrand) Spiky-Hair test

Trying a new art style in celebration of smash and also this is one of the examples of KT's New Rebrand of 2015

Spiky-Hair's Moveset:

Ground attacks


  • Neutral attack-Spiky-Haired Punch

  • Dash attack-Spiky-Haired Dash, runs with his Spiky-Hair like a lance

  • Forward tilt-Pencil Whack, A Ref of Kester Team Studios Logo

  • Up tilt. Spiky-Hair Prick Strike, uses Hair as prick (Similar to those needle ability in Kirby)

  • Down tilt-Spiky-Haired Whip slash,uses his hair as whip and strikes his enemies

Smash attacks

  • Forward smash-Giant Cartoon Punch

  • Up smash-Spiky-Haired Explosion- Grows his hair to new heights striking his foes

  • Down smash-Spiky Cycle- Spins around with his hair hitting his foes

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral aerial-Spiky ball kick?

  • Forward aerial-Spiky-Hair Drill

  • Back aerial-Spiky Punch

  • Up aerial-Spiky Hair Strike

  • Down aerial-Spiky-Drill Attack

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab-Normal Grab

  • Pummel-Eraser strike, Using the Pencil

  • Forward throw-Spiky toss

  • Back throw-Spiky-Hair Strike

  • Up throw-Pencil Sketch attack.

  • Down throw-Burial, Meh A Simple Burial attack


  • He faces the camera and waves as he says "Yo!"

  • He scarats his hair as asks "Is it over"

  • He faces the camera and gives a thumbs up & winks

Special Moves 

  • Neutral special move: Spiky-Combo

  • Side special move: Pencil Super Whack

  • Up special move-Spiky Haired

  • Down special move-Pencil Down Strike

Final Smash 

  • USE CARTOON PHYSICS TO FINISH THE FIGHT!-Spiky-Hair uses his pencil and draws all kinds of cartoony weapons to damage his opponents of the stage off he finishes if off with a Cartoon mallet and whacks them off the stage

Ultimax Smash (Style Similar to when Chrom Appears as Robin's Final Smash)

  • Spiky-Haired Sword Slash-Starts off with Announcer guy saying Spiky-Hair,Then Spiky-Hair saying, "YOU KNOW IT!" His Hair starts to extend like a sword and slashes the opponent 7 times then finishes it with an super slash
and i'm done, here

Kester Team's Spiky Haired Toons & Kester Team's The Spiky-Hair Show
Created By Kenta David
TV Ratings:
Kester Team: TV Y7
Hub Network:TV Y7
Teletoon: C8
ETS Channel: TV Y7
Kester Team UK: PG
Nickelodeon UK: U
TV Tokyo: G
Kester Team: G
Cartoon Network: PG
Kester Team: PG
Produced By Kenta David Animation Studios, Kester Team Studios & Kester Team Original Productions.

Spiky-Hair & Co. © Kenta David The Creator  :iconcreativeartist-kenta::iconkentadavidthecreator: 
Art By Kenta David The Creator :iconcreativeartist-kenta::iconkentadavidthecreator:

friend codes? comment

here's my Nintendo 3DS Friend la Code: 5344-0287-7056
  • Watching: Space Dandy finale
When Fluttershy reads Jump Manga: "I don't think I like this story very much"
because i can

y'all know the drill

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