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We Fight For Her by StoryPony

now this one has to be and i say this with emotion THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF YOUR BEST WORKS YET! For some reason This reminds me of One Pi...

best sonic picture evar!! by Johnny-HedgeWolf

Wow Such Quality Much High-Def So Edgy i cri evritiem wow g0tta g0 fa5t so bloo much sanic such speed ur 2 slo cum on setp it up perfec...

*Twin Hearts: MinaKushi and NaruHina (My Version) by RJAce1014

This piece is beyond and i mean BEYOND ADORABLE DESU DESU! :3 Okay Time to get serious The Coloring is very unique & the right ones too...

Jet Set Rodeo Future by nickyv917

now this Fan Made VG Box Cover is BOSS!!!! I like the designs for this reminds me of my first time playing Jet Set Redio Future. Brings...



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Toonami Wallpapers
New Id Mar-May '13 by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Mushibugyo on Toonami by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Toonami Legacy-Tenchi Muyo! by CreativeArtist-Kenta
ShadTwi Toonami Wallpaper 2013 by CreativeArtist-Kenta
S and RD Adv and ACC On Toonami by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Toonami Legacy: Naruto by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Toonami Wallpapers
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let me know soon via comments

i'm planning to put a few commissions out of the way so i can focus more on KT Art & Soon Animation Projects in le Fall

That's Right! Starting This Fall I'm gonna Major in Animation!

No Worry, I'll still be a manga Artist at heart but a Wacky Animator at the same time!


What I Owe:
:iconcodeuphero01: Duoplex Show Logos Rerender (But that'll also be on KT Works)
:iconmastersaruwatari: Ryu-Shoujo VS NegInk (might be put under KT work)

Who Owes Me:
:icondol-gsoe: 3D Render of the Spiky-Hair Crew
:icontheamericankaiser: Anime Freak

KT Art that I owe
:iconyoshimaster24: Ultra Radar Task Force Characters plus Whackheads Wave 5
:iconthedarkangelempire: Le birthday present, Since the Jones Siblings are now on Kester Team, I'll do something.
:iconultimatestudios: Shelby Splash Wallpaper (plus Cross Team Up with a 'Special Guest')
:iconwmclaughlin56: Aome Linda Jones Crossover Art (Charas are done just needs a BG and I'll be All Set

KT Art that Peeps owe me:
:iconyoshimaster24: Wave 2 Whackheads ReDesign
:iconthedarkangelempire: Le 7 Months Late bday gift (You Owe me m80)

so far I done
  • Listening to: LET"S FIGHTING LOVE
  • Reading: Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (Like a Good Boy)
  • Watching: DVR Theatre/Crunchyroll Anime
  • Playing: N3DS Xx_MLG_tricksh0t_420n0sc0p3_xX SIMULATOR
  • Eating: Doritos
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew
Kenka suru

Taisetsu na mono


Boku ga warui so let's fighting... 

Let's fighting love! 
Kenka suru

Taisetsu na mono


Boku ga warui so let's fighting... 

Let's fighting love! 
Kester Team All-Stars 4th of July celebration by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Kester Team All-Stars 4th of July celebration
A sketch version of what I'm working on at the moment

As you can see Afro and Kester Dee get their chow on while Shelby gets ready to shoot a bitch
Gob got on fire due to a firework prank gone wrong and Spiky-Hair and Botcious Block help put out the fire. Ryu-Shoujo accidentally set Mark to crisp to roast the marshmallows and a certain succubus isn't happy. And anime Freak is watching the madness roll

Happy 4th of July from Kester Team

Don't be reckless now
Kenta David Toons & Anime belongs to :iconcreativeartist-kenta::iconkentadavidthecreator: Sparknado Cartoons Belong to Iran Soto :icontheiransonic:, Dumb Robot Cartoons Belong to :iconyoshimaster24: TCW belong to :iconnukealias2: , Ultimate Studios Cartoons & Anime Belong to :iconultimatestudios:

© 2015 Kester Team, All Rights Reserved
©Kenta David/Kester Team
©Kester Team/Sparknado
©Kester Team/Creature House Media
©Kester Team/Ultimate Studios
©Mark/Kester Team
Meet Mack and Lenny by CreativeArtist-Kenta
Meet Mack and Lenny
(Alt tittle: The Slacker Plumbers who don't do anything and I mean anything)

Here’s these two bums

Names: Mack & Lenny
Age: eh who cares m8
Parody: Super Mario Bros
With Slacker like attitudes and Brooklyn accents, Mack & Lenny are quite the pair you wouldn't trust to fix your toilet,  these two instead of doing their job would instead watch Tv, Thier favorite shows are Keeping up with the LaQueshias (Parody of the Kardashians), N-Zero Racing (Parody of F-Zero), and of course A very violent cartoon that involves a cat & mouse parody (I'm Sure Iran can think of one). Mack is the grump (and usualy the cowardly) brother while Lenny is the tough guy New Yorkitude brother. In the midst of the plumbing business, their rival is Wallace and Wayne (Parody of Wario & Waluigi) who happen to be distant cousins, sometimes cleans thier crap, unlike them they're successful at their Job that they run a plumbing business cooperation. Which Mack will someday overthrow,  if N-Zero Racing didn't stop him

Despite their poor service,  Mack & Lenny are actually good friends with the F-Team. But some of them ehh I wouldn’t say good friends
Arebark-Due to Mack and Arebark's History the duo are quite rivals to sine extent.
Gloves Monarchy- knowing she's the parody of Peach and Panty. The brothers had a history with her before. They were hired to fix her toliet. Bur knowing these two,  they just watch her TV while her Toliet got clogged up...oh and let loose a octopus monster from the sewer.

So in reality, never trust them with a plumbing job. .. never

Weapons: Wrench, Plumbers Tools
Powers: nah too lazy
Attacks: too lazy to list dem

Voice Actor:
Mack: Gilbert Gottfried (Igor - Aladinn)
Lenny: Maurice LaMarche (Grumpy - The 7D).

Mack Quotes:
"Don't worry, we'll fix that toliet, after this episode"
"You want us to do what?! FUGETTABOUTIT!"

Lenny Quotes:
“Hey Mack, shouldn't we fix the bathroom"
"I suppose one episode couldn't hurt"
"We'll deal with that. .....tomorrow"

Late bday gift for Iran :icontheiransonic:

Happy 「late」 birthday dude

Kester Team's The F-Team (Forkover Crew)
Created By Iran Soto
TV Networks & Ratings:
Kester Team: TV PG
Cartoon Network:TV PG
Teletoon: PG
ETS Channel: TV PG
Kester Team Canada: PG
Kester Team UK: PG
Cosmic Extreme: PG
Go!: PG
Kester Team: PG
Animation Production: Kester Team Studios & Sparknado
Production Assistance: Spin-Mix Media
Production: TV Tokyo, TRIGGER, Kester Team

Mack & Lenny © Kenta David The Creator :iconcreativeartist-kenta::iconkentadavidthecreator:
Forkover Crew © Iran Soto :icontheiransonic:, Sparknado & Kester Team
Art by Kenta David The Creator :iconcreativeartist-kenta::iconkentadavidthecreator:

© 2015 Kester Team, All Rights Reserved
Character Design ©Kenta David/Kester Team
The F-Team © Kester Team/Sparknado
Kenka suru

Taisetsu na mono


Boku ga warui so let's fighting... 

Let's fighting love! 

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HELLO M8S!!!!!!! :iconfrogdanceplz::iconrainbowfrogdanceplz:
I'm Kenta David,I'm a Fan of alot of things (But not all of them)
Toonami Faithful since day 1
Shonen Anime Enthusiastic since 1996
Cartoonist & Writer
And Finally Crossover Fanatic since 2001
Future Founder of Kester Team of America (And UK...And Nigeria...... & Japan)

Also Feel free to browse through my gallery
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