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We Fight For Her by StoryPony

now this one has to be and i say this with emotion THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF YOUR BEST WORKS YET! For some reason This reminds me of One Pi...

best sonic picture evar!! by Johnny-HedgeWolf

Wow Such Quality Much High-Def So Edgy i cri evritiem wow g0tta g0 fa5t so bloo much sanic such speed ur 2 slo cum on setp it up perfec...

*Twin Hearts: MinaKushi and NaruHina (My Version) by RJAce1014

This piece is beyond and i mean BEYOND ADORABLE DESU DESU! :3 Okay Time to get serious The Coloring is very unique & the right ones too...

Jet Set Rodeo Future by nickyv917

now this Fan Made VG Box Cover is BOSS!!!! I like the designs for this reminds me of my first time playing Jet Set Redio Future. Brings...



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S&RD Adv & ACC On Toonami by CreativeArtist-Kenta
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I'm gonna be at Castlepoint Today!

Stop by and say hi!

(You know what i look like irl anyway)
Yep! A New Fighting Game! This time, Kester Team's Cartoon Stars Duke it out in a RUMBLE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS
Elements Used: 3D Cel Animation Coloring from Jet Set Radio & Jet Set Radio Future, With a Hint of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy The Video Game,One Piece Grand Battle Series & Sonic Battle
Publisher: Kester Team Games & Bandai Namco Games
Developer: Wayforward Games
For Nintendo 3DS,PSVita,Wii U, PS4 Xbox 360, & Xbox One (Yeah...I Said It -3-)

As the list goes

Playable: Spiky-Hair, Curly-Hair, Gob, Tashiro, Dickson, Exclamation Point Guy
Support: Gob's Dad

From The World of Dumb Robot Animation! :iconyoshimaster24: Boctious Block, Where Are You?
Playable: Boctious Block with Clockwell, Chickenface
Support: Recle,Figi

Playable: Busby The Cat

Kenta & Tenshi:
Playable: Kenta David & Tenshi The Anti-Fairy (play them as a Tag team or Separate), Sabado Napoli, BeeVee
Support: Jokey & Thuthy, Shaneko

From Sparknado! :icontheiransonic: Phychostarian:
Playable: Rastaminch, Muncher, Slimer, Spikey (Not Spiky-Hair), Hubby
Support: Thunder-Hawk, Illridious

Clay & Fray:
Playable: Clay & Fray
Support: The Amazin' Flying Couch & Viterz (Fray's pet rat), Flab The Jar of Vegemite,The Paste

Afro The Hedgehog:
Playable: Afro the Hedgehog, Kenzie The Two-tailed Kitsune, Buster Groove The Hedgehog, Mainko The Echidna, Sabrina the White Cat,
Support: Zen The Hedgehog with Taby the Bunny, Zeo The Chao

Warner Bros. & Kester Team's Splatter!:
Playable: Splatter!
Support: The Kids at Claremont Jr. High School

Dead Inside:
Playable: Hectria "Hector" Walker with Rover

Jade & Ray:
Playable: Jade Choi,Ray Williams
Support: DJ Trickz

The LEGO Show:
Playable: Emmet, Wyldstyle, Batman
Support: Unikitty, 1980-Something Spaceman,

from Jarassic Zoo Studios! :icondinobirdman: Dino Kids:
Playable: Vino, Sino the Spinosaurus, D-Bob the Dilophosaurus, Tand the Tyrannosaurus
Support: Briana

The Odd Ones Out:
Playable: Bosch Buff, Hairy,Scribble Fluff
Support: Miss Jillian, Mr. Prickly, Gloop, Glip, Rocky Mustache, Pixel, Lockett "Locky" Gregory Thomas, Snoke

Bobo,Chen & Saki:
Playable: Bobo,Chen & Saki

Marble Tales:
Support: The Wacky Marbles

Playable: Rzomuz, Remy, Assistant Clownsmith, Tappa Tappa The Destructoid, Sianea, J, Billybob Joe, Tiny, Jelloscope
Support: Mr. Jingles, Ned, Nervous Jarfus

Nuts & Bolts:
Playable: Stonehedge, Jimbo,Harold, Martin

From :iconultimatecomicscanada: The Banditos Of Turtle Bay:
Playable: Shelby, Blind Bullet, Swift Edge, Blast Zone, Koyote Kate, 
Support: The Sheriff, Spring Release

The Misguided Travels of Louie McDoodle:
Playable: Louie McDoodle

First Street (Spiky-Hair)
Physcostaria (Physchostarian)
Sketchy Town (The Odd Ones Out)
Kissena Park (Kenta & Tenshi)
Chicago Zoo (Robochimp)
Freaky Labs (Warner Bros. & Kester Team's Splatter)
Higgins Academy (Dead Inside)
Oak Island (Nuts & Bolts)
Basement Mix-it Studio (Jade & Ray)

Kester Team Studios

Arcade Mode-Typical Arcade Mode (The Final Boss is Inker from the Odd Ones Out)
Story Mode-The Cartoon Worlds are going bonkers and it's up to Spiky-Hair to team up with KT Cartoons Good & Evil and Save the Worlds!
All-Star Mode-Beat the Guys in Chronological Order of KT Toon History
Boss Rush Mode-Take out all the Bosses from Story Mode
Meet Keigo by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Meet Keigo
(alt title: I Need to draw better backgrounds)

Meet the Guy who takes on Evil Spirits with a katana of souls

Keigo is an Ex-Shrine Monk and Now a Soul Spirit who's job is to take down malevolent spirits and poltergeists from evil forces.

Before Keigo became a soul Spirit, He was just a Slacker Monk who Does All Play but no work. His GrandMother is a Shrine Priestess as well as head of the shrine of Meido Temple, Osaka. is Father was an Ex-Exorcist who died when he was a Middle Scholar and his mother is an Former Singer who is now retired and helpers her Mother-in-Law with the Shrine.

One Day, Keigo was walking down the lane running an errand for his grandmother...When suddenly he was involved with a Hit-And-Run and right on the spot....Keigo Died....Or so we thought?!

Turned out Keigo's Soul was transferred to a place known as the Soul Spirit Headquarters, It's like Purgatory but different in this case, there he's told that he has a chance at a second life but he can't be revived...instead...He can work with them to fight malevolent spirits and frequent poltergeists from evil forces in the Shadows as a Soul Spirit.  

as a Soul Spirit, he can Acquire 2 forms...Spirit form or another way to say to is Ghost Spirit and Soul Form or another way to call it is Ghost Soul.

With Spirit Form He can phase through walls as well as use Flames around him to not only light up his path but to track down the spirits a well as sense Levels of poltergeist activity. In Soul From He can possess both inanimate and animate objects like People, In Soul form he can't fight them properly, In Spirit Mode, He can fight them effectively Spirits i mean...

Another Rule a Soul Spirit must follow is that it cannot harm any human begins or use them for their dirty deeds. doing so will result in an automatic termination to the program and a one way ticket straight to hell.

Keigo can't even used a possessed person or object to harm others. Only he can use it on the po-well you get it

Another thing Keigo can do in Soul Form is to possessed and inanimate objects and fight with them as spirit or not (Similar to Stands from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

I Should say this now, Soul Spirits is a Croaaover Series and it'sone of the Main ones Next to Count Daizen:Crossed Shadows

So Yeah

Kester Team All Stars: Soul Spirits
Original Story: Kenta David (Serialized in Kester Team's Shonen All-Stars Xover Magazine)
TV Channels & Ratings
Kester Team: TV PG DSLV (on KTToonami & KTAD uncut TV 14 DSLV)
Toonami on [as]: TV PG
ETS Channel:iconetschannel: (TV PG)
Kester Team Canada: PG
Kester Team: PG 12 (Uncut R15)
ytv: PG 12 (Uncut R15)
Kester Team UK: PG
Kester Team: PG
Animation Production: Kester Team Studios
Production Assistance: Made in Kenta (Kenta David Animation Studios)
Produced By ytv, Kester Team , French Bus

Keigo © Kenta David The Creator :iconcreativeartist-kenta::iconkentadavidthecreator: & Kester Team
Art by Kenta David The Creator :iconcreativeartist-kenta::iconkentadavidthecreator:

© 2015 Kester Team, All Rights Reserved © Kenta David/Kester Team
Annonncer (In the Voice of Discord John De...Idk) My Little Pony is getting it's Season 5 premiere Next Saturday on KT!

Announcer (Afro-Khary Peyton):So We Decided to Celebrate with 5 New Crossover Crews!

Rainbow Dash: Wait what?

Announcer 1: That's Right! 5 New Episodes of Crossover Crew All this Spring Break!

Vanellope: Doesn't get Any sweeter than this!


Afro: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! *Hits Gilda with a Steel Bar* 

Neo: You don't know the real meaning of that word,do ya?

Announcer (Xnader Mobus in his regular voice): And it all leads to a One-Hour CC Event that'll shock ya!

Pinkie; Hi Mom & Dad! *sees the Holographic home smahsed by Spike*

Spiky-Hair: I Think that's that what the meant

(Music: Tomo Yo)

Anyway, Get Crossing oVer to New Dimensions and fighting Evil Next week when we Start of KT Spring Break with 5 New Crossover Crews!

Pinkie: Stars Next Week Beginning Monday at 5!

Announcer XB: on the Only place where Cartoons & Anime rule

Afro: We.Are.KT Logo by CreativeArtist-Kenta!
(In celebration of J-Stars Victory VS.+ KT is releasing an Extended version of the Game! This will also be Amiibo supported)
Elements used: J-Stars Victory Vs. +

Playable: Spiky-Hair, Curly-Hair, Gob, Tashiro, Dickson
Support: Exclamation Point Guy, Pete The Strawberry Soda

Hibari's Excellent Adventure (Plus 2 Excellent Saga Sequels, Korou's Excellent Journey & Eiichiro's Excellent Crusade):
Playable: Hibari Gokumaru, Ping Ge Chuan Dong, Jeff Mizugane, Riku "Konoha" Hiroku, Sakya "Sai" Karyu, Makka Akumaru, Korou Kisuke, Hitogane Kisuke, Tomagyo Kyuzo,
Unlockable: Kaguya Estevez, Eiichiro Akio, Hayate Jonhson, Crimson Lone Star,Wukong Taiyo.

Kento Takashi:
Playable: Kento Takashi,Spiker Takashi, Porygo Takashi, Count Daizen (Alt Color from The Last Vampira), Starman, Skull Mask, Akaken Jones
Unlockable: Devi Rocket
Support: Genia Tachibana

Playable: Kester D., Rachie Bee. Somi L., Sean 
Support:  Goopa Zinka

Crossover Crew (Alt Colors are their XY Forms) : 
Playable: Adofo "Afro" Chukwuemeka, Pinkameana Diane "Pinkie" Pie, Sonic, With Rainbow Dash, Shadow, Twilight Sparkle, Aurum :iconspikestormify:, Team Monstrous, Gilda Griffon
Unlockable: Neo Helios
Support: Zen & Taby,
Unlockable: Vector & Vinyl Scratch, Zeo (commentary similar to Shinpachi from Gintama)

Playable: Jack Oda-Wilson, Kari Torishima, Sakyo Toshiro
Support: Old Man Dai, Hashiro Eiji

Playable: Ryu-Shoujo, Unknown Darkness
Support: Golden Maid

Playable: Niko, Tohaku, Rezy, Giri Giri, Swallow, Muramasa
Support: Neko Meowies :icongroovy-gravy:, Miki and Glubbers

Anime Freak:
Playable: Kenji Fujimoto (Anime Freak),Gorou Yuudai (Solar Fist ), Princess Sakura, The Meancer
Support: Elizabeth Kugo (Lighting Chick), Hot Head

Random World:
Playable: Meat Bun Boy, Rai the Battery Guy,Lefia, Mr. Raindrop
Unlockable: Rice Ball Boy, Beef Patty Guy
Support: Flamer, Sun & Crescent, 

The Cartridge Warriors:
Playable: Mark Zillioni Richards, Amy MalinowskiPlague XDO-5Lucia de Schaw EvelethianPeletta Dortis Veriathian,
Dead Bird, Nyra Autumns Gratinell, Mizuki Cammi, 
Support: Roy Herbowitz Flannel & Exa Flannel, Mr. Edward Rosho, Turner Illus

Scared Will:
Support: Choco

Drive V:
Playable: Kamayirya Kato & Kaminari Chiyo (Plasma Warrior) Mizune Kairi & Samui Ayato (Polar Giant), Haruki Hachi & Fuumaru Kaoru (Nature Spirit)

Project Xanus:
Playable: Xanxus,Blur
Unlockable: Goichi, Suzy

KT All Stars: Soul Spirts:
Playable: Keigo

Kazacap SPARK! (Spin-Off of KeStar: Hero of thr Next Generation) (Plus it's Spin-off,Junkie Chronicles X):
Playable: Kazacap, Rayo, Kuchi, Tennisman, Sen, Horu Kiza
Support: Tora Tora, Handballer, Burst

Playable: Hitomi, Charles, Lan
Support: Osaka, Jiro, Sanada

From The World of Dumb Robot Animation! :iconyoshimaster24: Boctious Block, Where Are You?
Playable: Boctious Block with Clockwell, Chickenface
Support: Recle,Figi

Ghost Hood
Playable: Ghost Hood, Kaichi, Skull Ranger
Support: Megumi

Super Wha-Ha!
Playable: Super-Wha-Ha, 

Boxdude & HyperRobo
Playable: Yakoto 'Boxdude' Ichimaru With HyperRobo

Fractured Metal
Playable: Hadiku with Target, Kiga with CircuitBreaker, June with Delta Prime
Support: The HES (Human Extinction Society)'s leader Averon,

Playable: Darell "Wild" Jebediah, Yukio, Jezabel "Twin Snakes" West, Yukio Arashimaru, Billy the Kid

Destinangel Hot Heat-a-Go Go:
Playable: Tohru Mikawa W/ Xefia Genesis, Kana Hoshi
Unlockable: Yuji Kagamine, Yochi Asakura W/ Resses Pesses, Silver Drango W/ Felgrand the End, Superfreak, Tennessee Jack, Ibuki Kanzaki, Funky Rhymes, Ando Idogawa, Genryu Kazama
Support: Haruka Mikawa

:iconwmclaughin56: Aome Linda Jones:
Playable: Aome Linda Jones, Naomi Zeit, Braxton Stapleton, Dr. Heinz
Support: Samantha 'Sam' Cox, Chris Thompson, Johnny Lexington

From Dan James The V! :icondanjamesv: Impulse:
Playable: Jay, Erik Pyros, Alexis, Eli, Nevica

From :iconultimatecomicscanada: The Banditos Of Turtle Bay:
Playable: Shelby, Blind Bullet, Swift Edge, Blast Zone, Koyote Kate, 
Support: The Sheriff, Spring Release

(Will Add Moar)
I'm gonna be at Castlepoint Today!

Stop by and say hi!

(You know what i look like irl anyway)

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